"It's just affaires Rackham. Small idiot Templar-puppet. The Templars have never the controll. There will always be Assassins and stop you."
―Carlos Blanc to Eric Rackham in deathbed, 1772
Carlos Blanc
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September, 1745


January, 1772 (26 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Ashes (mentioned)

Carlos Blanc was a bisexual businessman and an important ally of the Caribbean Assassins during the Caribbean Purge. Carlos held under the handful of Assassins the city of Port-au-Prince, after the Assassin Adewale had killed Pierre de Fayet. In fact Carlos through the governor kept control of Port-Au-Prince flanked by Master Assassin Jacques de la Noire. In 1771, the governor and de la Noire were removed and Port-Au-Prince was taken by the Caribbean Templars and for January of next year Carlos murdered in his Saint Pierre's warehouse by Eric Rackham and Marie Flint.

He is an ancestor of Nathan.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Carlos was born of a good influential family in New Orleans and had a child a good education. He attended the best schools of the colony and received an education in literature and science. Carlos had three brothers males and 2 females with whom get along in harmony. From 14 years onwards he was also attracted to men which led to her being ostracized by his classmates, but he never told his father and his mother. His older brother when he found out he immediately went to tell the parents, who disgusted by his son drove him home. He was a 17-year-old. Carlos worked as a sailor on a merchant ship and then as a translator for the French Navy, in Saint Pierre in the Caribbean.

When he was 18-year-old in 1763 for that year he fought in the French army against the British Army in that year but lost France and had to spend his England colonies like Louisiana was under Spanish control. When the war was over Carlos returned to New Orleans to go and be reconciled to his family. But when I went there he was rejected, disowned by his parents before all the servants and before the brothers. Carlos no longer had a job and was not, therefore, lived for a time in absolute poverty. Carlos knew that in New Orleans there was nothing left for him and in 1764 he abandoned forever his hometown and his family. Carlos went to live in Boston and worked there as a carpenter. Carlos lived in Boston for two years when he bought an apartment in which he lived with an unknown woman who had blonde hair in the packing. In Carlos diary was much reference to this woman in which he said that Carlos and she loved each other very much and in 1766 even had a son.

Caribbean-business Edit

In 1762 the family that Carlos had made and he traveled to Saint Pierre and settled there for good. Carlos got a job as a cartographer and the accumulated money he managed to achieve his studies and finish them. Carlos they needed money to open a business. Carlos in 1768 hired mercenaries head with a woman named Claudette, for a job. The mercenaries and Claudette were supposed to stick a load of the New York bank taking the money and get them to Carlos. The coup came to fruition and Carlos came into possession of the money. But he went to the police and said that they were mercenaries to make the shot with evidence. The police arrested the entire band as well but did not find the money. But Claudette was able to escape. Carlos was concerned that Claudette was still at large because he could always tell the truth. Moreover Carlos opened his own commercial company that within two years he had a good career, became a big company very fruitful. With the money from the company Carlos could afford him and his family a house in Saint Pierre and live like a noble almost.

The Carlos commercial activities attracted the attention of Caribbean Assassins. Carlos was approached Order and met their leader, Claude Dimanche. Claude Dimanche suggested to Carlos to join the Order and together with another man to check Port-Au-Prince and trade using the governor. Carlos agreed, but on one condition. The Assassins they would have to locate Claudette. Claude said to Carlos that was not a problem. In February 1770, Carlos received a letter from Lady Sussex an ally of the Assassins. They had found Claudette. She was in Nassau. In Nassau was one of their contact: Jackie Charlotte. Carlos would have to ask her. Carlos traveled to Nassau saying his wife and son who was for business. Carlos arrived in the city also in February 1770. Carlos was not very convinced in killing Claudette, having had for her increasingly weak. So he decided that it would not have to kill you wanted to compromise with her. Carlos bought a flintlock pistol and went Claudette's home.

Carlos knocked on the door and it was opened. He found himself in front of Claudette. His expression was normal and not amazed to see Carlos. "Please Come in," the woman said. Carlos entered the house and saw Claudette had just finished eating a meal. "What do you want from me Carlos" Claudette said. "I'm here to make amends for what happened two years ago," he put Carlos. "Well," Claudette said. "I had everything I needed you, you came, you gave me this mission. I've done it. And then you betrayed me." Claudette said with anger in his voice. Carlos picked up a sack full of coins. "That should be enough to travel to Europe and buy a home," said Carlos. Claudette looked at the money and took it. "Thank you," he finally said. Claudette, however, said it was not enough and she wanted sex with him. Carlos agreed. So the two had a sexual relationship. Two days later, Carlos learned that Claudette was playing for England and there she would live. Even that old question was welded. Carlos continued to serve the Assassins.

Death Edit


Eric Rackham

In 1771, Jacques de la Noire had been commissioned directly by the Council to protect the governor of Port-Au-Prince because if he died in Port-Au-Prince would no longer be the Assassins but by the Templars and the Assassins not this could afford. Carlos was holding in his hand the city of Port-Au-Prince along with the governor, and de la Noire. Already in 1770 there had been many losses because of two puppets-killer of Templar OrderLady Concord and Eric Rackham. The Templas start the Caribbean Purge.

In November 1771, Jacques de la Noire and the governor were both killed by Eric Rackham. Carlos knew that the Templars would have aimed at him now. With the death of de la Noire, the Templars took Port-Au-Prince Carlos control but there was still doing strength and also remarkable. Carlos so he hired twice as many guards to protect himself from the Templars.

On January 1772, Eric Rackham and Marie Flint sailed to Saint Pierre, Martinique to kill Carlos Blanc. Arriving in the city, Eric and Marie disguised themselves as mere civilians. Eric and Marie went into the warehouse of Blanc and saw a him talk to his publicist. Eric used an Apple of Eden to lock all the guards present and forced them to kill themselves. Marie stabbed Blanc in the chest deeply enough so that he would die of blood loss.

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