Caribbean Purge
Assassins vs Templars
Vital statistics
Start March 1770
End August 1776
Location Caribbean sea
Outcome Caribbean Assassins was removed from the West Indies
The Caribbean Purge (commonly known as The Purge) was a Templar operation with the intent to ensure eradication of the Caribbean Brotherhood. The few remaining Assassins were forced into hiding, and from then on, they began operating in small cells.

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Madeleine de L'Isle, the architect of the new Rite (and with that: the Purge)

With the fall of the Caribbean Templar Rite in 1722, the Caribbean sea was falling in the hands of the Caribbean Brotherhood of Assassins. Even if Edward Kenway managed to remove his and the Assassins' enemies, the Templar Order still had one agent left in the area: the Blaise-family. The family had influence in all corners of the Caribbean, and was respected Templars. Laureno de Torres y Ayla had some contact with the leaders of the family, Eugiène and Claudette. They had two children together: Quentin and Frédéric Blaise. After some family-problems, Frédéric and Claudette was killed, and Quentin took the role to guard the coastline of the Caribbean sea. The Templars controlled a part of the West Indies, but it was the Assassins that was in control of the islands and their resources.

After the death of many Templar agents, Madeleine de L'Isle of the Louisiana Rite of the Templar Order sent Captain Bonviert, Marquis de Pimôdan and Dorothy Judge to establish the new West Indies Rite of the Templar Order in Martinique. They would be supported by the Irishman Sean Harrison, who would find possible recruits in the north for the new rite. In New Orleans, Madeleine hired Quentin Blaise to find recruits along the Caribbean coast. The Grand Master of the Spanish Templar Rite, Hernán Velasquez, supported the Caribbean Rite by sending Spanish Templar agents. Successful establishing a new Templar Rite at the island of Martinique, Bonviert, de Pimôdan and Judge made their headquarters in the Governor's mansion – where de Pimôdan now lived. They came in contact with a woman named Jeanne de Orpheus, who become a Templar after convincing them she could bend the Apple of Eden as she wished. She became a strong tool during the Purge.

1770 Edit

Noble work

The Purge starts. Lady Concord and Eric Rackham, both puppets of the Order, start to hunt down the lieutenants and allies of the Assassin Mentor. They began their hunt – individually – with Concord hunting down Victor Jensen, Jackie Charlotte and Mr. Prudence – in that order. Eric managed to bring down Philippe de Bullion, Claude Chevalier and Edward Read. Quentin Blaise sailed to Tulum and killed a woman that was believed to be the Mentor of the Caribbean Assassins: Cozumel Providencia. She was in fact the follower of Claude Dimanche when he died. Furthermore, Quentin established a blockade and fleet that patrolled the seas. The Assassins now needed to be more careful on high seas.

  • Death of de Bullion (March)
    • The Assassins lost the opportunity to contact the Southern Caribbean Assassins. Templar Agnes Lootbox arrived at Portobello, and renovated the place. She went out in the jungle and hunted down the Assassins with Quentin Blaise.
    • The Assassins in the southern Caribbean was slaughterd.
  • Death of Victor Jensen (June)
    • The Templar Order got control over the city of Kingston, Jamaica. The criminals in the city were also removed, and the Templars could set in a Templar puppet to control the city in their name.
    • The Assassins lost their control over Fort Charles, and the inmates – all people loyal to the Templar cause – was set free and recruited into the Order. Every member of the Assassins' gang was either killed or turned to serve as Templar mercenaries.
  • Death of Claude Gaultier (July)
    • The Templars and British merchants gained strength and influence in the Caribbean. High-ranked Templar-merchants could now send supplies and carry out transactions across the Caribbean without being attacked by too many Assassin ships.
    • The Assassins lost a contact that could travel to New Orleans without attract too much attention. They also lost a great seafarer and Assassin.
  • Death of Jackie Charlotte (July)
    • The Templars gained control over the islands in the Bahamas, the Northwest part of the Caribbean. They also gained control over the city of Nassau, and the rest of New Providence. The Templars also now had names on people loyal to the Assassin cause – but still not their hideout.
    • The Assassins lost their influence in wars, and also their income – now needing to find out a new way to get money. This was difficult however, the Templars had sieged them, cut the Assassins from almost all routes leading out of the Caribbean.
  • Death of Mr. Prudence (August)
    • The new-established Rite in Martinique lost an enemy. Mr. Prudence had leaked information to the Assassin Order – despite the fact that he had sworn his allegiance to the Templar banner. He was killed by lady Concord, whereas the last one were now recruited into the fold of the Templar Order.
    • The Assassins lost their eyes and ears in the heart of the new Rite. The name of lady Concord was revealed for the Assassin Order.
  • Death of Edward Read (October)
    • The Templars gained a Crystal Ball from Sacrifice Island. The Ball was sent to New Orleans for further investigation; Quentin was not a Master Templar for nothing. He had manuscripts from the First Civilization that could tell him what he needed to know. Eric Rackham joined the ranks of the Templar Order.
    • The Assassins lost a symbol of their pride and greatness. Now the Assassins opened their eyes that the Templars was indeed up to something. Eric Rackham's name was revealed to the Assassin Council.
  • Death of Cozumel Providencia (December)
    • The Templars had believed it wrong when they thought it was Cozumel that were the Assassin Mentor. But with her death in Tulum, the Assassins was weakened strongly. Tulum fell into the hands of the Templar Order. Master Templar Quentin Blaise personally executed the remaining Assassins – and turning the base to a Templar base. Keeping the ruins under Templar influence, the Assassins' moral would stay low.
    • The Assassin Brotherhood now only had Great Inagua to rely on. All of the Assassins that was stationed in Tulum was either killed or fled into the jungle. Tulum now belonged to the Templars, and the Assassins was now forced to stay in a low profile. The Mentor tried to send a group of Assassins to track down and kill Quentin Blaise, but the group never returned.

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1771 Edit

A game for nobles

Lady Sussex

Lady Sophia Sussex

In 1771, Concord and two other Templars was set on the task to locate Delaware Dinsmore, but meanwhile she would accompany Eric Rackham on killing two other Assassins: Mr. Thomas François and Carlos Blanc. Mr. Thomas was a turncoat of the Templar Order (that was the information the Grand Master gave them at least). In real life, he had been working as a spy for the Assassins all time along. He had occupied himself in Fort Charles, Kingston for some reason. The Templars had gained control over Kingston with the death of Victor Jensen, one would think the Assassins had lost their influence – but they were still supported. Reports from some Templar puppets in Kingston could tell that it was possible a noblewoman named lady Sussex was supporting the Assassins and their gang – economic and patriotic. When Mr. Thomas was removed, Concord and Eric – supported by Eric's lover, Marie Flint – traveled to Port-au-Prince to deal with Carlos. Visiting the administrator of La Dame en Rose, the Templars got information that the governor of the city was controlled through the Assassins – who had stationed an Assassin named de la Noire who controlled the governor. With the death of Jacques and the governor, the Templar Edmund Denzel took the place as governor – with high-ranked members of the Templar Order at his side. Meanwhile, the Master Templar Quentin Blaise chose to hunt down lady Sussex. During the summer, the Templars hunted down diverse Assassins, and carried out several contracts that made the Templar gain control in the Caribbean – and the Assassins loose theirs.

  • Death of Mr. Thomas (May)
    • The Assassins lost their last foothold in the city of Kingston. The Templars could now station their agents all around on the island of Jamaica as it pleased them.
  • Death of Jacques de la Noire (November)
    • The Templars now had the seat of the governor of Port-au-Prince, sending Thierry Dieudonné to the French royal court – influencing the king. They now controlled big parts of France's finances in the West Indies, and even a bit further. Eugiène Blaise hired some hitman to hunt down the Maroons.
    • The Assassins in Caribbean lost their influence in a high-wished place for the Templars. Bastienne now also lost the support of the Assassins – only relying on the Maroons.
  • Death of Lady Sussex (November)
    • The Templars killed a mere puppet of the Assassins. She did not knew she was supporting them, but was killed anyway, and her estate burnt to the ground. The Templars could now control the British Empire's trading, too. Templars was tasked to locate the Observatory again.
    • The Assassins now lost any chance to gain control over Kingston in a long time.

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The deaths in 1771, chronological order

1772 Edit


Concord - Templar

Lady Concord

Over the passing years, the Caribbean islands have fallen into Templar hands. The only thing that now stands in their way are the city of Havana. Grand Master de Pimôdan is stationing Concord in Havana and was given the task to protect the governor from the Assassins. Eric Rackham and Marie Flint sailed to Saint Pierre, Martinique to kill Carlos Blanc. Arriving in the city, Eric and Marie disguised themselves as mere civilians. Eric and Marie went into the warehouse of Blanc and saw a him talk to his publicist. Eric used an Apple of Eden to lock all the guards present and forced them to kill themselves. Marie stabbed Blanc in the chest deeply enough so that he would die of blood loss.

Back in Havana, Delaware Dinsmore – the daughter of the deceased Rhona Dinsmore – was still active, so Concord was also tasked to find and kill her. Along with her, Concord was given the help of two Templars named Pedro and André. With the death of the latter by the Assassins' hand, Concord and Pedro summoned soldiers in order to bring down Delaware. During the attack, Pedro was also killed and Dinsmore fled the city.

Madeleine sending Templars from the Rite of New Orleans to support the Caribbean Templars: Carlos and Isabelle Vázquez and Shalin Yangming, all supported by the Italian Francesco Malfetti. After joining forces with the Templars, Concord could spend her time to train on her skills and at last kill the Assassin Mentor: Claude Dimanche. Quentin Blaise had managed to locate where the Assassins head of operations lived: the island of Great Inagua (but Quentin was too old to take him down himself, and Concord was after all the most trained one to carry out the attack – and end the life of the Assassin Mentor). In April, Lady Concord and Carlos Vázquez set sail and left the city of Havana whilst Isabelle was protect the city from Assassins – and to maintain the governor's interests in still have the Order support him.

AC4 Great Inagua

Arriving at the island of Great Inagua with a magnificant fleet of ships loyal to the Templars, all built by Madeleine de Bullion, Concord and Carlos Vázquez led an attack on the Assassins' hideout. All ships that belonged to the Assassin fleet was either destroyed or captured – of which one of them was The Watchman. Concord and the other Templars docked at the island and began to attack the village. The soldiers that followed them was either killed or was being killed by Assassins or rebellious citizens. The Man O' War had set the jungle ablaze with the mortars, so no one could flee without being choked to death by loss of air or falling fire, or even angry animals. With the death of Claude Dimanche, the Templars now controled all of Caribbean.

Whilst Concord had been busy taking over Great Inagua – and cleaning it for Assassins – Delaware Dinsmore and Songui had allied themselves with the Taínos and took over Havana once again. They killed Isabelle Vázquez, and sought for men and women who could support them in protecting the city and The Creed. When Concord returned in June 1772, she had read a library of books that belonged Claude Dimanche and the Assassin Order – which made Concord realize that the Templars was the wrong faction to follow.

Death of Carlos Blanc (January)

  • The Templars put their hands on the trade of Saint Pierre and so also have full control of Port-Au-Prince by Edmund Denzel.
  • The Assassins lose their commercial influence they had in Saint Pierre over their last foothold in the city of Port-Au-Prince and a financier of vital importance to the Brotherhood.

Escape of Dinsmore (March)

  • The city of Havana falling into Templar hands. The Templars are now gaining control over the governor of Cuba – and in that way: the Spanish throne. They control the very trading itself in the Caribbean.
  • The Assassins allying themselves with the Taínos, and start a plan to take back Havana from the Templars' grip.

Death of Claude Dimanche (April)

  • The Templars got their hands on the island of Great Inagua, and now ruled all of Caribbean – mostly, with some of their enemies still lurking around here and there.
  • The Assassins lost their Mentor and

The turn of Concord

  • The Templars did not learn of the betrayal, and therefore could not guess that the Assassins was still operating against them.
  • The Assassins got a new member – and she knew everything of the Templar Order. Although, they had problems trusting the one who had killed members of the Brotherhood for two years – and had managed to do so quite well.

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The deaths in 1772, chronological order

1773 Edit


Halfway into the Purge.

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1776 Edit

The last year of the Purge.


Deaths in 1776 chronological order

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With the fall of the Assassin Brotherhood, lady Concord and her followers, the Templars now had regained full control of Caribbean. Although, Madeleine de Bullion had crowned herself as Grand Master of Caribbean before the Purge (but no one thought on this when they were in a battle with the Assassins), there were many Templars that meant Madeleine had stolen the title in front of marquis de Pimôdan – many of whom meant he were the rightful Templar Grand Master. Several Templars chose to join the marquis in his attempt to overthrew the power-grabber in the Orpheus-conspiracy. The architects and Templars that had joined the conspiracy however, was killed by Madeleine, Charlotte LeFay, Augustin Rouen or Raoul Basque.

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  1. The title of the period 1772, Turning, is a reference to the Les Misérables musical's Turning
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