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Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was a Spanish Assassin and conquistador who discovered the New World. He crossed paths with Washimaru Akimoto during an unrecorded trip to India in 1501 to gather knowledge as well as kill a Templar that had been shipping war contraband to Chinese Templars that were planning an invasion on German Assassins. He set up an Assassin Guild in the New World that was eventually joined by Achilles Davenport and Connor Kenway.


In the year 1501, Christopher took an unrecorded trip to India, where he was told to work with an assassin called Washimaru Akimoto in order to rid India of a group of Templars, led by the Grand Master Raj Majeet. Washimaru and Christopher infiltrated a bunker during a smallscale battle that two of the lower-rank Templars were taking shelter in. They all drew swords and dueled to the death. Christopher and Washimaru prevailed with Washimaru only sustaining minor injuries and Christopher getting two ligaments in his right shoulder severed. After a year, Christopher was finally healed up and they set out to kill the other Templars. The third lower ranking one was killed by a shot from a musket, fired by Washimaru while Christopher took out the guards. They let things settle down for about a month before striking again and killing the first in command, then hanging his body in public. Raj Majeet killed Washimaru's wife, Akash Advani. This pushed him over the edge and at a public speech outside the Taj Mahal they killed him. They climbed the back of the building and ran across the roof to the front where they watched him speak for a while about the Templar's so-called 'land for peace'. Then they jumped on him. Christopher took Raj's mace and Washimaru used the stock of his musket and they both beat Raj to death in public before hanging his body from the Taj Mahal. It was over. Christopher stayed for two more years, where he learned the fighting style of Wushu from Washimaru. When he left he was gifted by the Indian Assassins with a flintlock pistol and a katar.

Later Life and DeathEdit

In his later life, Columbus came into possession of an Apple of Eden which he used to gain insight into the future and write several books passed down through his family containing knowledge of the future, which several of Columbus' descendants now possess.

Equipment and SkillsEdit

Columbus was adept at freerunning through urban environments. He was also adept at fighting in the art of Wushu, after being taught by Washimaru.

He was equipped with a hidden blade, a cutlass, a dagger called a dirk, a flintlock pistol, a katar, and was also quite good at using poisons.

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