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Christopher Jett
Christopher in his Union uniform
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May 12,1845


September 21,1910

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Union Army

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Early Life[]

"I was born into this conflict and I swore to protect the people with my life when I joined."

-Christopher to the rescued citizen

Christopher was born into the Assassin Order but he was African-American so at the time he was a slave. He had two siblings a brother,Daniel Jr.,and a sister who was also his twin,Christina. His parents were,Daniel Sr. and Nia who were sold into slavery after they assassinated a templar agent in Cairo,Egypt who was destroying the city. Christopher and his siblings were trained in the assassin skills at a young ages and Christopher and Christina had Eagle Vision . He was the desendent of Chisulo Dia da Roma and the ancestor (Great Grandfather) of Terrence Jett.

Final Mission for Induction[]

When Christopher and Christina were 18 they were sent to Brazil to strengthen the Assassin influence there and stop the Portuguese from coming in control there again.They joined up with an Assassin cell there and the went to the Portuguese's Army Camp and while Christina and the other assassin's killed off soldiers,Christopher went to kill the leading general,Juan McEdwen, who was also a Templar.Juan was in his tent going over the attack plan for the following day with his fellow soldiers once the soldiers were gone Juan went to sleep and Christopher snuck into his tent and stabbed Juan in the chest with his hidden blade he died instantly.Christopher then shot his pistol to gather all the soldiers in one place once all soldiers were present an assassin sniper picked off the soldiers and any who tried to escape were killed by Christopher and the other assassins.They left one soldier alive Juan's second-in-command,Lupe Mancesa,to discover what the Templars were doing in Brazil it was rumored there was a Piece of Eden there,a Sword of Eden. After Lupe told them this they asked him where exactaly is it rumored to be he told them somewhere in the Rainforest Amazon Rainforest .

Finding the Sword[]

Christopher and Christina went to look for the sword but they would have some trouble because the area was full of Templar patrols so they climbed the trees to get the vault in the temple.The temple was falling apart so they had to be quick when they got to the main worship area there were five high ranking Templars,Christopher and Christina threw knives but only three died the other two were wearing some kind of new armor.Then the Templars ran towards the siblings and the siblings ran towards the Templars they popped out their hidden blades and slit the Templars throats when the reached them.The siblings took the armor so they could study it once back in the United States.The siblings first searched the room by trying to notice a slight change in an area once they found that they use thier Eagle Vision to find the switch to enter the Vault.They were walking into the Vault when some Templars came in and a battle ensued.Christina got slashed in the leg so she had to stay behind while Christopher went to get the sword.When Christopher got into the Vault the Sword of Eden wasn't in there but a watch and a ring Christopher put them on then everything in the room started glowing and then there was a hologram of Jupiter but Christopher was speechless with confusion.Jupiter told Christopher that the watch could stop time,control time,travel in time,and teleport people and he said the ring made people stonger,powerful,and enhanced senses.Jupiter then said to not let these wepons fall into the hands of the wrong people or the consequences could be terrible and bring destruction to the world.When time began again Christopher heard Christina scream so he tried the Pieces of Eden out and teleported to her she had screamed because Templars were about to attack her he then punched the Templars and they flew across the room and the hit so hard their heads busted opened bleeding out.They then teleported to Assassin hideout to get Christina medical attention.After several days Christina was fully healed and the siblings traveled back to the United States.

American Civil War[]

In 1861 a Templar and Democrat named Otavian Butler was angry because the Republicans had won the election the previous year(the Templars were trying to control the United States using the presidency) so he convinced the leaders of several Southern states to secede from the United States and form the Confederate States of America .Then on April 12,1861 the Confederates assumed that federal properties were theirs' since they weren't part of the United States so they attacked Fort Sumter and that was the start of the war.In 1862 when the winner of the war was looking to be the Confederates the Asssassins join the battle on the United States side acting as soldiers,spies,and messengers.On May 2,1863 while the Confederates and Union soldiers battled,Christopher and several Assassins flanked the Confederates and started killing and even though the Union lost Christopher caused the death of General Thomas Johnathan "Stonewall" Jackson by shooting him in the arm which had to be amputated he then died eight days later.This was a big blow to the Confede rates because "Stonewall" was the second best general the Confederates had and for this accomplishment Christopher became a Master Assassin. The last few days of the war and after the war were chaos on

April 9,1865 the Confederates surrendered,on April 14,1865 John W. Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater,his wife knew the assassins were allies of her husband so she had them hunt down Booth and to take him alive or kill him posing as Union solidiers.

Hunting Booth[]

When Christopher got word of President Lincoln's death he was very angry because they had become good friends.When President Lincoln's wife wanted to have a team of assassins to go and kill Booth,Christopher volunteered to be on the team.Christopher gathered his weapons and got the Ring of Eden to better find Booth.The Assassins hunted Booth for twelve days finally the caught up to Booth in Virgina.He and an accomplice of his were holed up in a barn,Booth's accomplice surrendered.The Assassins set the barn on fire then Booth then pulled out his gun one of the Sergeants of the actual Army saw and shot Booth.