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Cho Chang is a Chinese-Japanese American Master Assassin from the Los Angeles Brotherhood of Assassins and a descendant of the Chinese Assassin Shao Jun .She is also the inventor of the five-dart rope dart.a deadlier interpretation of the rope dart and the master of Shao Jun's original sword:Samazamahi,an ancient weapon with the ability to control white fire and generate lightning.

As a young girl living in the tough,crime-infested neighborhoods of Los Angeles,she witnessed the death of her father by gang members who are in cahoots with the Templars,who was thought to be an Assassin .She was almost on the verge of death when the same gang members from the same gang that killed her father tried to kill her,until a group of Assassins killed them all and rescued her and welcomed her into the Assassins.Now as a young woman,she has become a bloodthirsty very aggressive killer


Early life[]

Cho was born to a Japanese-American mother and a Chinese father,who trained her to fight as an Assassin.When she was 7,she watched her father die in front of her eyes.That same day,she was rescued from Templar-allied gangs by a group of Assassins who turned her into one of them and saved her and her mother from a life of poverty.Cho believed her time with the Assassins was a chance to seek revenge and find the men who killed her father.One night,she dreamed that she saw a female spirit who then revealed herself as Shao Jun,one of her ancestors and a member of the Assassins,who gave her a new sword and passed on her powers to Cho.After earning her own hidden blades,she fit them with new upgrades used by past Assassins.

Personality and characteristics[]

Cho is brave,charismatic,has a love for revenge,feisty,kind-hearted,optimistic and very aggressive in battle.After witnessing her father's death,She looked to the positive side of life and clinged on to her unfailing kindness and cheerful personality.She terribly suffers from post-traumatic stress order after the death of her father and has terrible nightmares of the traumatic experience.After witnessing her father's death,She has developed a terrible,uncontrollable rage towards black gangsters and can grow easily angry and her anger is the power that controls her sword's ancient power

Equipment and skills[]

Cho is a well-armed modern-day Assassin,and uses a wide variety of weapons.When she was young,her father taught her archery and has been known to never miss a single shot.When she joined the Assassins,her mentor taught her how to use a sniper rifle,making her an incredible marksman.She also uses a wide variety of weapons including a pair of double-sided kusarigamas,linked together by a black chain,and have a sharp tip on either side.It can cause extremely devastating wounds or death.Her signature weapon is her sword,called Samazamahi.It is a normal katana but is bigger so,she keeps the sword in its scabbard on her back.The blade is extremely sharp and is strong enough to cut through steel.She is also capable of shooting two guns and keeps a small knife sheathed in a small scabbard tied to her leg. 

Cho wears two Assassin robes.On the outside is a black coat with red and white linings,torn and tattered making her similar in appearance to Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach and its sleeves have white X's on either side to hide her hidden blades and black X tattoos on her arms and red and black plates of armor made of steel and a red sash.On her neck,she wears a black brace with white stripes she also wears leather armor on her body below the waist line to hold a side bag that some of other weapons including rope darts and bullets.Cho wears twins holsters for her pistols and a larger holster behind on her back either for her rifle or her bow and arrow (a still usable artifact that once belonged to Shao Jun).Cho wears a .She also wears a necklace that also belonged to Shao Jun.It is a jade necklace with a Assassin insignia in the jewel and lined in solid gold.On the inside,she wears a replica of Shao Jun's robes and black pants.She wears a pair of knee-length boots.Cho wears a sash to carry her sword and an extension carries her kusarigama. 

Hidden blade upgrades-after earning her hidden blades,Cho fit them both with new inventions and weapons each hidden blade has its own unique weapon 

Right Hidden blade

  • Rope dart harpoon-A very deadly weapon that allows Cho to fire a rope dart at extreme high speeds and can cause instant death if it impales the body at the right spot.It also allows her to move from place to place.
  • Poison Blade-Like Ezio,Cho uses a Poison Blade,but perfected it with a modern twist.When Cho wishes to use it,she puts a small vile of poison into a circular container on her left blade.Then,she turns a red dial twice and presses a red button.Once it finishes powering up,it's ready to use.The edges of the blades are then coated in the deadly poison.The poison has the capability of dissolving human tissue and destroys the nervous and circulatory system and causes death if transmitted into the body.Only Cho is immune to the poison,

Left hidden blade

  • Hidden gun-Cho is the first modern-day Assassin,since the Italian Renaissance,to utilize the hidden gun.The pistol can also double as a rope dart harpoon,but is much more powerful than its counterpart on the right.Cho has also begun using the minie ball,a bullet that has have grooves that contain deadly bacteria which can cause gangrene and can shatter bones upon impact and tear through the body.A hollow base and grooves stabilize its flight for better range and accuracy.On impact,It flattens out and can create deadlier wounds than traditional pistol cartridges
  • Pivot Blade-Cho has also utilized the Pivot Blade,a deadly interpretation of the hidden blade.It can turn on 90-degree angle left or right.Cho and Shao Jun have both used the Pivot Blade as a dagger to fight with Samazamahi,making her appear extremely lethal.

Cho also has the ability to master and control white fire.When she senses danger,the black x-shaped tattoos on her arms glow white and cause a burning sensation.Cho can also use her power to heal herself.If someone tries to touch her harmfully.her defense mechanism settles in,her tattoos glow white and her arm is set on fire,then the flesh and skin of the attacker begins to burn and rot away until there is nothing left but bone and ash.