Callum Kerr was a Scottish member of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order that operated in the American Colonies during the American Revolution. Callum would later become the Grand Master of the Order after the Revolution and during the war of 1812.

Callum Kerr
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February 18, 1750


November 28, 1814 (64)

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Callum Kerr's Journal

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Early life Edit

Callum Kerr was born on February 18th, 1750 to a Scottish father and an Italian mother who had immigrated a year before his birth in Philadelphia. Callum's father was a sergeant in the British Military and was away a lot, this in turn caused Callum to be cared for more by his mother, a maid to a wealthy farming family. Callum grew up in the constant worry of his mother, who already feared losing Callum's father to fighting, especially with relations between the French and British deteriorating. The few times that Callum would see his father, he would be met with a stern and strict man. Eventually in 1759, Callum's father was killed by French forces during the French and Indian War in the battle of Quebec, which the British had taken. The death of his father forced Callum to become the man of the house at a young age began working on the farm and eventually joining the British army himself for a time, and would mostly be put on guard duty, which he found immensely boring. Change would eventually come for him in 1770.

Joining The Templars Edit

In 1770, Callum had been in the army for four years and was now a Corporal and served as a city patrolman under the command of Captain John Pitcairn whom he began to respect not only for his bravery and ability to lead, but for the fact that they were both Scottish. Eventually, Callum's home life was improving as he was able to provide some money to his now ever bed-ridden mother and he planned on moving into an apartment in Boston in the coming months. One day in 1770, Callum came home to see his farm ransacked and all the livestock killed. Callum immediately walked into his house with his rifle at the ready and saw a man in a unique outfit searching for something in his house and his mother dead. Callum aimed his gun at then man demanded why he had done this, to which the man said nothing and extended two blades from his wrists and charged at him, but Callum shot him in the head, killing him immediately. Callum then went over to his mother and closed her eyes before vowing he would have revenge. Callum decided to take the man's outfit and weapons as he thought they would prove useful in the future. In the weeks that followed, Callum bought an apartment in Boston as planned and told Pitcairn what had happened. Pitcairn then told Callum that he knew who the people responsible for the death of his mother was: a secret order called the Assassins. Pitcairn then explained that he was a member of another secret group that fought the Assassins called the Templars and explained some of their values. Callum agreed with many things the Templars seeked and wanted to get answers from these Assassins and told Pitcairn he wanted to join. Pitcairn agreed and told Callum to meet with him at a certain building in Boston and there, he would meet the leaders of the Templars and they would indict him. Callum followed the instructions and he found himself at a place called Green Dragon Tavern and there, he met the Grand Master of the Order, Haytham Kenway, who after a few vows were made, but a ring on Callum's finger, declaring him a Templar and Callum looked ahead for the future.

Templar Training Edit

Up until 1773, Callum would train extensively with fellow Templar, Shay Cormac who had once been with the Assassins and helped bring them down during the Seven Years War. Since Shay knew the Assassin's techniques better than any Templar, he was the perfect training person for Templar recruits. Callum's days were spent training in fighting, running, climbing, stealth, and marksmanship and eventuall started to wear the clothing that had been on the Assassin he had killed. These boosted up Callum's aim with his pistols and fighting style with his sword and dirk. Finally on January 8th, 1772, Callum was given his first assignment as a Templar: To kill a Native American man who had close ties to the Assassins. Callum had help from the mysterious "Coyote Man" to kill the Assassin. The two Templars tracked the man throughout the Frontier and eventually after days of searching, found traces of footprints that lead to a fire in the distance. Callum and the Coyote Man snuck their way around the camp to surround the Assassin and were prepared to strike. Out of nowhere, a younger man charged from out of the brush and towards the Coyote Man and the two had a fierce fight, giving time for Callum to kill the Assassin. Callum charged toward the man with hidden blades at the ready, the Assassin however the man turned around and caught Callum's hand before the blade could pierce his skin. The two stood there for a moment, then the Assassin reached for his tomahawk and swung at Callum's stomach, who was able to free himself from the man's grip just in time to save himself. Callum then drew his sword and the two swung their weapons at each other for a few minutes. Eventually, Callum saw an opening and drew his dirk and drove it into the man's stomach, causing him to drop on his knees. Callum then killed the Assassin with his hidden blade, killing him. The younger man screamed "father!" in rage and grief and ran to Callum with tomahawk at the ready, but Callum dodged the attack and kicked the man over. The young man scrambled to his feet and bolted away. Callum thanked the Coyote Man for his help and told him how much of a strong man he was. The Coyote Man simply said the same thing and the two went back to Boston with a completed mission. Callum later learned that the young man they had engaged was named Atasa:ta, who would later become one of Callum's rivals.

First Loss Edit

1773 was year that Callum knew would change everything, the already unsteady relationship between the British crown and the Colonists was reaching a heating point. On December 16, 1773, Callum received news of an Assassin who was helping inspiring the citizens to revolt along with Samuel Adams. Callum decided to investigate immediately and eventually found himself in an alleyway with dead redcoats filling the ground, he kept looking around and saw a man in white and blue robes following another man with the looks of a chef with a French accent and butcher knife walking fast spewing nonsense. Callum followed the two men for a while and after a few minutes of walking, found himself in the square and the robed man signaling the chef toward a taxman and the chef killing the taxman brutally. Callum ran toward the two, only for them to take off in different directions and lost them and didn't see them for the next few hours. Later that night, Callum was home in his apartment reading, when he heard a crown gathering around in anger. Callum looked outside and saw several men dressed as American Indians running toward the ships docked in Boston Harbor and among them were the two Assassins he'd seen earlier and then they all started dumping the tea into the harbor. Callum rushed outside and went to the nearest patrol to report and ran to join them. Once arriving, Callum was only able to get past a few people before being completely blocked by the crowd and was unable to do anything. Callum then spotted Charles Lee, William Johnson, and John Pitcairn standing on a nearby dock, watching the chaos. Callum ran to join them and asked for orders, to which Lee simply told him to alert the Grand Master and did just that. After the tea party, Callum learned that the Assassin was named Connor Kenway and he was bringing the Assassins back from extinction in the colonies. A few months later in 1774, Callum learned that William Johnson was dead and the Templar plot to get the Native's land came to an end. Callum knew that things would never be the same and waited for a war that was coming.

Strange Ally Edit

After the death of William Johnson, Callum was told by Haytham Kenway to meet with another Templar from France named Louis-Dominique François, marquis de Bullion, and was told that he would need to do some work for him but wouldn't say the full extent was expected of him. Callum could tell that by the way Haytham spoke of Louis, he wasn't very fond of him but Callum simply did what the Grand Master wished. Eventually in mid 1774, Callum met Louis in Boston and knew just by looking at the man, there was something off about him, Callum simply dismissed as the fact that France was very different from the colonies and simply thought the people were the same. Louis did seem nice enough and after some introductions, Louis introduced Callum to the La Grande Gazelle, a Spanish brig that Callum would use to go to the Caribbean to collect mixtures for the tea that had been lost in the Tea Party. Callum was taken aback to the news and was wondering why the Grand Master hadn't informed him. Louis explained to Callum that the Haytham must've not trusted him with information enough, to which Callum rebutted that saying with the fact that Haytham respected Callum enough to share any and all information with him. Louis didn't say anything, he just stared at Callum for a few seconds, and Callum could see lust and wanting in his eyes and was immediately uncomfortable. Louis snapped out of it quickly after he could see that Callum was uncomfortable and gave him the map to the Caribbean and wished him luck for his journey. Callum didn't say anything and just took the map and boarded the La Grande Gazelle and made way for the Caribbean. Before leaving, Callum looked back once more, and saw Louis staring intently at him and he could see a smile spread across his face, a smile that, just like his eyes, was full of lust and Callum could see that Louis wanted him badly. Callum turned around and did the deed he was supposed to do and hoped he wouldn't have to encounter him again.

To see Callum's adventures on the La Grande Gazelle, see this article for the ship.

Time of War Edit

By 1775, the relationship between the British and the American colonists reached a fever point, armed rebellion was inevitable, and as a result, Callum was forced to go on more patrols with John Pitcairn across the city while still serving the Templars. Eventually on April 18, 1775 Callum was riding around the countryside to get some refreshing free time, when he caught word that a local militia was preparing for the redcoats. Callum immediately turned his horse around and rode like Hell back to Boston to warn Pitcairn of the rebellion coming. While riding back, Callum saw Connor Kenway along with another man riding their horse to an unknown destination. Thinking quickly, Callum spun his horse to follow them and pursued them for a few minutes, but the fact that Callum had never ridden in the forest before made it hard for him to keep track of the two and eventually chose to give up and warn Pitcairn. Callum made his way to Pitcairn in Boston and told him of the rebellion and the two got ready and rallied the available troops to aid the British troops in Lexington. The next day on April 19, 1775, Callum was standing near the redcoats as Pitcairn called for the rebels to lay down their arms. Callum was keeping an eye on the bluecoats and eventually saw Connor once again and carefully considered his options as to how he could kill him when a shot rang out. Callum looked for who fired, but found no one and saw that the bluecoats were just as confused as everyone else, eventually Pitcairn called for his troop to fire and then chaos ensued. Callum saw for the first time, what man was truly capable of to see such brutality of the rebels getting shot. But Callum knew he had a job to do and searched for Connor, and saw that he was running along with the rebels to some unknown destination. Callum sprinted after Connor, killing several Rebels in the process and eventually found that the rebels were waiting for the redcoats in Concord. Callum ran back to try to warn the redcoats, but it was too late as the redcoats were already marching up to the bridge to Concord. The battle started and Callum asked Pitcairn what he could do, and Pitcairn ordered Callum to grab a musket and fire on the rebels. Callum did as he was told and killed many bluecoats in the battle, which rendered him weak as he had never killed so many in his life. However, in the end, the British were forced into retreat and Callum joined them, awaiting further orders.

Death of a Mentor Edit

The war that started on April 19, 1775 continued and Callum was both surprised and fearful that the Americans were able to hold together for this long. On June 14, 1775, Callum accompanied Charles Lee to the Second Continental Congress, Callum originally wondered why Lee was on the side of the Americans, to which Lee said that the Templars had a plan that required the members to be on both sides and Callum understood. Callum's main job was to guard Lee in case anyone decided to take a swing at him and for the first few minutes of the congress, that didn't happen. Later in the meeting, the delegates voted a man named George Washington to be the commander-in-chief on the Continental Army, a position that was badly wanted by Lee and Callum felt bad for him. Callum after a few minutes, left for a little bit to speak with one of the delegates and asked if it was possible for Lee to at least be second in command, but as soon as he was about to ask, Callum saw heard a familiar voice say Charles Lee's name in anger. Callum turned around and saw Connor Kenway being held back by Samuel Adams and walked over immediately, but Samuel Adams pulled Connor away, possibly to introduce Washington. Callum turned to Lee and asked if it was advisable to kill Connor then and there, to which Lee said no and ordered to come along with him back to his carriage back to Boston. Callum did just that and wasn't needed by the Templars for another three days. On June 17, 1775 the Continental once again battled the British at Bunker and Callum was called to assist the battle. Callum arrived and initially wondered how it was a battle as the bluecoats were massly outnumbered, but continued on. Calum went up to John Pitcairn, who ordered him to stay with him as a guard like he was to Lee. Callum led a patrol around the opening Pitcairn was, when a small band of rebels came up and fired upon them. Callum took cover and saw it as an easy fight and charged the rebels. Callum killed two of them with his hidden blades before drawing his sword, he killed three more with his sword and shot two more with his pistols, all that remained were three rebels and Callum fought them for a few seconds, before killing two with his sword once again, and killed the third with his dirk. With the rebels gone, Callum walked back to Pitcairn, and saw Connor Kenway sitting next to his body and they had just finished having an unknown conversation. Callum ran at Connor in anger, but he Assassin ran to an unknown destination as Callum called for a regiment to chase after him. Whether the troops actually caught Connor or not didn't matter, as the rebels were forced into a full retreat and Callum accepted that, one day he'd get his revenge.

Pursuit Edit

1776 came, and Callum grew more wiser and stronger and more determined to exact revenge on Connor for the death of his mentor, John Pitcairn. In the months following Pitcairn's death, Callum decided to temporarily quit being part of the British Army to devote more time in fighting the Assassins. One day in 1776, Callum heard in a pub of a man wearing a white hood walking around in New York. Callum connected the points quickly and immediately ran to his horse and rode like hell to New York. After reaching New York, Callum walked around for a few minutes in hopes of finding some traits of Connor Kenway. While looking, Callum saw a native man walking around on the rooftops, and it looked as if he didn't want to be found and Callum decided to investigate. As he got up to the rooftops, Callum knew exactly who it was, it was Atasa:ta, also known as Krynn, the man who he had encountered on his first mission. Callum chased him around and eventually lost sight of him after an instant. Bewildered, Callum searched around frantically when he was suddenly tackled to the ground by Krynn. Callum drew his sword as Krynn was preparing to bring the killing blow with his tomahawk, but Callum sweeped his foot from the ground, sending him to the ground. Krynn got up almost instantly and the two swung their weapons at each other for a few minutes. Callum saw an opening and slashed at Krynn's leg, Krynn fell to his knees and brought his tomahawk to Callum's femur. Callum shouted in pain and also dropped to his knees in agony, Callum then brought out his dirk and was prepared to stab Krynn, who knocked the dirk out of his hands. Thinking fast, Callum pulled out his pistol and pulled the trigger as Krynn brought his hand in the air, missing him. The two just sat there, glaring at eachother, too exhausted to do anything, but after a few minutes, Colonial soldiers found the two due to the gunshot from earlier and took the two into custody as Callum blacked out. Callum woke up a few hours later in a dirty cell and saw Charles Lee behind the prison bars and simply asked Callum what happened. Callum explained everything and how he failed to locate Connor, to which Lee infomed him that Connor was also arrested and gave Callum an assignment: His bail was already paid, but Lee wanted Callum to spy on Connor from the inside of the prison and report back to Thomas Hickey during the night. Callum accepted and awaited for what was to come.

Gathering Info Edit

Callum spent the next few days keeping a close eye on Connor, the prison wasn't very large so he was able to do this job well. The one obstacle that stood in his way was that the prison's size would cause Callum to look suspicious if he was following Connor either too close or too much, however, Callum was able to do his job well. On one of the first days at the prison, Callum saw Connor talking to a man and the two played a game of Fanorona saw the other man stand around and Callum heard him speak of George Washington, perhaps Connor told the man why he was in there. Callum tried to hear what they were plotting after seeing the other man had calmed down and the two spoke closely, but all of the talk and yelling between the prisoners made it hard for Callum to gather any sort of information, but heard something of a key. Callum kept and eye on Connor for several hours until the night lockdown began and Callum and the other prisoners had no choice but to obey the orders. In the middle of the night, Callum heard a tapping on his cell door and went up to it. Callum saw Thomas Hickey on the other side who asked him for any information he may have gathered and Callum did just that and was ordered to once again gain information the next day. The next day Callum saw Connor make his way to the man and heard Connor scold him because a key of sorts was useless for an unknown purpose. Callum then saw Connor and the man talk for a few more seconds and heard them speak of a fight and Callum was too late to do anything as Connor went up to him and punched him, knocking him out. Callum woke a few seconds later to see Connor fighting various prisoners and then saw him get sent to the pit. Callum was sent back to his cell and was later visited by Hickey and Callum told him everything. Charles Lee also showed up and put the pieces together, and as a precaution, they decided to kill the warden and place his body in Hickey's cell and wait for Connor to show up, Callum asked to be a part of it, but was denied, seeing as how Connor didn't know about Callum yet and his identity shouldn't be exposed at the moment. Although disappointed, Callum was thanked and congratulated for his information and was told that he would be released the next day. The next day came and Callum went back to his Boston apartment, thinking that Connor would finally die and he would get some rest, however, Callum later heard that Hickey had been killed by Connor after he escaped his execution. Callum was blindsided and for the first time, wondered if the Templars just might fail due to this man. Callum decided to follow in the rest of his fellow Templar's footsteps and quit being part of the British Army in an attempt to hopefully catch Connor by surprise.

Hunting Connor Edit

Unlikely Alliance Edit

1777 came and with it, Callum's first few years of fighting with the colonists like his fellow Templars did. Callum did find this hard to do as his loyalty for many years lied with the British, but his ultimate loyalty was with the Templars and they encouraged Callum to make the move and so he did. In the winter of 1777, Callum heard that Grand Master Haytham Kenway was hunting for Benjamin Church, who had betrayed the Templars, Callum viewed any traitor as a disgrace for they had betrayed humanity's hope for the future. Callum assisted Haytham whenever he could and did his job well eventually giving Haytham the information of Connor making his way to the Valley Forge camp. Haytham decided to use that info to surprise Connor, but Callum didn't know for what and begged to be a part of it. Haytham declined Callum, but also stated that Callum would be needed in some ways and was told to watch the two from a distance to protect Haytham in any danger he may be in. Callum followed orders and took cover in some brush nearby and waited for Haytham's plan. The plan came when Connor walked into the church Haytham was in and saw Haytham tackle Connor to the ground. After the two exchanged a few words, Callum saw the two of them walk out and heard Haytham call for him to come out. Callum did what he was told and walked to the both of them confused. Haytham introduced Connor to Callum and vice versa, once again Callum was confused but simply went with it. Haytham ordered Callum to follow Connor for clues regarding the cart that Church must've used. Callum and Connor walked for a few minutes to look for clues without saying a single word to each other. Eventually, Connor found tracks and Callum was impressed at Connor's tracking ability and called Haytham over. The three men followed the tracks and saw a man freaking out over the crashed cart, Connor approached him and tried to ask him if he was with Benjamin Church, and the man ran away. As Connor chased him down, Haytham told Callum to go to nearby camp controlled by Templar mercenaries, but to remain hidden as any Templar loyal to Haythm was a target. Callum got to the camp and once again took cover in some brush and waited. After a few minutes, Callum saw Haytham being restrained by a couple mercenaries and being questioned by a third. Callum immediately sprinted toward the mercenaries and killed two of them with his hidden blade before drawing his sword. Connor joined in the fight and the two fought off the mercenaries as Haytham got away to get treated. In the ensuing battle, Callum killed six mercenaries with his sword or dirk, while Connor killed them with his tomahawk, Callum had to respect Connor's fighting skills, and couldn't wait to actually fight him but there was a job to do, and Callum killed four more mercenaries. When all the mercenaries were killed, Callum made his way to New York to meet Haytham. While on the way, Callum knew that an alliance was happening.

Death Of An Enemy Edit

Callum met up with Haytham in New York a month after the encounter near Valley Forge and Callum immediately asked Haytham what he was thinking siding with the Assassins. Haytham told Callum that it was a simple parlay, both the Assassins and Templars needed Benjamin Church dead and they would have to work together if they wanted to see him dead. This made sense to Callum and he fully decided to embrace this temporary alliance between enemies. A Templar mercenary went up to them both and said he had news for Haytham, Callum understood what that meant and walked away to where he would have no chance of hearing, but still being able to see them. A few minutes later, Connor arrived and Haytham signaled for Callum to go to them and Callum obeyed. Haytham and Connor exchanged a few words before Haytham re introduced Connor to Callum and the two shook hands. Callum played along, but secretly wished that he could kill Connor where he stood, but there was a job to do and Haytham ordered Callum to scour any nearby rooftops to find information on Church. Callum did as he was told for two hours before things went wrong. Callum noticed someone was tailing, every time Callum would turn around the same person would be at the same place, he would stop when Callum stopped. Callum noticed something familiar about this person, but with no moon out in the night sky, Callum couldn't put his finger on it. Callum decided to wait until he was in a secluded area to confront his stalker. Callum arrived at a neighborhood of mostly abandoned houses and took a few backwards glances, and the same person was behind him as always. Callum took a few more steps forward and then quickly spun around with his flintlock drawn and fired at his stalker. The figure dove to cover just in time as Callum pulled out his second flintlock and approached the place of cover the figure had taken. Callum got to the place and no one was there, all of a sudden someone grabbed his arm and forced it to face the sky as Callum fired on instinct. Callum and the figure stood for a few moments, before Callum realized it was Krynn, he longtime rival from many years. Callum punched Krynn in the gut and Krynn took a few steps back before throwing his own series of punches that came at a fast rate. Callum was able to block most of them but ended up with several bruises. Callum was able to shove Krynn back hard and drew his Sword as Krynn charged at him with his tomahawk. Callum and Krynn fought each other intensely for several minutes with neither of them showing signs of giving up. Krynn at one point found an opening and stabbed Callum in the shoulder with his hidden blade. Callum screamed in pain as he head butted Krynn and the two stood in pain and shock for a few seconds before Callum relentlessly swung his sword at Krynn before Krynn somehow disarmed him. Krynn swung at Callum tirelessly for a few seconds. Callum then was able to grab Krynn's wrist hard until Krynn let go and drew his dirk. Callum used both his dirk and Krynn's tomahawk to try to kill him, but Krynn was fast. Eventually, Callum swung the tomahawk over Krynn's head, but Krynn ducked, Callum saw an opportunity and drove his dirk into Krynn's chest. Callum then dropped Krynn's tomahawk and used his hidden blade to stab Krynn in Krynn's chest again as he laid him down on the ground. Krynn looked up at Callum with shock and fear, Callum only shushed him and said that he respected his fighting skills to the highest point before stabbing him in the head, killing him instantly, he deserved as much.

Decline Of The Templars Edit

Haytham's death Edit

The next three years were tough on Callum and the Templar Order itself. The number of members for the Templars had declined over the years and thus, their dreams for the New World seemed to become more and more of a simple dream. And it was all because of Connor Kenway, who Callum had so many opportunities to kill him, but didn't. Callum became more depressed as he saw his one true family die out and the determination of killing Connor turned into an obsession, he would desperately search for clues of his whereabouts or how he could catch him. Charles Lee saw Callum's state and assured him that even though Connor was foiling their plans, new ones were being developed and assured Callum that even if the Templar Order in the Colonies were wiped out, the order itself would never die. Those words and the calmness that they were spoken by made Callum calm down a little. In the early hours of September 16, 1781, Callum was called to Fort George for a meeting with the Templar leaders. Callum arrived and made his way into a medium sized room with Haytham and Charles. In the meeting, Haytham urged Charles to leave, as he would be the order's hope for the future and asked Callum to back him up which he did. Charles finally decided to leave and Haytham gave him a mysterious necklace that must have been of great importance. Charles packed his things and left Fort George and Haytham told Callum to stay with him in case Connor did come, and this time gave Callum permission to kill Connor if the opportunity presented itself. Callum accepted it with pride and spent the rest of the day reading and training in the courtyard. That night, Callum fell asleep in the quarters provided to him in the fort, when he was suddenly awoken with the roof splitting in half and loud banging outside. Callum got his clothes on and ran outside to see what was going on, and saw that the fort was under cannon fire. Knowing that this Connor's doing, Callum sprinted around the fort frantically trying to find him. A few moments into searching, Callum heard Haytham saying things while fighting someone, and eventually heard Connor's voice. Callum ran to the voices and saw Connor and Haytham fighting each other. Callum sprinted after them and as he was about to make contact, was thrown off of his feet by a cannon. Callum awoke a few moments later in pain and shock, then remembered Connor and turned his head to find him. Callum then saw Haytham strangling Connor, Callum was relieved, they had the upper hand now and Connor was going to die. Then Callum was helpless to anything as Connor stabbed Haytham in the neck. Callum's rage bursted forward and prepared for a fight.

First Fight Against Connor Edit

Callum charged at Connor with tears of rage bursting from his eyes and kicked Connor in the gut hard, and Callum heard a crack. Callum then grabbed Connor and threw against a nearby wall. Callum drew his dirk and walked up to Connor stating that he would look into his eyes as he dies. Before Callum could get to Connor, Connor sweeped Callum sending him to the grown and extended his hidden blades and started to bring it down, only being held back by Callum's hand. Callum used all the strength he had to keep Connor from stabbing him with the hidden blade. Eventually, Callum managed to roll over, sending Connor off of him and drew his sword. Connor drew his tomahawk and the two fought each other intensely for several minutes. Callum would hack and swing his sword at Connor relentlessly as Connor did the same with his tomahawk. The two eventually locked their weapons and stood near each other for a few seconds before Connor pushed Callum back a few feet. As Connor made his way to Callum, Callum punched him in the face hard, only to be met with a back spin kick to the face from Connor. Callum continued to swing his sword at Connor and eventually got his sword stuck on a table made of wood and Connor took the opportunity to swing at Callum's hand. Callum moved his hand just in time and drew his dirk once again and either deflected or dodged Connor's incoming attacks. After a few minutes, Callum learned that he wouldn't be able to kill Connor, and as long as Lee was still alive, the order still had a chance and decided then and there to escape and catch up to Lee. He did this by once again dodging one of Connor's attacks and taking the opportunity to kick him over, causing him to fall over and Callum running like hell out of Fort George to find Lee and protect him as the new Grand Master of the Templars.

Fall Of The Templars Edit

1782 came, Callum had been acting as Lee's personal bodyguard for a few months, he did his job very strictly, always moving his eyes to scan the rooftops for signs of Assassin activity. A few months into 1782, Callum accompanied Lee to the funeral for Haytham, an event he didn't want to take part in as he felt personally responsible for not preventing his death, but he came anyway. As Lee began to read the eulogy for Haytham, Callum spotted Connor in the crowd walking in plain sight. Why he was doing this Callum didn't know, but he signaled for the mercenaries stationed there to apprehend Connor and they did just that. The two guard brought Connor to Lee and Lee told Connor that he would kill and destroy everything that Connor loved or held dear. Connor was then escorted away and Callum followed Lee as he begun to try to gather an army of loyal Templars to take back what the Assassins had taken from them. However, as the two reached the docks of Boston Harbor, they got news that Connor had escaped and was on the loose. Lee was unsure of what to do and asked Callum for advice, Callum told Lee that it would be best for him to travel back to England where he would be safe. Lee accepted and asked Callum if he'd go with him, and Callum said yes. The next day, Callum and Lee made arrangements to England when suddenly, Lee spotted Connor in the crowd and bolted. Callum stayed behind to fight, but Connor was faster than he thought and got past him, causing Callum to give chase. Callum became almost completely out of breath from the speed at which he ran to catch up to Connor but continued on and looked for any options. Callum finally saw one with an explosive barrel placed next to a wooden building, so Callum pulled out one of his pistols and waited for the perfect time to pull the trigger. Once Connor was a few feet away from the barrel, Callum fired and only succeeded in knocking back Connor at least 1 foot, but the explosion caused the building to be set ablaze. Callum cursed at himself for missing, and climbed the building to beat Connor from getting to Lee. Callum got to the roofs as Connor made his way toward Lee and ran toward Connor and extended his hidden blade for the kill, but the floor collapsed before anything could be done. Callum awoke, already he could tell he had been out for hours and limped outside and asked the locals if they had seen Lee anywhere, to which one woman told him that she saw Lee board a ship to an unknown destination. Callum made his way to the Harbormaster and asked him where Lee had gone, and the man told Callum that Lee had fled to Monmouth, Callum asked if he could get a boat ride there, to which the man accepted and Callum took the time to rest for a while for his injuries to heal. Callum arrived to Monmouth a few hours later and walked around feverishly and asked any locals on where Lee was. Callum finally learned that Lee was at a nearby inn and ran to it with a worried look and feeling. Callum bursted through the door of the inn and looked around everywhere, and finally found Lee slumped over, looking to be passed out drunk. Relieved, Callum walked over to Lee and asked him if he was okay. When Lee said nothing, Callum shook him a little and asked him the same question. Callum lifted up Lee and saw a stab wound to his heart and felt at his neck for a pulse, to which he felt none. Callum's grief and anger bursted forth and Callum stumbled outside and collapsed to he knees in tears. Callum stayed like that for at least and hour and got up and traveled back to his Boston apartment. Unable to express his grief properly, Callum simply grabbed his bagpipes, went outside and with tears in his eyes, played a melancholy song for hours, not knowing what the future held.

Unknown future Edit

Callum felt lost, sad, and anger after the death of his friends and mentors who had been teaching him everything he knew. His mental health also somewhat declined as he was having thoughts about just ending his life, but whenever he tried or thought about it, he didn't. Callum's head was always telling him not to do it, that there was still hope and things would fall into place in time. Callum also lost interest in tracking down Connor, there was no point now, but one day he'd get his revenge. On November 25, 1783, Callum traveled to New York as it was Evacuation Day, the day that the British armies finally left the Colonies and left it as the United States of America. While there, Callum spotted Connor standing near the crowd, somehow the two locked eye contact after a while. Callum didn't try to break it, he wanted Connor to know that he was defeated, that there was no reason to fight. Connor eventually turned away after the two glared at each other for at least two minutes and Callum went back to his Boston apartment. A few months of living in his Boston apartment, Callum had picked up a job as a worker at the local general store, a job he found immensely boring and wanted to find a way to rebuild the American rite of Templars. Eventually, Callum reached out to an old friend, Madeleine François de Bullion, the woman whom had accompanied him in his time in the Caribbean, someone who had gained his trust and had become a parent-like figure to him. Callum wrote a letter to her, telling her his situation and asked if he could live with her in France to learn more about how he could rebuild the Templars and become stronger and smarter. Madeleine responded to him a few days later, saying he could come live with her and her brother Louis. That comment made Callum remember the time he had spent with the Louis, and was unsure if he wanted to move with the concept of seeing him again. But Callum was in desperate need of guidance and answers, so he decided he would to it. Two weeks after the letters were sent, Callum boarded a ship headed to France to live with Madeleine.

Callum's letter to Madeleine:

Madeleine, my teacher and mentor, I am in great need of your guidance

The Colonial Templars have fallen, all of them killed by an Assassin named Connor Kenway. I have been sent in an unrelenting state of sadness and a sense of failure. I don't know who else to turn to, so I need to ask something of you. I went to help you once in the Caribbean, now I am in need of help from you. May I please live with you in France? I need your guidance and training in how I can rebuild the Templar Order in the Colonies.

May the Father of Understanding guide you


New Life In France Edit

Callum arrived in France in December 1783 as a 33 year old man lost and in search of answers. From the moment he arrived in France, the realization that he was in a completely different world set in immediately. There were huge cities as far as the eye could see, full of people and life. The roads were even and complete, unlike back in the Colonies. And the people even looked different, especially the nobility with all the makeup covering their entire face. Callum was met by Marie-Jean Francois, Madeleine's son who was a 19 year old boy at the time. Marie-Jean was very polite and nice and helped load Callum's belongings into the carriage that would take them to the Le Louroux estate, Madeleine's home. On the carriage ride, Marie-Jean updated Callum on the state of the Caribbean after Callum left so many years before and some of Madeleine's past. When they arrived, Madeleine was there with some servants following her, she welcomed Callum and the two shared a hug, which brought Callum some much-needed comfort. Callum also learned that Louis was on a business trip and wouldn't be home for two months and the most. That comforted Callum a lot more and was given the whole day by Madeleine to look around the estate and get to know some of the people. Callum did that and was in complete awe of the ornate decorations and furniture that inhabited the estate. Callum's guest room was nothing he was expecting, he expected a small room with some cupboards and he would've been fine with it, but he was given a medium to large sized room with a comfortable bed and had bookcases filled to the brim with books. Callum expressed his awe and gratefulness to Madeleine, to which she told him it was her pleasure, as he did a big favor for her in the Caribbean and this was his thank you from her. That night, Madeleine asked Callum if he could go out to the courtyard to train Marie-Jean in swordsmanship. Callum accepted it and Madeleine explained to him that it was his first step in becoming the Grand Master of the American Templars, it a starts with the training of the Order's new recruits, just like Callum was trained by Shay Cormac. Callum did as he was told and the next four months were a time of learning for Callum to become the Grand Master of the Order.

Living With Madeleine Edit

The first two months of Callum living with Madeleine and her family were mostly good and carefree. His days spent were spent with having expensive, delicious food for breakfast, reading some of the books given to him by the bookshelf in his room, learning the keys to rebuilding the Order, and training Marie-Jean in terms of sword fighting. Madeleine taught Callum that to be a great leader, one needed followers from all different aspects of life. She also spoke of certain "keys' that she had in the Caribbean, these "keys" were actually people who were loyal to the Templars and helped manage certain areas controlled by them. A few weeks later, Madeleine discussed the names and locations of keys in the Colonies that Callum could rely on if needed. As months passed, Callum began to realize that if the Templars were to control the world, they needed allies and lots of them instead of them making plans with just a small group of people, that's where the American Templars went wrong. After two months, Callum and Marie-Jean were getting closer and became great friends and Callum decided to make Marie-Jean his right-hand man once he returned to the Colonies. Eventually, Louis de Bullion returned to the estate with his business over and was overly happy to see Callum again, although Callum didn't share the same feelings. The first meeting between the two happened when Callum was reading a book to study some French as he would need to get by in France without translators following him everywhere, then Louis walked in and got close to Callum and whispered in his asking him what he was reading. Callum reacted instantly turning around and pushing Louis back a little, Louis was unfazed at Callum's actions. In fact, he seemed to like it and like he did on the dock all those years ago, simply stared at Callum with lust. Callum didn't know what to do, he made an excuse that Madeleine was expecting him for some training and quickly walked out of the room, feeling Louis' eyes burning in his back. Callum expressed how uncomfortable Louis was making him feel after a few days of Louis trying to flirt of kiss him, Madeleine reassured Callum by saying she would talk to him, and after that Louis continued to stare at Callum, but that was as far as it would go. Eventually, four months passed since Callum had arrived in France, and both he and Madeleine agreed that he was ready to return to America and rebuild the Order there. Madeleine gathered some of her Templar associates and held a meeting that officially recognized Callum as Grand Master of the American Rite and presented him with a necklace with the Templar cross which Callum gladly accepted. Callum made arrangements to move into the same Mansion that belonged to Shay Cormac and that place would become his home and base of operations. A few weeks later, Callum and Marie-Jean boarded a ship for Boston and looked ahead to the future.

Rebuilding The Order Edit

Rebuilding the Templar's order wouldn't be easy, but thanks to the list of contacts given to him by Madeleine, Callum knew he would be able to complete the task in less than a year. Callum and Marie-Jean set out almost daily for a year to meet the contacts and induct them into the order and slowly but surely, the Templar Order reestablished itself as the American Rite of the Templar Order. The most prominent of apprentices in the Order were Arlo Denver, a master marksman and skilled in sabotage and stealth missions. Heleen Evelien, a Dutch woman with a master in money and banking and would be the chief financier for the Templars. Cephas Eliezer, an ex slave who was huge and muscular and would become a bodyguard like person to Callum, but also a great fighter for the Templars. Catahecassa, a Shawnee warrior and would be a useful spy for the Order. And finally Bolek Jaromir, former British military and was an experienced fencer. Callum and his new Templars were able to keep a low profile to the Assassins and killed any known Assassins in the city to make sure their cover wasn't blown, but Callum knew that it wouldn't be long before the Templars would get to the Assassin's attention. But in the mean time, Callum led the Templars out of extinction and made plans for the future.

Training Apprentices Edit

Callum spent the next eleven years training his new family of Templars. A process that he knew would take time, focus, dedication, and above all patience. His days were consisting of doing freerunning and combat exercises, activities that became increasingly difficult for the now ever aging Callum, but he persisted knowing that the Order depended on it. One of the key moments of training for his apprentices came six years into training, Callum and his apprentices were walking back to the mansion after a freerunning exercise, Catahecassa told Callum that he felt eyes watching them, Callum didn't disagree with him as he did see someone in white robes quickly run away to another rooftop in a way that seemed like he didn't want to be seen. Callum told his group to stay close and get ready for the attack that was inevitable. Eventually the group entered a spaced out part of the town and a man in white robes jumped down in front of them, followed by two on their left, right, and rear. Callum and the group formed a circle perimeter and eventually charged at their Assassin attackers. Callum ran at the man who must've been the leader and was about to stab him in the head with his hidden blade, but the man ducked and landed two punches in Callum's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Callum stepped back a little and drew his sword and stepped forward as the man did the same with machete drawn. Callum waited a little to see who would make the first move, and it came down to him when his swung his sword to the man's stomach. The man parried and countered immediately by hitting Callum's face with the hilt of his machete, drawing blood. Callum felt his nose break and repeatedly swung and thrusted his sword at the man and was only lucky enough with some cuts, but nothing big. Eventually the man hacked his machete in a downward arc to Callum's head, Callum raised his sword high to block it, then quickly took out his pistol and shot the man in the stomach, causing him to fall over. Callum swiftly stabbed the man in the head with his hidden blade, killing him instantly. Calum asissted his colleagues in fighting back the Assassins, and they eventually won with somehow no deaths. Two of the Assassins were able to escape and Callum knew that open war with the Assassins would come again, but this time he knew what to expect.

Second Fight With Connor Edit

Nine years passed since Callum had rebuilt the American Templars, he'd seen progress and was immensely proud of his colleagues and promoted several of them to Master Templars and the open war with the Assassins dragged on with both sides rarely putting heavy casualties on each other. 1792 came and Callum was in Boston to get groceries for his mansion with Cephas in toe, Cephas was proving to be a very reliable member of the Templars, his immense size and strength made him a capable fighter and Cephas was more than happy to be the bodyguard for Callum and other Templars in the Order. Callum had bought his groceries and made his way back to the mansion when he noticed a man in white and blue robes standing among the crowd watching Callum closely. Callum instantly knew who it was, Connor Kenway the man responsible for the death of all his mentors and told Cephas to get back to the mansion as he had personal business to attend to. Cephas was unsure of this command, but he never questioned orders and did as he was told. Callum walked a few more blocks up after a few minutes passed, and Connor eventually made his way to stand a few feet in front of Callum. Callum could see that Connor was aging just as much as he was before telling him that he'd been busy the past few years. Connor replied that Callum had done the same. Then, without a moment to blink, Connor charged to Callum with tomahawk at the ready. Callum extended his sword and deflected the tomahawk on contact and spun around to stab Connor in the side with his hidden blade. Connor dodged quickly, something that impressed Callum, Connor was still quick and acrobatic even at this age. Callum swung his sword at Connor for several grueling minutes, only to have his efforts dodged or deflected by Connor. At one point, the two locked weapons and Callum took the opportunity to pull out his dirk to stab Connor. Connor saw what was happening and jerked his tomahawk to the right and Callum dodged to the poing were a long cut was put on his cheek. Callum screamed in pain and used the combination of his sword and dirk to relentlessly hack and jab at Connor, landing a few blows. Connor at one point got pinned to a wall by Callum who was holding him by the throat. Connor took the chance to bury his hidden blade in Callum's stomach. Callum screamed in pain again and backed up a little. Connor prepared to end Callum where he stood, helpless to do anything, but as he got closer to Callum, he pulled out his pistol and shot Connor in the stomach. Callum wanted to pull out his second pistol to finish Connor off, but he was losing too much blood and needed to get medical help. Callum somehow made his way back to his mansion, unsure of where Connor was. However, Callum was at least happy that he proved to Connor that the Templars were a big threat once again.

Next Phase Edit

Changing Times Edit

The Templars under the strict but fair rule from Callum was able to help them both survive and wage war against the Assassins. In the eleven years since Callum rebuilt the Templars, they were able to plant spies and bugs inside the U.S. Government so with that, the Templars would be able to learn of certain events that the Templars could manipulate to their advantage. Callum along with Catahecassa were able to make alliances with several Native American tribes, the most notable of which were led by a warrior named Tecumseh. Tecumseh was a fierce warrior and strong leader who would do anything it took to save his tribe and would make a great ally. Another thing that changed was in 1790, Callum received news that Madeleine de Bullion, Callum's dear friend and mentor who taught him how to lead the Templars efficiently had been killed by a rioting crowd in France, which was starting to embroil in a deadly revolution against the king. Callum helped Marie-Jean recover from the loss of his mother and the two traveled to France to take part in her funeral. Callum offered to Marie-Jean the chance to stay in France with his family and help out there, to which Marie-Jean said that Callum was a bigger father figure to him than his own father. As a result, Callum and Marie-Jean grew closer to a father-son like relationship and the two continued to lead the Templars. Change would have come one final time for Callum in 1812, when he was 62 years old.

Final Years Edit

Another War Edit

Years passed and in them, the Templars prospered in America, the puppets they had inside the U.S. Government ensured unlimited funds to the Templars and with that, they were successfully able to hold back the Assassins. Callum's health had finally began to decline with him coughing immensely and eventually began to cough up blood. But alas, Callum lead the Templars to the best of his ability and did it well. Suddenly, Callum heard news of yet another war beginning between the United States and Great Britain, like years long passed. Callum immediately called in the inner sanctum of Templars to discuss ways to make sure the war benefits the Templars, and they ultimately decided they would support both sides of the war like they did during the Revolution. The first thing the Templars did was send Arlo Denver and Bolek Jaromir to Queenston Heights to assist the British in their fight their and do whatever it took to make sure the British won, it worked. The British took Queenston Heights without too much of a fight thanks to the two Templars and Callum made more plans for the future of the war.

Progression Of The War Edit

The War of 1812 dragged on and with it, the Templar's scheming to make sure the war benefited the Templars. One thing the Templars manipulated in the war was the Battle of York in 1813. In this battle, American forces wanted to take British held York and Callum decided to send Cephas Eliezer and Arlo Denver there to support the Americans in the battle. The battle went well with Cephas and Arlo using Callum's ship, La Grande Gazelle to support the American navy in bombarding British Forces and later went on land to help the troops on foot. The battle ended with American forces burning York to the ground and another win for the Templars. However, as the years progressed, the Assassins began to sabotage the Templar's plans. An example of which happened during the Siege of Fort Meigs. This battle was the British attempting to take the American-held Fort Meigs with the help of Catahecassa, but the siege ultimately failed with the Assassins taking down the cannons that the British had at their disposal. The final plan that Callum ordered to happen was once again having Catahecassa help the British and Shawnee chief Tecumseh fight the Americans in the Thames. The battle started out well with the British forcing the Americans to fall back. However, a few hours later, an American commanded by William Henry Harrison and Assassin-puppet Andrew Jackson were able to drive the British to a full retreat. Tecumseh and his warriors however, continued the fight which ended in failure with Tecumseh's death. The news of failure reached Callum, who was already exhausted with his disease slowly eating him alive, caused him to make a brash decision for the Templar Order.

Final Days And Death Edit

With his life fading away and the Templars needing a leader, Callum thought long and hard about who had the most potential to lead the Templars. Callum eventually decided to make Marie-Jean, Callum's first apprentice and a practical son to him, Grand Master of the Templar Order. When Callum first told Marie-Jean of his plans, Marie-Jean reacted with shock and initially protested, saying that Callum was still the best for the order and that he still had time. Callum simply told Marie-Jean that he was tired, almost exhausted from a lifetime of serving the Templars and how his disease was making it harder and harder to effectively lead the Templars and said that he trusted Marie-Jean like no other to lead the Order to greatness. Marie-Jean, with tears in his eyes hugged Callum and told him he would do it. Callum was happy to see his apprentice say that, and wished him the best of luck after he helped him get settled in with the responsibilities of being Grand Master. Callum did live long enough to hear Marie-Jean's success in the plan of helping the British burn down Washington D.C. which only proved to Callum that Maire-Jean was a capable leader and the Templars would do fine. On September 19, 1814 Callum received a visit from Marie-Jean while in his deathbed. Marie-Jean informed Callum that everything was going to plan and the war would without a doubt benefit the Templars. Callum was happy to hear that and after coughing violently for a few seconds, told Marie-Jean that he would most likely die soon. Marie-Jean held back the tears the best he could, but Callum told him it was okay to cry stating that it showed he wasn't ashamed to show emotion, something a leader of the Templars needed and told Marie-Jean to continue on, even if things don't go to plan. Marie-Jean gave Callum a final hug stating that all that was good in him, began with Callum. Marie-Jean left the room a few hours later and Callum laid back in his bed, and after a lifetime of serving the Templars, finally got a rest and during the night, Callum passed away.

Legacy Edit

Callum's actions in Caribbean and the Americas ensured Templar power and survival in the New World. In 2016, Callum's life was taken into interest by Abstergo Entertainment and longed to make a video game about him or at least put him into their upcoming game, "Behind the Revolution" (codename for Assassin's Creed: Changes) As a result, a lot of effort was put in to find Callum's memories, as well as locate any of his descendants if any of them existed, which they didn't. However, one Abstergo Employee after doing extensive research, found a woman living in France who had blood ties with Callum and Abstergo immediately set out to get her. The woman was found and she willingly entered the Animus for Abstergo Entertainment and relived the life of her ancestor. The woman also was able to unlock secret memories in Callum's genetic memories that accessed Callum's memories of his time in the Caribbean. With this, Abstergo Entertainment were able to use them to tie up loose ends in another Abstergo project codenamed "Purge". Callum's memories were then used for the end of that project and the woman was offered the chance to join the Templars, which she accepted.

Trivia Edit

  • "Callum" is Scottish for "Dove"
  • "Kerr" is the Scottish surname derived from Old Norse meaning "Rough wet ground"
  • Unknown to his knowledge Callum was the father of Gabriel whom he had with Jeanne Carter who became an Assassin unlike his father.

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