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Camilla Kartal was a noble of Italian and Ottoman decent, during the late 15th century. Born to two Assassins, and orphaned at age of 14. She officially joined the order in her late teens when she met Assassin Yusuf Tazim. She participated in ending the Ottoman-Venetian war, considering her heritage was split between the two sides. In 1510 her efforts went to long-distance scouting and information during the rise of the Byzantine Templars.


Born in Constantinople in 1472 to Luciani Capello da Venezia and Esin Kartal. Both being notable Assassin Allies. Camilla was trained in the arts of self defence by Ishak Pasha when she was young, and despite her parents wishes, she wanted to do more than keep books and collect information. She wanted to fight

In 1486 her parents were both killed by Templars, who gained access to their villa by disguising themselves as Scholars and Investors in her Mother's work. Camilla escaped by chance, leaving her life as a noble behind, taking her life into her own hands. She stayed under the radar for several years, the Assassins assuming she was killed or captured in the attack, she lived on the streets, acting as a vigilante and occasionally a free-lance. By the time she was 18 she was performing hits and other various jobs under a pseudonym. Eventually she encountered Yusuf Tazim , then still a trainee assassin, who convinced her to put aside her disdain for the order and join to fight against her true enemies.

She continued to train, travelling often between her father and mother's homes, coordinating and keeping relations between the Italian and Ottoman Assassins. She worked in the background, coordinating and leading primarily espionage missions, using many aliases and disguises.

While her loyalties were bound to the city that she loved, she was absent for great chunks of time spanning the Ottoman-Venitian war and the rise of the Byzantine Templars, including when her friend and Mentor Yusuf fell. She returned to the city just at that time, only then being able to help with the last stand against the Byzantines.

Beyond this she disappeared into obscurity, probably completely disusing her birth name and disappearing into aliases, either for her guilt or raimainng sense of duty.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Care free and inquisitive as a child; she was adventurous, often sneaking out of her parents Villa desquised as a commoner child. She loved to read and was fluent in over 4 languages by the age of 12, but wasn't one to lord her intelligance over loners. Despite her cheerful nature, she was lonley, her only friends being her Playmate Sofia Sartor and her at the time, her maid Azize.

When her parents were murdered, her bright nature quickly turned callouse. Smiles turning to smirks; and giggles to dark chuckles. She ended up shutting out a lot of emotions during that 4-year period on the streets, and for it became a very efficient and detached killer. And though her shell grew cold, her heart was warm, caring deeply for anyone who trusted her, and it return earned her trust. When she climbed the ranks in the Assassin Order, she was a very serious and devout leader, always looking out for the safety of her men.

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