"There is never black and white in politics, son; Templars, Assassins, all the same: greedy and ruthless. Only this way can a nation stand on its own."
―Chiang, to Jonathan Griffon in 1945, on his deal struck with the Japanese and Americans[src]

Chiang Kai-Shek

Biographical information

October 31, 1887
Fenghua, Zhejiang, China


April 5, 1975
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Political information

Templars (Temporary) Nationalist Government

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Turbulence Assassin's Creed: Templars Assassin's Creed FCBD 2016 Edition

Voice actor

Lanyu Ding

Chiang Kai-Shek (1887 - 1975), also romanized as Jiang Jie-Shi, was a Chinese politician and military leader who served as the leader of the Republic of China from 1928 to 1975. Chiang was an influential member of the Nationalist Party and, along with Wang Jing-wei, his rival, close associates of Sun Yat-sen, and was considered to be convinced to join the Templar Order and established as successor to Sun as the Grand Master of the Chinese Rite after the former's death to cancer. He would later betray the Order in 1927 by hunting down the Templar affiliated Communists, leading to Wang's succession as Grand Master.

In 1936, Chiang was forced to work with the Communists by his generals Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng, both secretly members of the Chinese Assassins, who were collaborating with the Communists at the time. His controversial actions of destroying dams around Zhengzhou to halt the Japanese advance in 1938 resulted in over 500,000 deaths, many of which are civilian, had caused drop in his popularity as the leader of China.

In 1949, Chiang was forced to evacuate to Taiwan after losing the Chinese Civil War to the Communists, where he remained until he was poisoned by a Communist agent in 1975 as an act of revenge for his betrayal to the Order.

Chiang appears as a minor deuteragonist in Assassin's Creed: Turbulence and a major deuteragonist in the singleplayer mission The Last Stand.

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