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Charles killing Jack O'Flanagan

"τελικά πήρα υπόλοιπο μου, ευχαριστώ τον Δία (Finally, I got my rest. Thank you Jupiter.)"
―Charles saying his last words, just as his ancestor Aetus.

Charles Cross (1932 - 1989) was an English Assassin during modern times. He had Templar parents, though he did not know it, in fact, he was an ordinary person until he was captured by the Order. Following this, Charles was captured by the Templars and became Subject 2 of the Animus Project.

Charles died in 1989 after doing a Leap of Faith from an Abstergo plane.


Early life[]

"And there he was... dead. My jacket all covered with blood, his blood. People nearby looked at me with scared faces... and I ran."
―Charles, after his run in with the kidnapper.

Charles, also known as Charlie, was part of a rich family. His parents were secretly Templars, which allowed them to amass their wealth through behind the scenes dealings.

When he was 18, Charlie was assaulted as a part of a kidnapping attempt, of which the assailant threw him to a shop window, breaking the storefront's glass pane. With the sudden attack leaving him on the floor, Charles grabbed a shard of glass nearby to defend himself, that he used as a knife. During the struggle which amounted between the two, Charlie lashed out and cut his attacker's neck, dealing him a fatal, and rather bloody blow. Following this, as the realization of what he has done dawned upon him, Charles was so scared that he ran away from the scene, with his jacket soaked in blood.

Later on, when he was 22, Charles was returning home after university, when he was captured by the Order of Assassins.

Entering in the Order[]

"While I listened to them, I couldn't believe it. I stood there and felt like an idiot, while they told me how society was really composed."
―Charles, commenting on the realities of society after his capture by the Assassins.

As he was knocked out by his captors, Charles woke to find himself in a penthouse full of dummies and weapons. Once he fully came to, two men approached him and welcomed him to the Assassin hideout in Churchill. From there, they introduced themselves as Jimmy Frost and John Straker.

His training wasn`t only melee combat and assassassination techniques , it also included the creed and how to respect it.

First Blood[]

"My Knife flew along the corridor, he saw it seconds before it was stuck in his neck"

-Charles commenting about the death of Tom Von Rauf.

When Charles reached rank 7 he was given a list with 4 names Jimmy explained this men were asociated and if they were dead The Cross `ll be unprotected.

His first objective was Tom Von Rauf ,a dutch owner of a club.Charles went to the club and saw him on a corridor just about to enter in a private room.Charles quickly grabbed a Throwing Knife and threw it to Tom with an excelent accuracy. Charles: Oh shit ( he takes the knive out of his belt ) Hey Tommy , Catch.

Hunt for the French[]

There it´s that building over there, it´s a drug factory Aldríc Boucher runs that shit, we need that damned french down.

-Jimmy giving Charles his next objective.

Charles second objective was a french owner of a drug factory. Charles diguised as a worker and planted explosives all over the factory and one under Aldríc desk, once he finished he left and blew from two blocks away.

When he returned to the Assassin Hideout he found an stranger watching the news and commenting about the explosion later he find out he was the assassin in charge of the area codenamed as "Ray".

Ray: Man that shit works, hey kid good work but... are you sure he´s dead?

Charles: Yes sir i put a charge under his desk.

Ray: Jimmy i love this kid, sorry my name´s Ray i´m an assassin as you and my job is to make sure everything is ok, but whit you in town i have nothing to worry about.