Charlie Stans
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July 7th 1994, Chicago, IIIinois

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Charlie Stans was a criminal who usually stole or killed. He became an Assassin when he was brought into the Assassin Order.


Early LifeEdit

Charlie Stans was born to two parents in Chicago, IIIinois on July 7th, 1994. His parents cared for him though unbeknowest to him were criminals and Assassins being hunted by the police force. They lived in a small place that appeared abbandoned called the "safehouse".

Parent's DeathEdit

By the age of twelve Charlie was usually sent to steal food from markets and butchers at night. Though one time Charlie broke into a butcher's store though the police were not far away. Charlie was taken by the police and was questioned about who he was. Charlie however only told them to "f**k off". Just as the officer was about to possibly yell at Charlie an explosion happened at the carparks. The officer ran to check the problem telling Charlie to wait. As Charlie waited he heard gunfire and screaming. Charlie's parents reached the room and him to come with them. Charlie and his parents ran across the battlefield seeing police being killed and mysterious figures in hoods shooting at them. Charlie's parents then both got shot by some S.W.A.T. teams that had been called in. Charlie watched as their lives ebbed away at his feet. One of the hooded figures ran to Charlie who was closing his parents eyes. He felt only lonliness and sadness knowing his parents would never be back. A tear trickled down his face as the hooded figure told Charlie to come with him. Charlie followed as the gunfire continued to echo through the air seeing blood spread across the ground. The hooded figure then introduced himself as Dutch Johnson and that he was leader of the Assassin Order. He then promised Charlie that he would take him to their hideout.

Charlie's HeritageEdit

Charlie was taken to an underground hideout which was guarded by many hooded figures armed with guns and other different melee weapons such as knives and machetes. Dutch sat Charlie at a desk and put a coat around him. Dutch told Charlie that his parents were Assassins though believed to be criminals. People dedicated to protecting human right and will. Charlie however asked how come they were criminals. Dutch said it was because their assassinations before Charlie was born was rather noticeable by everyone and they had been recognised by police, F.B.I. and S.W.A.T. .Dutch then told Charlie about the Templars. Many of them seemed to be corrupt politics and ministers along with criminals and other types of people. They were trying to create a "perfect world" however their means of doing it by force and control. Dutch then told Charlie he was an Assassin to and that he was born into the order however had not been trained in the ways of the Assassins. Dutch then dedicated as much time as he can into training Charlie to become an Assassin.

By the age of fifteen, Charlie was able to use a pick axe and a pistol as his main weapons. He had been trained in many ways of fighting such as dual-wielding and unarmed combat. Charlie also used his two hidden blades rathe well though mainly for stealth kills and as a last resort. At some times, Charlie helped Dutch's new five year old son, Stuart how to do some close ranged fighting. Charlie had developed a strong friendship and loyalty with Dutch over the past three years and they usually joked around and had conversations. Dutch had thought quite highly of Charlie as he had started training late yet his skill and disipline were higher than what was expected from people at his age. Just after Charlie's sixteenth birthday he had completed training and was ready for his initiation into the order.

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