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Early life[]

Clara Frye(O'Dea)
An adult Clara in 1884
Biographical information

24 February 1856, London, United Kingdom

Political information


  • British Brotherhood
  • Women's Liberal Federation
  • Rooks
Real-world information
Voice actor

(As a child in AC: Syndicate) Amariah Faulkner

Clara Frye, formerly known as Clara O'Dea, was the wife of the assassin Jacob Frye and paternal grandmother of Lydia Frye. She met Frye and his twin sister as a young girl and partnering up with them for a time as they helped her take care of the children forced into child labor at the factories.

After the death of Crawford Starrick and the downfall of the Templars of London, she joined the Creed as a full member along with other orphans and former child laborers in the early 1870's. Her mentors being Evie Frye and Henry Green.

Apart from assassin training, she managed to get herself a good education. She was studying to become a nurse under Florence Nightingale, the very same woman who had once saved her life in childhood at St Thomas' Hospital. Later keeping a position at a smaller hospital as a midwife while taking interests in studies on gynecology and what would later become known as modern pediatrics.

Women's Liberal Federation[]

She joined the Women's Liberal Federation in 1884 and advocated equal rights for women, becoming a suffragette in her later years.

Her work for the Federation became a great inspiration and influence for her granddaughter Lydia, who urged women to vote in the early 20th century while working alongside Winston Churchill during WWI.

Marriage to Jacob Frye[]

Being one of the young initiates travelling to India in 1873, she became re-acquainted with the Frye twins, especially Jacob Frye. The two grew close, Jacob taking a liking to her confident and motivated yet playful character, forming a strong friendship and becoming a couple in 1875. Clara is becoming a member of the Rooks that same year.

According to church records, Clara and Jacob married on June 3, 1876, and raised two children, Ethan Frye II and Florence Abigale Frye.

They formed a partnership in their work for the creed and, together with The Rooks, kept the Templars away from re-gaining power over London. Keeping the peace over the city until the fall of 1888 and afterwards rebuilding the syndicate after the death of the former assassin Jack more commonly known as Jack the Ripper.

Autumn of Terror[]

In the fall of 1888, the murders of assassin affiliates and some Rooks members turning on their former comrades in cold blood rattled members of the creed as it became to know a fellow assassin had done the deeds. At the age of 32 and mother of two small children, Clara, on her husband's request, moved her and the children to safety. Staying with the now-retired assassin George Westhouse at his home in Crawley until the danger was over. She kept in close postal contact with Evie Frye during the Ripper investigation after learning her husband had gone missing.

Personality and characteristics[]