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Charles Newwwart was a member of the British Assassins from 1881 to 1897. He was born from a prostitute (her name unknown) in the Whitechapel district of London in 1864.His mother left him to die in an alley as an infant.He grew up an orphan, stealing food from shopkeepers just to live.As a child he learned the art of freerunning and parkour.By the age of 11 he was a master freerunner, scaling buildings and leaping off of them like an agile cat.When he was 12 he was adopted by a wealthy man by the name of Edward Newwart.Edward was a master assassin of the British Assassins.Charles learned many great assassin skills from the old man.In 1881 Edward gave Charles his hood,hidden blade, and infamous skull mask.


In 1882 while Charles was on the trip to assassinate Lord Fredrick Cavendish, he met the famous Sherlock Holmes.Both knew each other as they were famous in the city.They quickley became best friends and helped each other.


In 1888 Charles discovered that a man known as Leather Apron was murdering young woman in Whitechapel. After hearing this Charles was distraught.He soon sprang into action hunting the killer high and low.In his search for the ripper he met a templar, his name was George Lusk.After killing Mr. Lusk Charles found a note from the killer that read "I send you the kidney I took from a woman.I preserved it for you.I fried and ate it, it was very nice.Catch me if you can mister Lusk.".This letter made Charles cringe as he read it and made him want to kill this man even more.After years of searching finally Charles found the killer.Jack told Charles that he was a templar killing women to scare the people of London.The templars intended for the citizens of London to flee the city so that the templar could use it as a giant base.Charles inraged murdered Jack and threw his body into a river.

Charles was killed by a templar follower in 1897.He had two children Charles jr. and Elise both would go on to be great assassins.