Calpurnia Demetris

Calpurnia Demeteris (née Lanz) was an Italian servant-turned-farmer. She mothered the future Master Assassin of the Cypriote Brotherhood Stylianos.

Serving the noble Demetris-family, little is known of Calpurnia. She were at some point involved in a scandal with the older Demetris-twin: Eudemus. In order to not bring disgrace over the family, Markos Demetris advised his brother to take Calpurnia to the inland. He did, and they married at the new-established farm in the outskirts of Athen. They had the son Stylianos – after Eudemus' grandfather on the maternal line.

Markos were not done with Eudemus and Calpurnia however. He hired a group of mercenaries to track him down and kill him by setting the farm ablaze. How their son survived is unknown.

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