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Charles Monya[]

Charles Monya (1715-1785) was a pirate assassin who's existence was discovered by Abstergo's Sample 17 Project Team. He was an assassin who attacked many Templar fleets and leaders after Edward Kenway's time. He is the ancestor of Michael Tower.

Early Life[]

Charles Monya was born in colonial Brazil in 1715 to mother Deanna Soto and father Hernandez Monya. His father was killed by a Templar British Fleet when he was 2 years old. His mother married Joshua Lafitte in 1721 and they moved to the Caribbean. The couple eventually had 3 more children leaving Charles the eldest. The family lived on Joshua's plantation in Saint Dominguez. Charles had gotten in trouble with the French Guards and his stepfather for attempting to free slaves from Joshua's plantation. He was attempted for arrest in 1735 for freeing an army of slaves with Adewale'. He ran away after his parents eventually shunned him out of the family and he stole a French Frigate on the harbor with the help of some slaves he rescued. Charles sailed away to Grand Inagua to hide from the French believing it is a criminal hideout. Learning that it was controlled by the Assassins, Charles asked for initiation to the Order. Being denied at first he proved his worthiness by attacking Templar ships and assassinating many Templars in the Caribbean. He was given the robes once worn by a great Assassin from Britain, he was initiated into the Assassin Order in 1737. His original weapon was a beating stick given to him by his stepfather to beat slaves with. He later gained other weapons like hidden blades and guns.

Mid Life[]

By 1738 Charles had become a master assassin. One of his biggest missions was to kill Templar Admiral Chavez. The Admiral had a map showing all the locations some of the Templars hiding in the Caribbean. He set sail on his ship, the one he stole years ago, he named the Tremendous to the coast of Costa Rica. On February 1740, he and his assassin fleet attacked the Templar fleet. The battle sent many ships on both sides to the bottom of the sea. The Tremendous, captained by Charles, armed into the Admiral's ship and he and his crew boarded. Charles killed the Admiral and found his map. Finding out through the map that the Templars plan to invade the Spanish Colonies (with their connections to the British) and make an all out war between Spain and England. Charles is tasked with finding and assassinating all the listed Templars before they can initiate their plan.


David Sonns was a Templar acolyte who was hiding in Pensacola. Charles sailed after him to the port and silently assassinated him after he went into a tavern.


Bethany Temple hid in Curaçao planning to use British ships to attack the city. Charles killed her guards and fought in an epic and brutal sword fight. Having no other advantage Charles had to shoot her.


Markus Lee was a Roman assassin who hid on his brothers plantation in Matanaz. He was killed after an army of slaves rebelling with Charles as the leader.

Then came the final Templar. But Charles soon found out that the final Templar was his Stepfather. He in anger sailed to Saint Dominguez and snuck into the plantation. He confronted Joshua and found out that the Templars decided to use a Spanish British war as a coverup for their search for an artifact called the Gem of Eden. He also learned that his mother was killed by Joshua as she found out his evil schemes years ago. In a brutal battle the two nearly burned down the plantation. But Joshua was assassinated in 1745 by Charles.

Later Life and Death[]

Charles continued to be an assassin after the schemes were over for decades until 1767 when he decided to hang up the hood for good. He retired with his wife Anne (a fellow assassin) and the couple lived in Boston the rest of their lived. They had 3 children and Charles gave his oldest one,George, lessons hoping one day he become an assassin. Charles in 1783 met Connor Kenway when the young assassin came to visit him. He told Connor the stories of his past and what the world was like back then. He told Connor when the day came to take care of his son, George, when he passed. Connor agreed and left the house. Charles died of natural causes shortly after Connor's visit on November 21, 1783.

Michael Tower[]

Michael Tower is a Sample 17 Project member who looked into the memories of Edward Kenway and worked on the multiplayer experience for the pirate game plays. He was chosen for a test conducted by Abstergo to see if any of the employees had assassin ancestors and to see if they could find any artifacts. After a blood test, scientist confirmed Michael is the descendant of Charles Monya. Although they found out that Charles had come in contact with the Gem of Eden, they could not figure out wether or not he tried to search for it.