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Charlotte Badger
Charlotte Badger.jpg
Charlotte Badger (front) as depicted in the painting The Captainesses of Zealandia, alongside her inseparable partner, Kitty Hagerty (back) Circa Jan 1806
Biographical information

January 14, 1778


February 6, 1844

Political information

British Brotherhood
New Zealand Brotherhood
Crew of the Meremere

Real-world information

Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr

Charlotte Badger, also known as Lady Goldeye, was a notorious pirate captainess, buccaneer, fugitive, stalwart charlatan with a taste for wealth, and an associate of the British Brotherhood and founding member of the New Zealand Brotherhood of Assassins.



Charlotte was home-born on January 14, 1778, in Worcestershire, England as the second child and only daughter of Thomas and Anne Badger. Unfortunately for the Badger family, their firstborn Jonathan died at 8 months of an unknown illness, presumably attributed to a precursor genetic defect as the child would constantly scream and stare without blinking. The parents believed their son was possessed by a demon as punishment for abandoning the sanctity of the church. Charlotte was baptized, albeit late, as her family found God, on July 31, 1778, in the parish of St John.