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"I just wanted to live the life of a normal person, far away from the bloodshed that I've heard so many times from my mom's stories......Yet I guess even if you don't actively seek out the past, the past will still come seeking you."

―Chen Yisun to his fellows in the Assassin Hideout in Chuansha


Chen Yisun

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Biographical information

December 10, 1991 (aged 30)
Shanghai, China

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Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Turbulence

Voice actor

Qingxi Wang

Chen Yisun (1991 - ) is a member of the Assassin Order and a descendent of several familial lines that had sworn an allegiance to the Assassins, which includes individuals such as Wei Yu and Mochizuki Moritoki, as well as Jonathan Griffon.

Chen was aware of his Assassin heritage since youth, having listened to his mother talk about the exploits of his grandfather during the Second Sino-Japanese War. He was, however, disinterested in engaging with his heritage, and instead took on the life of a normal person. After graduating from Shanghai Pinghe International School, Chen obtained a bachelor's degree in architecture at Pratt Institute School of Architecture in New York and afterwards, founded his own start-up interior design studio in Shanghai, where he also worked as the CEO.

In September 2021, when he was driving home from his office, he was involved in a severe traffic accident at the Humin Overpass. The accident turned out to be a kidnap attempt staged by Abstergo Industries, for he was the last of the pure bloodline that descended from the Yellow Emperor that was able to fully harness the power of the Second Sword of Eden. Shortly after the accident, however, he was nabbed by Lin Yuan and Chen Sihui, both undercover Assassins, and taken to their hideout in Chuansha. Chen was told that Abstergo was still missing one piece of the Second Sword of Eden, and his genetic memory of his grandfather was the key to uncovering the location of the final piece.

Reluctantly reliving the memories of his grandfather, Chen was able to deduce that the final piece of the Second Sword of Eden was lost somewhere in Korea during the Korean War. However, before he was able to gain more information, the assassins' hideout was besieged by Abstergo agents. Chen and his partners were forced to flee from Shanghai towards the Korean border, where they hope that sneaking into the rural north could help them avoid the eyes of Abstergo.


Early Life[]

"Can I be frank here? I've spent the last thirty years of my life as far away as possible to all these ridiculous conflicts, just so I don't need to be part of it. I don't plan for the next thirty years of my life being part of it either. I have a business to run."

―Chen Yisun complaining to Chen Sihui

Chen was born in Jing'an District, Shanghai as the only son of a well-to-do nuclear physicist. His mother was the daughter of the former deputy director of the Anhui Women's Federation, herself the daughter of Jonathan Griffon and Liu Shuwen.

Chen grew up listening to his mother's stories about his grandfather's service as a field agent for the United States and how he later joined the Chinese Communist Party and his personal friendship with the late mentor of the Chinese Brotherhood, Zhou Enlai. Despite finding the stories entertaining, however, Chen wanted nothing to do with the turbulent lifestyle that his grandfather was forced to lead and strived to keep away from both organizations as much as possible. When he was six years old, his family moved to the then-rural Pudong New District, where he had enrolled in the elementary department of Shanghai Pinghe International School.

Eventually Chen would spend his middle and high school at Pinghe and gain admission to the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute of Design in New York City. After graduation, he worked shortly in an architecture company in Beijing before returning to Shanghai to start his own business in interior design. As of 2021, he had already gained minor success in his start-up and lived in the affluent neighborhood around Century Park, commuting to work at his studio in Xuhui every day in a luxury German SUV.

However, he was eventually targeted by Abstergo Industries as the last male descendent of the pure bloodline of the Yellow Emperor. Abstergo needed his genetic information to harness the power of Xuanyuan Jian, known to the westerners as the Second Sword of Eden. The Yellow Emperor had modified the weapon using the Forge of Zhu Rong so that only male members of his bloodline are capable of wielding the sword to its full extent. Abstergo was able to track his information through his bank account and staged a traffic accident at the intersection of the Humin Overpass and Zhonghuan Road to kidnap him. However, the kidnapping had gone awry, as during his escape from pursuing Abstergo agents, Chen was snatched off of the pavement by unknown assailants, who drove off in an unlicensed minivan.

Joining the Assassins[]

Awoken from a short coma induced by anesthetic, Chen found himself lying in bed in a dark apartment room in Chuansha, with two strangers by his bedside. The strangers introduced themselves as undercover assassins living in Shanghai, and claimed to have been following him around for several months in anticipation of a kidnapping attempt from Abstergo. As he was still immobile from the affects of the anesthetic, they explained to him of his situation and what Abstergo wants from him. Chen denied that he had any connections with the organization and demanded that his kidnappers release him. Lin Yuan, the lead technician of the crew, read information off of his files, his mother's files and the genealogy book from his mother's line, while vaguely threatening him that Abstergo would kidnap him again once he walks out of the apartment. Terrified and still shaken by the events occurring earlier, Chen reluctantly admitted his connection to the Assassins and identified one of the key figures in their files as his maternal grandfather Jonathan Griffon.

Chen Sihui, introducing herself as the crew's lead historian, explained to Chen that Jonathan Griffon was involved in the North Yellow River Project, a clandestine operation conducted by the OSS that eventually lead to the rediscovery of Xuanyuan Jian. The sword was later shattered into three pieces due to reasons unknown to both the Assassins and Abstergo. Chen.S told Chen that Abstergo possesses two fragments of Xuanyuan Jian, currently stored in their facility in Hong Kong. However, they still need the last fragment of the weapon to activate it and the genetic information of Chen to harness its power. Chen.S proposes that the genetic memories of his great-grandfather may hold information on the whereabouts of the last piece of Xuanyuan Jian, which may be why Abstergo is anxious to take him into their custody.


  • His name in Chinese is stated as 陈逸隼 in both the Chinese release and the in-game Helix Database
    • 逸 (Yì) means "relaxed"
    • 隼 (Sǔn) means "falcon"
    • Thus, his name could be roughly translated to laid-back falcon, keeping with the eagle/flight theme of the series