This character is based on Lewdnar's main antagonist in The Hunt. 
"Don't get emotional with me, misthios. I know nothing of such a group, and I did not authorize anything of the sort. If there's any rogue group here, it cannot be Athenian. Now leave."
―Chiron denying the existence of rogue Athenian soldiers on Thasos.
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c. 475 BCE
Thasos, Hephaistos Islands


c. 430 BCE
Thasos, Hephaistos Islands

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Athenian army

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The Hunt

Chiron, also known by his epithet the Spitfire, was a Thasanian general siding with the Athenian army during the Peloponnesian War. He fathered a bastard of his wife, Atreus, and got him into the Champion's Gymnasium. At the outbreak of the war, Chiron sent his son to Megaris while he himself resided on Thasos. During this time, he arranged the ambush and execution of Diana's parents.

At some point after their demise, Chiron encountered and targeted the Spartan misthios Kassandra.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born and raised on the island of Thasos, Chiron came from a wealthy family who had contacts in high society. During some family friends, he came in contact with a girl named Phila. The pair grew up together, and they became close friends. She gave him the pet name Spitfire, due to his enthusiasm in pleasing his parents and exceeding his fellow gymnasts.

Becoming a general Edit

Around the age of 15, he was recruited into the Athenian army, where he served for five years as a mere soldier, before being stationed as the bodyguard of the King of the Hephaistos Islands. Later, he was married to the King's daughter, and fathered a son she named Atreus. He became known to the fact later, however, that she had been unfaithful to him. Chiron therefore ordered for her being ostracized, and leaving his position as bodyguard. The King followed up on his wishes, and put him as general and leader of Thasos.

Now a general, he got his son into the Champion's Gymnasium. Over the years, he became acquainted with the girl Diana. Chiron began visiting her family often, and realized it was his love from young days, Phila, who mothered the girl. For old times sake, Chiron agreed on getting Diana into the gymnasium. He had noticed her skills, but he didn't think she could do any better than the other boys. He contacted the archery instructor Menon, who was instructed to give him regular updates. The updates went over his expectations, and Chiron decided to follow his son's relationship with Diana. It became clear to him that Atreus was in love with her, but she was oblivious to it somehow.

She aced the classes, and became the instructor Menon's favorite. Jealous of her achievements and aspirations, Chiron decided to arrange something that would get her out of the gymnasium in the end. Until the right time, Atreus' love for Diana could be used for him getting better – turning out to be a student of Chiron's legacy.

Peloponnesian War Edit

Arrange the plot Edit

At the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War in 431 BCE, Chiron was ordered by the King to provide a handful of soldiers to the Athenian army. He obliged, sending his son at the same time. His trusted advisor, Eros, remained on Thasos however, due to Chiron now executing the plan to get Diana out of the gymnasium without killing her. With the help of his agents, Chiron learned that Diana was going to the woods with her parents to show off her skills.

Overseeing the plot, Chiron was dressed as a bandit and followed Eros and a group of handpicked soldiers. They ambushed Diana, and forced her to watch the execution. Chiron was the person who delivered the death blow: beheading Phila and her husband. Devastated and out for revenge, Diana left the gymnasium. When Atreus returned after Athens' loss in Megaris, he was unable to reach Diana.

After the murder of Diana's parents, Chiron dismissed Eros from the army: he couldn't leave any traces. But he wasn't able to kill the former soldier – as the rest of the rogue Athenians would go after Chiron. So, Chiron gave them his blessing to do as they pleased, as long as they let the citizens of Thasos City being left alone.

The Spartan misthios Edit

Around the time of 430 BCE, Chiron encountered the Spartan misthios Kassandra. Upon meeting her, he was unable to understand why. She expressed her concern for the wellbeing of the citizens of Thasos, as a group of rogue Athenians was roaming the island like they owned the place. Chiron was firstly shocked that she knew about it, and due to her going straight to the source. Therefore, he talked it away and told her to leave. He went to Eros, giving him a note, then leaving for the gymnasium. He couldn't stop his official appearances however, and bared witness to a group of new gymnasts entering the archery class under instructor Menon.

When Kassandra and Diana did a little digging of their own, they learned that Eros was connected to the general. He had been left a note, the message gloating over Diana's future in bringing him down. In a public confrontation, it would be her words against his. Kassandra went for the gymnasium, prepared to kill him. Finding the general with a few guards, and surrounded by the new gymnasts and their families, Kassandra was unable to kill him in a public room. He knew he couldn't stop neither of the women, and said he would be ready for them at the Koinyra Fortress. Kassandra left the gymnasium, and Chiron went for the Fortress to prepare himself.

Death Edit

Riding to the Koinyra Fortress, the archer and mercenary infiltrated the Fortress head on – challenging the whole fort, Chiron and his guards. With her bow, Diana killed Chiron herself – the arrow penetrating his armor. Giving an end to his life, she reassured him no one would remember him. Chiron laughed it off, explaining he didn't need to be remembered by the world, only his son; and he would be remembered by Atreus, as a loving father who was slain by the secret love of his life. Being handed the spear of Leonidas by Kassandra, Diana sliced Chiron's throat. She threw his sword away, making him unable to defend himself in Hades. She also didn't offer him any drachma for the ferryman, only stealing a note from his corpse.

  • Chiron: Diana, you have grown so much since the last time I saw you.
  • Diana: Shut it, Chiron. You aren’t allowed speaking to me after what you’ve done to me.
  • Chiron: Ah, so vile: just like your mater. I was there, you know. That night; when her head fell from the shoulders – the light draining from her eyes … Now, however, we will be reunited, and the gods will give their approval at last.
  • Diana: Don’t you dare speak of my mother. She helped everyone in Thasos City, and you killed her! You were friends; I saw you as family.
  • Chiron: Oh, but your mater and I were so much more, Diana. Alas, she didn’t want my hand in holy matrimony. Hadn’t it been for your grandmother’s wishes, your parents never would’ve even met – and I would seize your mater. I tried to win her back, but she felt “complete” with that blacksmith you called father.
  • Diana: My pater was the one who turned me into the woman I am today. He introduced me to archery, and got me into the gymnasium.
  • Chiron: Only because I wanted you to. You think Menon would’ve taken you in without my authorization? He would’ve been killed for even considering it. Your parents’ happiness and approval of you is due to my hard work.
  • Diana: But why go through all of this just to kill them?
  • Chiron: You are so naïve, Diana. I wanted you at the gymnasium to inspire my bastard of a son to become a better archer. His love for you inspires him, trying to make you notice him. I didn’t take into consideration you would do so well, however. Your instructor had grown quite fond of you, and killing you would just make him suspicious. So I made you leave the gymnasium of your own will – by killing your parents.
  • Diana: You are a sick bastard, Chiron. You have manipulated me and my family my whole life. You’ve used me to make Atreus – your own son – better at archery, by exploiting his feelings for me. Feelings I don’t even return … You are nothing but a hollow and foul man. And you will have a punishment worthy of it.

*stab* *Chiron dies*

  • Diana: You will never be with my mother again, your soul will suffer in deepest pits of Tartarus.
Memory Corridor - Chiron

Memory Corridor - Chiron

Legacy Edit

After his death, chaos roamed the streets of Thasos City – the economy going south and people refusing to leave their houses. At some point the King of the Hephaistos Islands sent word for Athens to gain allies for a storm attack on Thasos to recover it and bring the city under control. Athens obliged, and the King took it back c. 420 BCE.

Relationships Edit

Atreus - being the adoptive son of Chiron – having an unknown father and ostracized mother – Atreus was to become something greater than a bastard son. The title of general was not bestowed upon their sons, so Atreus had to earn it if he wanted to. Only wanting appease his father, Atreus began at the gymnasium, preparing himself for war. After he failed in the battle of Megara, Atreus and Chiron had little to no contact – all communication going through Atreus' bodyguard, Eros.

Diana - only seeing her as a tool for getting his son through the classes of archery at the gymnasium, Chiron had a platonic relationship with her in the start. Later he watched her as a threat, mainly due to her being the instructor Menon's favorite. When she came after him on her journey of revenge, Chiron had grew aware of her abilities – given she had managed to kill Eros and a group of rogue Athenians he saw as Eros' equals, brutal and terrifying.

Eros - being a high-ranking commander on the island of Thasos, it was expected by many that Chiron would send Eros to the mainland to aid Athens at the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War, but he decided to keep for the plot to kill Phila and her husband: the main reason being he wanted a red herring.

Phila - the childhood friend of his youth, Chiron grew very affectionate of Phila with the years. Learning she had moved on and having a daughter with someone else, was agonizing for Chiron, and he began to plot her murder. When he became aware of Diana coming closer to find out who were her parents' killer, he left a note signed "The Spitfire", thinking she would going after someone else. Diana remembered this was a name given to him by Phila, putting two and two together.

Kassandra - knowing her history and role in the battle of Megara, Chiron tried to convince her there was no group of rogue Athenians. When she came after him at the gymnasium, he knew the game was over. It was only a matter of time, and he found it best to end the fight one time for all. He retreated to the Fortress and waited for her arrival.

Trivia Edit

  1. Chiron is derived from the Greek kheir meaning "hand" (also "skilled with the hands", related to kheirourgos "surgeon"). In Greek mythology he was the eldest and wisest of the centaurs, who educated and trained many of the great heroes. He is represented by the constellation Sagittarius.
  2. Being the ruler of Thasos island, he was answerable only to the King of the Hephaistos Islands. At this time, the King was Iobates of Lemnos, a member of the Cult of Kosmos, making Chiron a puppet of the a proto-Templars group.
  3. He shares his character model with Silanos.
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