Christopher d'Assonleville (c.1528 - April 10, 1607) was a South Dutch statesman, diplomat, and jurist. He played a major role in the politics of the Spanish Netherlands for over fifty years. He was the de facto Grand Master of the Templar Order's Dutch Rite, successor to Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba following the latter returned to Spain in 1573. He planned conspiracies against the House of Orange, such as: In this context, he negotiated between the House of Farnese and Balthasar Gérard, who murdered William I of Orange in 1584, and Dufour, who in 1594 executed an attack on Prince Maurice. He planned to alienate the Union of Utrecht to fight against each other.  When he both defeated and wounded, he arranged the Spanish army to eliminate them. He planed to interrupt delivery of the Dutch military supplies shall. 

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