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Caleb Martínez
Biographical information

April 11 1999
El Paso, Texas, United States

Political information

American Assassins (2020)

Real-world information

Caleb "Cal" Martínez (born 1999) is college dropout working with the Assassins in order to find and rescue his brother from Abstergo Industries. He is a descendant of the 7th century Persian Hidden One Shahbaz through the matrilineal line.

The elder brother of Jaime Martínez, he dropped out of college to take care of him and his brother after their parents' untimely death in 2019. In 2020, Jaime was kidnapped by Abstergo agents while Caleb was rescued by the Assassins - he later discovers his ancestor, Shahbaz, had a link to all of this and thus Caleb would have to relive the memories of Shahbaz in order to discover why Abstergo wanted to kidnap him and his brother.


Early life[]

Caleb was born in El Paso, Texas in 1999 to a Mexican-American father and an Iranian-American mother. The family were working class but Caleb had a modest and comfortable life.

Caleb and Jaime.jpg

In 2005, his brother Jaime was born and the moment he set eyes on his younger brother, an instant and unspeakable bond was formed between the two brothers.

Cal eventually left home to attend college in New York in 2017 where he studied Sociology for no particular reason than because it was a spur of the moment choice.

Parents' death[]

Life for Cal was fine, even though he was failing his classes but it wasn't much of a bother for him - things changed drastically for him when one day, his parents mysteriously died in a car crash in 2019. Because of this freak accident, Cal was forced to dropout of college and find a low-paying job where he would be able to support him and his brother following becoming Jaime's legal guardian.

Returning to El Paso, and with some money from their parent's will Cal was able to keep the family home for a few months before he started earning money for his own job.

A brother lost[]

Allying with the Assassins[]

A year would pass and despite still adapting to the sudden changes in their life, the brothers were stronger together than alone. After being paid extra following working overtime the last month, Cal was able to save enough money in order to buy Jaime a Helix console which Jaime had been desperately wanting for months.

Days passed and after every school day Jaime would immerse himself playing memory-based games, creating some concern for Cal. The next day Cal returned home from work surprised to see Jaime wasn't home yet, calling him for hours and leaving tons of voicemails, he received nothing in return.

The front door was suddenly kicked down, and a team of black ops agents with Abstergo logos rushed in and forced Cal to the ground. Before being knocked unconscious, a group of hooded figures rushed the Abstergo agents and killed them all in a skirmish, the hooded figures quickly rushed Cal outside and threw him into a white van before speeding off.

Struggling against his captors, Cal attempted to fight them off before being quickly incapacitated by the hooded figures and forced to the ground. One of the hooded males ordered for the young man to calm down before being released, complying, Cal was eventually released. The hooded figure revealed himself to as Logan, while introducing the others Viola and Dom.

Logan goes on to explain that his brother had been kidnapped by Abstergo. Through their hackers, they discovered that Abstergo was after them and that the Martínez brothers were high priority targets although they didn't know why. Cal asked who "they" were and Logan revealed themselves as Assassins, not really caring, Cal demanded to know how they save his brother.

Alongside the information the Assassin hackers managed to retrieve, a lot of emails regarding the topic of the Martínez brothers mentioned a Persian Hidden One called Shahbaz, who operated in the 6th century, as well as mentions of a Sage. Wondering what that had anything to do with it, Cal asked what they should do to which Logan suggests that they sift through his DNA and access Shahbaz's genetic memory, maybe they'd find clues there and a way to rescue his brother. Not at all hesitating, Cal accepts...

Personality and characteristics[]

Caleb is a laid-back young man with a lack of ambition but large potential, because of this many that know him would describe him as an underachiever. Simply put, Caleb is uninterested in following the norm.

Despite that though, he has a responsible nature which was shown when he dropped college to take care of his younger brother after their parents died, it is also a testament to his deep love for his family and brother. The only time he ever shows any kind of passion in anything is when it relates to the safety or interests of his brother or loved ones.

However, since allying himself with the Assassin Brotherhood, Caleb is growing to be more driven. But this may be because of his drive to rescue his brother.

Equipment and skills[]