Chio Miu

June 3, 2000 (Age 16)

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Assassin's Creed: Feathers

"I thought I was normal, now I'm an Assassin"
Chio Miu was a normal High School girl in Hawaii until she discovered that her ancestors are Assassins by using a new systems that abstergo created called," The Animus Portable".
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Animus Portable allow to see the memories of your Ancestor in the past.

 She discover her first Assassin ancestors who is unnamed Caribbean Assassin who spread six piece of maps to different Assassin brench around the world. The map show the location of  a Piece of Eden called, "The Fountain of Youth".  That when the templar kidnapped her, She meant an Templar named Azami Noriko, he explain the war between the Assassin and the Templar and he also explain the the Animus Portable allow the Templars to search other people who ancestors are Assassin or Templar. Azami make Chio to relive the memories of Elsa Ebbers, an Jewish/German Assassin during WW2. Where they discover the first piece of the map of "The Fountain of Youth". After relive the memories, Azami offer a choice join the Templar and continue using the Animus to locate the other piece of the map, But Chio quickly answer no, because she saw the things the Templar did in WW2. Azami signed and allow his men to beat her up. She manage to held her ground, but it was not enough.
Azami Nakiri

Azami Noriko, a Master Templar

Escape Plan Edit

"At all the people we catch, your the only one know a location of a Piece of Eden"
They force Chio to relive another memories, Yaeko Yamamoto, an female Japanese Assassin during the Satsuma Rebellion. After a few hours, they let Chio to take a break by sending her to a room where they hold all the kidnapping people who use the Animus Portable. In that room she meet a boy, Koichi Kon who help her up. He asked why she here causing her to explain everything that is happen to her. Koichi told her, she make the right choice to said no, but she is now a prisoner like everyone in the room. She ask Koichi, is there a way to escape, he answer yes, but said she is not ready. Making Chio confuse, he explain not only the Animus let see the memories of her Ancestor, it is also allow her to fight like them. He told Chio let the Templar finish the memories, so she can be ready. Chio agreed Koichi's plan. Azami order his men to receive Chio to the Animus, after a few days Chio finally finish the memories of Yaeko and have found the second piece of the map. Chio have be using the bleeding-effect to move like her two past Assassins Ancestors. She and Koichi ready make their move. Two Templar Agents are ready to move Chio into the Animus again. But she and Koichi fought back, they use the agent's key cards, to open the door allowing all the prisoners to escape. With the prisoners help they manage to escape through the window by using Leap of Faith. As they are outside they see a white van coming toward them, the door of the van open. Koichi told Chio get inside, she did and now they escape Abstergo.
4-50 Koichi Ending 1

Koichi Kon the boy who help Chio

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Chio using the Bleeding effect to become an Assassin.

Meeting the Assassin Edit

"Hi, I'm Shaun and this is Rebecca, and we here to rescue you""
Inside the van, Chio meet Shaun and Rebecca who are members of the Assassin Order. Koichi explain he also a member, he was place in Abstergo to spy. Shaun told Koichi and Chio that many people who are kidnapped have escape as well who are now in Assassin's protection. Chio ask if she can go home, so she can meet her parents. Rebecca told Chio that they sent a team of Assassin to her family, so they can meet them to a boat to get out of Hawaii. Koichi asked Chio to use Rebecca's 2.0 Animus to help them find the "The Fountain of Youth". Chio said yes as a thank you for helping her escape. Rebecca put Chio into her Animus to relive the memories of her third Assassin, Nina, a princess and an Indian Assassin. After a few long hours, Chio finish the memories and have found the third piece of the map. They even arrived to the ship, Altair II, where two Assasins, Galina and Charlotte greet them. They told them Chio's dying mom was inside the ship during the mission to recuse Chio's family. Chio quickly follow the two Assasins who show where they put Chio's mom in. Chio and her mom share a brief moment, she give Chio's the family necklace. The crews of the Altair II sail to the middle of an ocean,

The Assassin, Nina and her lover Templar, Amelia

where they burn Chio's mom body and spread the ashes into the ocean.

3 months later Edit

"She just lost her mother, let her rest!"
"I lost my mother as well, but I keep on going"
Three months later, Chio still siting in her room in the Altair II. Galina and Koichi argue about Chio. Galina remind everyone that William told them to find the Fountain of Youth first, before the Templar. Koichi told her that with Chio in their hand, the Templar have nothing to complete their map and let Chio to rest that all is happen to her. Most the crew including Gavin and Chartlotte agree with Koichi to let Chio rest. But Chio arrived into the meeting and told the Assassins she will go to the Animus again, but they have to agree to let Chio to join Brotherhood to kill Azami Noriko. Koichi asked Chio to make sure if that what she want. Chio quickly agreed, Rebecca take Chio to the room where they put the Animus 2.0 and the rest of the Assassins watch Chio as she enter the Animus to relive her the memories of two twins; an male French Assassin named, Albert Lumiere and a female French Templar, Alexia Lumiere. During the session, Koichi told Chio to take a break from the Animus, he give Chio two Hidden Blade, one with a rope launcher and the other was a Phantom Blade. He told Chio that Galina will be training her, to see how when Chio use the Bleeding effect. After finish her training with Galina, she went bacl to the Animus to finish both memories of Alexia and Albert, causing her to found the fourth piece of the map. 

Talk to the Mentor Edit

The crew of Altair have landed a dock in Japan, where they can be safe and figure out their next move. Chio went to the Animus to relive her next ancestors assassin; Mishe, a Persia Assassin and part of a harem of a prince.

Equipment and SkillsEdit


By using the Bleeding Effect, she quickly learn how to use Eagle Vision, freerunning, fightning skills of her Ancestors and since all of her Assassin Ancestors are very good at using fire arm to snipe other target, she have gain the skill as well.


501px-Blaser R93 Tactical (LSR1)

Blaser R93 Tactical

She is equip with two Hidden Blades(Left is equipped with a rope launcher and the right is a Phantom Blade) that Koichi give her and a white hood jacket that Galina give her. She even keep one black police baton that she stole while she escape Abstergo. During her time in the Altair II, she as give many weapons of choice to protect herself from Templar Agent, she choice a sniper rifle called Blaser R93 Tactical.


  • Chio is half Japanese and half Hawaiian
  • She play lot of shooting game and her main weapon is a sniper rifle in the game, and most of her Ancestors use fire arm to snipe other target.
  • Miu mean (mi)-beautiful and (u) mean feather in Japanese.
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