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Clarence Adrian Ruthven, 4th Earl Glenarvon (1788-Unknown), also known as Alberto Ortega (cover identity in Spain), was a British aristocrat, spy, arms dealer, and Templar active during the Napoleonic Wars. During the Napoleonic Wars, Ruthven studied at University of Cambridge and later took over the Oculus Enforcement Network. Later on in the Napoleonic Wars, he would be sent into the French Army to conduct covert operations and provide intelligence for the Duke of Wellington's forces.

Lord Ruthven had had many but brief relationships with women in his life, he eventually married Russian adventuress Sofia Ivleva in 1813.

In the 21st century, Ruthven's genetic memories were harvested by Abstergo Entertainment and was made as an Animi Avatar, titled "The Debonair"


Clarence Ruthven, 4th Earl Ruthven
Lord Locksley in his mid-to-late twenties.jpg
Lord Ruthven in his mid-to-late twenties
Biographical information

August 15th, 1788

London, England, United Kingdom

Political information

House of Ruthven (1788-Death)


University of Cambridge (1805-1808)

Oculus Enforcement Network (1808-Death)

Napoleonic Spain (1809-1810, as a spy)

Meursault-Ruthven and Company (1810-Death)

British Army (1809-1815, as a mercenary)

French Army (1812-1815, as a spy)

Real-world information

Early Life (1788-1805)[]

Born the eldest son of schoolmaster and nobleman Dr. Vincent Ruthven, Clarence enjoyed the comfort of being an aristocrat and the power of wealth and privilege as a boy. During his time at boarding school, he thrived under his father's tutelage. He joined his father's cell of Templars at age 16, initially only engaging on eavesdropping and tracking missions since his father did not want him injured. However, after killing a Master Assassin and taking his hidden blades out of necessity, Dr. Ruthven saw the boy's potential and sent him around Europe to aid other Templar cells in suppressing the growing civil unrest.

Days as a Student and the Peninsular War (1806-1811)[]

The young Ruthven eventually chose to study at University of Cambridge, simultaneously gathering information regarding the civil unrest in Europe. During this period of time, apart from his Templar activities and studies, Clarence spend time engaging in wild sexual escapades, horse riding and gambling. So irresponsible was he in his activities that even his schoolmates nicknamed him "the lustful hellhound". It was during this time that Ruthven met fellow Templars Lord Byron, John Cam Hobhouse, and Francis Hodgson.

As the tension in Europe grew, Clarence's work as a Templar became the focus of his activities. He started to go on multiple dangerous assignments such as assassinating corrupt politicians and raiding Assassin dens.

Ally of the British Army (1809-1815)[]

Adventures after the Napoleonic Wars (1816-1830)[]