"This boy was forged by suffering. Now, he can prevent the same thing from happening to someone else."
―Heammawihio after he had trained Cay.
Cay Warrick
Cay Warric
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5 March 1770 - Boston, MA


17 October 1803 - Boston, MA

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Onondaga Tribe

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Assassin's Creed III

Cay Warrick (1770-1803), also known as Apenimon, was an Assassin born to a mother of British heritage and a father of Native American heritage. He was born on the eve of March 5, 1770, the night of the Boston Massacre. As crowds gathered on King Street, his mother was giving birth to him, with his father by her side. Just moments after his birth, word of gunshots being fired at crowds was given to Cay's father, who immediately joined the crowds. His father was killed during a British attack on his village in 1779.



"It's not fair. Why would this happen to me? It could have been done to any of those red-coated men, but it happened to me! Why?"
―Cay, 14 years old, as he mourns his father's death.

Cay was born to a Native American father, Anakausuen, and a British mother, Fae Warrick. His father was native to the Onondaga tribe, which was part of the Iroquois Confederation. He was born on the night of the Boston Massacre, which his mother believed was a sign of a life of hardship for him. His parents had met in Lexington, MA. Cay's father had visited Lexington, which is where Fae had been living, and his tribe made peace with the people there. Anakausuen and Fae grew closer while working in the fields together, and they eventually married.

His parents moved to the city of Boston in 1768. Fae believed Anakausuen could find real work there. They gave birth to Cay there, but they quickly left for New York. Anakausuen's tribe had been attacked, and he was needed there.

"Apenimon, listen. Find mother."
―Anakausuen's final words to his son.

Cay grew up on the settlement where the Onondaga people were living. He learned their ways and customs, and quickly became one of them. In February of 1779, Cay's mother wanted them to return to Boston, as she thought it was a safer place for Cay to grow up. However, Cay's father refused, and his mother returned to Boston alone. On April 20, 1779, the village was attacked by British soldiers. Cay's house was burned, and his father was killed. Cay managed to escape through the woods. After that, he set out for Boston alone, at the age of 9.

Cay traveled East towards Massasschusetts, camping out in horse stalls to sleep. In August of 1780, he came across a settlement in the area of Lexington, MA. He visited the largest building in the village, which was up on a hill. He knocked on the door, and a middle-aged Native American man answered it. The man was Heammawihio, an Assassin. Cay, who was called Apenimon by his mentor, stayed with him for two weeks. At the end of the second week, he was ready to set out for Boston again, now well-fed and well-rested. But Heammawihio inquired as to where he was going, and Cay told him his story. Heammawihio brought him back inside, and asked him if he had any knowledge of the Assassins. Cay did not, and Heammawihio told him all about the Assassins and Templars and their struggle. Cay was instantly intrigued. He began asking endless questions about the Assassins' ways and beliefs. After this, Heammawihio trained him in the ways of the Assassins. He trained him how to sneak and kill cleanly. After two years of training, Cay was ready to set out again.

Teenage yearsEdit

"I have taught you well. Use your skills for the good of man."
―Heammawihio's final advise for Cay.

It took Cay seven months to finally return to Boston, and when he did, he had no idea where to begin to look for his mother. But it was his father's final words that kept him going. "Apenimon, listen. Find mother." He didn't know what his father was going to say at the end, but he knew he had to find her.

Cay attended a New Years Eve party at a pub, and it was here that his life changed forever. He was assaulted by a few drunk men with knives. In one fluid motion, he grabbed the knife from one of the men and stabbed him in the neck. As the blood poured from the wound, and the man lay on the floor in agony, Cay remembered his mentor's advise about clean kills. He slit the man's throat and ended his misery. Cay was in shock. The two other men came onto him. He stabbed one man in the stomach and flipped over his back. He then shoved the knife into the other's head.

"I have searched long and hard for you. Now, as I stand here before you, I do not know why I am here."
―Cay after he found his mother.
After that night, Cay became an outlaw in the city of Boston. Wanted posters were put up around the entire city. British soldiers were notified of him, and would kill him if they found him. Because of this, Cay had to be very careful when navigating the city. He kept the hood of his robes up at all times, and never spoke to anyone. He stole food from markets, and slept on park benches. He searched for his mother for 3 months, and finally found her at a market on his birthday, March 5. He was appalled at her condition; she was drunk and clinging to a dirty old man. Cay found out she was homeless and a prostitute. Terrified at what his mother had become, he fled from her. As he continued his nomadic life, he often cried over his parents. How his father was dead, and his mother was as good as dead. After many nights alone with his thoughts, he realized what he must do: attack the root of his sorrows. This, he decided, was the people responsible for his father's death. The only thing he remembered from that horrible day was the men with red coats. The men with guns. The men who ruined his life.

With vengeance in his heart he sought out every red-coated man he could find. Using his Assassin skills, he eliminated each and every one he stumbled upon. His notoriety grew, and he became the most wanted person in the city of Boston.

It was June 12, 1784, the day Cay was caught and sentenced to be hung until death. As he looked into the eyes of the executioner on the day of his public execution, he developed a plan. As a rope was wrapped around his neck, Cay kicked the man in the stomach and pushed him into the crowds. In unison, the crowd gasped. Cay slipped out from the rope and darted off the platform. He was being shot at. He managed to dodge the bullets, and disappeared in the crowds. A chaotic state of confusion erupted in the town square. Cay escaped into an alleyway, and was safe for the time being.

To be continued...

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