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"We can't hide it anywhere. We must keep it for ourselves, no matter how powerful it is. The Templars will find them otherwise: We were already nearly to late!"
―Erik Woering to Porter Linesweep

The Chain of Olympus is a Piece of Eden created by the First Civilization. The Chain also goes by the name of “Piece of Olympus” or “The Chain of Eden”. However, these names are actually not valid, because The Chain wasn't created in Eden and the Chain was never actually owned by The Olympus.


  • First Civilization (? - 75000 BCE)

  • Eric The Red (?-1003)

  • Leif Ericson (1003-1020)

  • Templars (?-1431)

  • Joan of Arc (1431)

  • Erik Woering (2014)

  • Assassins (2014-present)



The Chain of Olympus was created by Vulcan (Greek name: Hephaestus), a well known smith from Olympia, a city on top of a mountain in prehistoric Greece. He did this in order of Mars, who needed a powerful weapon for those who should be punished and who may not be freed. Vulcan wasn't to happy about this idea, especially be

cause he already crafted a bow and arrows for Mars. But because Mars was ordered by Jupiter to lock

up humans who wouldn't listen to them, Vulcan decided to make Mars a some sort of lock. The device had to exist out of strong material. Strong enough to hold a few thousands of humans in a tiny space. That's why Vulcan wanted to make a weapon out of a piece of The Chain of Balance: the chain that was ensuring that Olympia would remain a mountain and not would come crashing down.

In order to be able to do this, he required allowance of The Olympus, the council of prehistoric Southern-West Europe. The Olympus was located at the top of Olympia. The Olympians were furious about Vulcan's proposal to use a piece of The Chain of Balance for a weapon which would hold tiny humans all together at the same place. Vulcan's proposal got rejected, and he went to Mars to tell the bad news.

The Chain of Balance in Mount Olympia

After a few years however, Vulcan was called by The Olympus. Because of the resulting riots at the bottom of Olympia, The Olympus agreed with Vulcan to make a device witch would punish the ones who wouldn't listen. One of the lords of The Olympus had calculated the amount of material that Vulcan would get, without any chance of The Chain of Balance breaking. Vulcan would get permission under one condition: The name of the weapon would be in honor of The Olympus, because of their charity, sacrifice and because they risked the lives of everyone on Olympia. Vulcan agreed, in the hope that Mars would agree also. After travailing down in the mountain for 12 days, Vulcan was able to chop off a piece of one milligram from The Chain Of Balance, and went to work in Mount Edna, his workplace in Sicily. He made another chain out of the small cube, because it would be a sign of firmness. But also because it is a sign of imprisonment, because Vulcan was forced to made one of the strongest devices every civilization would ever know.

First Civilization[]

Mars wasn't to happy about the fact that his weapon already would have a name. Especially because it was named after the council of prehistoric Europe. When getting The Chain, Vulcan, Jupiter nor The Olympus knew that it was actually meant for Mars' secret apprentice Reumes. Reumes was a human, trained by Mars to be his own warrior, the greatest ever. Reumes was one of the strongest humans in existance. Mars knew however, that Reumes would never be as strong as Hercules. That's why he let Vulcan made a very strong weapon, which would be strong enough to lock up people. It had to be a special something. The Chain was heated and fused together with Reumes' skin. Reumes could strangle everybody in his sight, and he could easily escape, using The Chain as a sort of grappling hook.

Just before the Human-First Civilization War, Reumes went mad because of Mars' orders and literally started to kill everyone. Mars' had given him the order to kill his own family, which he did, with a lot of regret. The Olympus was furious, and banned Vulcan from Olympia for making the weapon which Reumes was using. When begging to Jupiter for shelter in Eden, Jupiter said that he couldn't stay, and he was doomed to walk the earth, looking for a place to live. Jupiter turned to Mars and demanded that he would stop Reumes. But Mars already knew that he couldn't beat Reumes because of The Chain being more powerful than his sword, shield and bow and arrows. He changed a motal human in an immortal creature.

When the Human-First Civilization War began, Reumes challenged Mars for a fight. Mars knew this was coming, and agreed. The fight took place on one of the small islands of prehistoric Greece. Reumes was in a advantage, because in the beginning of the fight, Reumes used The Chain to steal Mars' sword, shield and bow, forcing him into dodging. Mars was most of the time not able to attack. At one moment, he tried to punch Reumes in his left hip. He missed, and was out of balance for a moment. Reumes saw an oppertunity to win. He turned around Mars and threw The Chain around Mars' throat. Mars tried to punch and kick Reamus, but he wasn't affected by that. Mars then tried to tear The Chain apart from his skin. He began to bleed heavily, and it feeling of The Chain cutting into his vains was unbearable. After 3 hours of struggling, Mars started to became unconscious, making it easier for Reumes to strangle him. Then, when Mars nearly couldn't breathe anymore, Reumes gave one hard final pull onto The Chain. Mars head flew of into the distance, and his body fell down. After the fight, Reumes went to Eden and joined the humans in the fight against the First Civilization.

Reumes died somewhere at the Earth in the First Disaster. He got burned alive and The Chain remained solid, being released from Reumes' arms.

Viking Age[]

Erik Thorvaldsson (Better known as Eric The Red) was an Scandinavian explorer. He is one of the most famous and rememberable vikings of all time. Stories tell, that he and his father were banned from Norway for a few years. Eric went and marry a woman named Tjodhild. When they moved to another place, Eric asked someone to keep his setstokkr, which is a mystical inherited object with great value. He would have it back after the building of his new house was finished. However, when Eric was finished building his new house, he came back to his friend, discovering he did not have his setstokkr anymore. Therefor, he killed the man and his sons, and stole his setsokkr. The legends are saying nothing about how the man and his sons were killed, and what setsokkr he took: It could be The Chain. But there are many other suggestions about this, because Eric had discovered many other areas. For instance, he discovered Greenland. The Chain also could have been lying there, because nobody was in Greenland yet: It could have been lying there for millenniums at the place were Reumes has died. It isn't even clear if there was another owner in between Reumes and Eric.

The reasons why it is known Eric had The Chain, is because of a handful of old drawings of him with The Chain, date unknown. Experts say the drawing are from ca. 970 until 1000, which is also the time Erik lived and was still discovering areas.

Erik died in 1003, the winter in where his son, Leif Ericson, was on a expedition. No evidence was found that Leif was aware of is father's death. The cause of Erik's death is known though. The vikings in that time thought it was a decease. The symptoms were a weird sort of wound around his throat. It was a deep cut, and it appeared in a repeating pattern with circles and lines. The description of this sounds like he was killed by The Chain. Although again, this is a speculation.

Leif also was a great explorer. He discovered several countries, including Vinland. The name of his ship is unknown, but there were a few drawings of his ship, all with some variations. The only drawing that stood out, was a drawing of his ship with a chain to chain up the mast with the front of the ship. This was never done before in drawings of boats, normally they were ropes. This was very peculiar. The chain had a strong resemblance with The Chain of Olympus. It could explain why Leif was unbeatable in battle: The Chain would make it do the mast would never break, so the boat was mostly indestructible against other battles. It could also explain why Leif was “immortal” while battling on foot. He could use The Chain as a weapon against everyone. This is not mentioned in the legends however, and drawings never include Leif with a chain. This could be because Leif did never wear his chain in plain sight: he knew the powers it wield. That's maybe a reason why Leif probably has killed his father. Nobody has actually seen him entering his ship and leaving his home.

Furthermore, the legends don't mention Leif a lot anymore. The last time he was mentioned, was in 1020. He gave his ship to one of his fellow vikings, including The Chain, which he did not spoke about. When pieces of the ship stranded in a fjord in Norway a year later, everybody assumed the ship sunk, because of the lack of his true captain. The Chain was not one of the debris. In 1025, Leif's son Thorkell became the new leader of the Tunulliarik Fjord. Lief probably died in between these years.

Again, all of this is mostly based on legends. There are no real evidences this has all happened. Abstergo Industries were on the search for a descendant of Eric and Leif for the Animus Project. This failed however, before useful information could be received.