"The Templars have been our family, been the brothers and sisters we never got. You cannot blame the Templars for being caring on their friends"
―Christian Kristoffersen to his murderer
Christian Kristoffersen

Christian Kristoffersen

Christian Kristoffersen (c. 1710 –1751) was a Norwegian Templar that operated in the Danish West Indies before the Caribbean Purge.

Christian was – along with his twin-brother – born to a poor family in Norway, in the city of Stavanger. His father, an abusive drunkard, had lost his life after drowning on his way home from a local pub. His mother served as a mere servant at the house of the bishop. Hans got himself a job at the docks, working as a longshoreman. He would have stayed in this position if he not had met into a Dane named André Lindanger.

The following weeks, Hans presented his twin, Christian, for André. André had come to Norway for Templar-affaires – as he expressed it. Meanwhile, he lived at an inn – but the debt he had done for Hans still needed to be paid. So, Hans needed to be good in something he never had tried: shooting. Hans rejected, but André replied that if Hans refused, he would leave him to the police. Along with Hans, Christian did some contracts for André: cutting off some competitors. In order to do this, he was given a gang of Templar-loyal men and women. To defend himself, Christian used a rapier.

In 1740, Christian – now as a new-inducted member of the Dane-Norwegian Templars – had been trained to become a skilled swordsman. Christian and his brother was stationed on St. Croix, in order to train new Templar agents to become worthy ambassadors or hitmen.  

In 1751, Christian was – along with his brother – killed by Adéwalé.  

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