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Born: 14 June 1928 Argentina rosario Death: 9 october 1967 la higuera bolivia species : human database entries: Che Guevara political information : assassins Cuban revolution socialist revolutionary

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna more comonly known as Che Guevara or El che and comandante was an Argentine born marxist revolutionary guerila author journalist and activist , as a guerila he participated in the Cuban revolution alongside Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro , unwithingly at first Che was an important ally of the assasins serving as a source of information on the cuban revolutionary movement movimiento 26 de julio (july 26th movement) the revolutionary movement led by the castro brothers who carried out a guerilla war against the US backed and templar dictator Fulgencio Batista.

However as time went on and the socialist and marxist factions within the movement started to figth the anti-communist faction che realisd his friend and comrade Rafael aguillar was part of much more then just the july 26th movement , at first thinking he was a spy che confronted him and demanded to know his true alligience at first Rafael was reluctunt to reveal the truth but under pressure and having known Che for years since the beggining of the campaign , he decided to reveal him the cuban assassin brotherhood taking him to their Havana bureau , intrigued by this discovery Che inquired and demanded to know more of their oraganization practices goals and leadership , however Rafael said to him that all of this information would have to wait because there were spies everywhere and the order was very carefull about who they could trust.

At first Che demanded to know more but relented knowing he wasn't going to get anything from Rafael he decided to help th order then counting on their network of spys and agents he fougth the anti-communist faction convincing Fidel to declare the revolution socialist cutting ties with the us and hunting down "counter revolutionarys" who were actually templar agents within Cuba leading to the continuing weakening of the Templars in Cuba and the expansion of the assassin brotherhood's reach in government bureaus and members.

The order rewarded his help with full knowldge of their history creed and goals as well as complete acess to their network of spys in case he required their assistance , he was impressed by their millenea long struggle their noble goals of freedom but he decided to remain independent as a close ally rather then a member choosing to figth his own way.

"I am amazed by the reach of your order the nobility of your goals the excitment of your history i am sure this partnership will bring a renewed strength to the opressed people's of the world" -Che to Rafael regarding the assassin order.

Later life and death.

Che would later serve for several years in the Cuban government helping to further expand the order and hunt down templars , he would later serve the order in figthing the templar backed governments of Mobuto in the Congo and Barrientos in Bolivia he failed at deafeting both governments , and would be assassinated by the templar bolivian officer Mario Turan.