Cato Demetris
Cato Demetris
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Nicosia, Cyprus


Nicosia, Cyprus

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Assassins (ally)

Cato Demetris was a Cypriote nobleman and Assassin ally, later governor of Nicosia. He was the son of Markos and Cassiana Demetris, and the cousin of Master Assassin Stylianos. He is an ancestor of Dipper Franz, modern day Mentor of the Caribbean Brotherhood.

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Early life Edit

During his political career, Cato's father got many enemies. Nicosia was rich on metal, and he established mining enterprises in the Demetris' name. It were rumors, however, that told Markos had gained his fortune by also invest in ships that sailed from Cyprus that were doomed form the start – being paid back for the sunken ships by the Nicosian Consulate of Trading. People said Markos hired pirates to sink them, paying the pirates with the money he put on the people of Nicosia.

Markos got a target on his back, and after barley surviving three assassination attempts, Cato began searching for a body-guard. He found it: Iason Giannopoulos.

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