"You know, being an assassin isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've killed, I've almost been killed, but you can expect that, right? What I wasn't expecting was the loss of me, the me who had a feeling of mercy. The me who...would never hurt a fly. The me who...was lost to himself" -Carter to Shaun Hastings

Carter AsGavin

Carter AsGavin

Carter is a mysterious assassin, who has a special form of Eagle Vision. Instead of being able to see enemies and allies, he can see the personality of a person. Whether to trust them or not, is up to him.


Early life

Carter was born into a family of templars, but escaped at the young age of 13. His family was notorious among the templars, and upon hearing of his fascination with science and the unknown, disowned him. Therefore, he was left to execution by hanging.

He escaped when 11, but was later caught by his parents again. They kept him for 2 years to 'break' him of his fascination. It not working, they tried to kill him.

This time, though, with escaping came a price. He had to murder his father just because he would not move from the doorway.

Current life

After escaping and living in New York, much like Desmond Miles, for 2 years, Carter found out about the assassins and their war against the templars. Looking to escape the templars permanentely and to talk to his mom once more, for he had lost all connection to her, he joined the order at the age of 15.

Through a year of grueling training, small missions, and vigorous escaping near death, AsGavin finally became an assassin, and an exceptional one at that.

Later on, he was assigned to the animus case with Lucy Stillman, Shaun Hastings, and Rebecca Crane.

He stayed with them for a faithful 2 years, gaining parts for the animus, makking friends with the team, and helping kick templar butt, he just...dissapeared.

"It was odd. One day, I went to wake him up to help with the animus, then Poof! Gone, like a feather in the wind"

-Shaun Hastings about Carter's Dissapearance.


Carter is important because of his eagle vision, which can also show a color based on the lineage of a person, gold being a descendent of a person who has had contact with an apple.

Both Templars and Assassins are looking feverishly for him

"Wow, I'm that important? That's crazy! but still, I feel relieved, I have importance now.

But there's a feeling, deep on my stomach. I feel like I have a mission. One I need to do solo.

If I go missing, don't look for me. I might be onto something, and I will need the upmost concentration to find it."

-A recently found taping of Carter at Abstergo brought in by Lucy Stillman.

Is this why Carter has dissapeared?

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