"My father was killed unjustly by a turncoat. To honor his memory I will continue what he had started. In the Caribbean there are still the Templars and I will do everything to stop them."
―Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye
Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye
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March 1738


July 1770
(32 aged)
New Orléans, Louisiana

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Caribbean Assassins

French Navy

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

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Mads Mikkelsen

Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye was a French navy captain and a member of the Caribbean Assassins during Caribbean Purge who was the eldest son of Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye killed by Shay Cormac many years before. Claude as his father was a violent man who followed the principles of faith and who also function as a pirate raiding the Templar ships and the British merchant. Chevalier had put a bounty on his head from the Government of Jamaica for his crimes, that money was redeemed by the Templar-puppet-killer Eric Rackham in 1770 from Caribbean Templars.

He is an ancestor of Sung.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Claude Gaultier was born in August 1738 as the eldest son of the French sailor Louis Joseph Gaultier and an English noblewoman Thérèse Brown (1708-1764). Claude was raised by his mother while his father even did not know the existence in fact Claude had been a mistake in the eyes of God because his mother had only wanted to have fun with a young man more than she and Claude had been the result of that act.

But Bastienne never told the truth to Claude's just that his father had died at sea when he was just born. Claude grew up in the estate of her mother-family to Port-Au-Prince in Haiti. Claude received a good education and became a sort of literary devoting much literature and science.

Assassin Order Edit

Everything changed in 1756 as Claude was now a 18 year old. One day he was at the town market when a man approached him. The man had long hair and blacks and had the air of being a Frenchman. The man asked if Claude was the place and he replied yes and what could be useful. The man said to search the villa of Lady Brown, Claude said that it was his mother and that if he would take him there.

The man was a bit 'hit for a reason of which Claude ignored and took him to the villa. Once at the manor man he had a private discussion with Claude mother. Claude waited a long time in the living room and was eventually called in the study of his mother. Thérèse told Claude that his father had never died in the sea but that was simply gone away for a while ', but that now he had come to stay with him and his father and that man. Claude was shocked. The information for later, they were very confused because you do not know what good but Claude traveled to Great Inagua, and there he was welcomed among the Assassins through his father. Claude was trained by his father and mentor Claude Dimanche.

Fight Against Templars Edit

Tessa Roberts

Tessa Roberts

1760, Claude had spent several years to train all that concerned when the assassins and the Templars, and now he was ready more than ever to fight. Claude discovered in early 1760 that his father had been killed.

In May 1760 Claude responsible for finding a Templar-assassin who had caused some losses to the Order, and his name was Tessa Roberts and was in business with a Black Cross named Sylvia Flood. Claude tracked Tessa at Nassau which was the center of its activities from killer-Templar. Claude turned to the roofs of the city to find Tessa activities but found none. So he went to the marsh, in fact he knew she sometimes went into the swamp to hunt. Claude heard the shots and went to the noise of them.

Claude was on the branch of a tree and under him was none other than Tessa Roberts in the company of some British soldiers. Claude threw a smoke bomb on the group. The smoke came out of the bomb as all the soldiers began to cough, with this plan Claude descended from the branch and killed two soldiers then with the favor of smoking murdered everyone else. Tessa remained just that it was out of the smoke. The woman she saw Claude took a gun and unloaded by Claude. He dodged the bullet and took his sword as Tessa fired again. Even this attempt failed. Claude took his sword to the throat of Tessa but she flicked his dagger and parried. Tessa kicked him in the stomach and he went after Claude, Tessa lashed a stab but Claude lowered.

Claude Tessa pushed to the ground and fought both of them rolling around. Eventually Claude extended its blade hidden and buried in Tessa's shoulder, she cried out in pain and went back to his feet and took his sword. Tessa waged a series of blows with the sword of Claude but he parried them all and finally dodged to the side of the weapon Tessa and sank his sword into the chest of Tessa. Claude began gently to the ground Tessa and closed his eyes. "Rest in peace" she whispered in his ear. Claude came out of the swamp and then returned to his refuge in Great Inagua. For the rest of 1760, Claude learned to navigate from brother Josiah Advisor and eventually even had a place of her ship called the Serpent. Claude spent the next five years of his life to sail for the French Navy in the Caribbean. Claude sinking merchant ships Templar and for many times raided the passing ships to give benefits to the Assassins against the Templars.

The Black Cross Edit


Sylvia Flood

In 1765, Claude prepared to kill the Black Cross known as Sylvia Flood. Sylvia was a violent woman who had sailed to the sea and was a skilled swordsman. In 1765 she was about 29 years. Claude found her for the fishing village of Port Royal. Claude turned around at night in the streets of hiding from people and entered the area of ​​Sylvia fact she was participating in a kind of meeting in an area that was guarded by soldiers.

Claude passed without being seen to the point where there was Sylvia who was speaking with other pirates 4 men who were allies of the Templars. Claude went for his fourth and took their guns, Claude fired on the first then on the second and then the third and fourth all within 5 seconds. Sylvia immediately took his sword and clashed for Claude. Claude extended its two hidden blades parried the blows of Sylvia, Sylvia wounded Claude in the side. Claude cried out in pain and then took his sword. The two clashed their weapons for a few minutes as the guards came running. Claude for his best eliminated all the guards who arrived while remaining against Sylvia. One point arrived British soldiers. They beat him in the head with Claude that he fainted. After a while 'Claude awoke in a cell together with Sylvia. Sylvia blocked Claude and tried to kill him but he stopped her and said that they had to work together if they wanted to go out both of them from there. They were in Fort Charles.

Sylvia asked Claude had that idea about. Claude said that it was enough that one of the two of them felt ill the guard would come and they would take the key and then the game was done. Sylvia said that it was okay and waited the night. Sylvia began to scream as if he felt sick and a guard entered the cell. "What is this mess?" He asked the guard. Claude emerged from the darkness and immediately broke his neck. Claude took the key and told Sylvia to follow him. The two escaped from the fort and went to the home of Sylvia. There Sylvia seduced Claude and the two that night had a night of passion. Claude dawn put a rose in the bed of Sylvia and returned to Serpent to return to Great Inagua. Claude did not kill more Sylvia and simply told Dimanche that he had failed. Claude went on his activities from assassin and privateer-pirate of the French Navy. Unfortunately plans Claude on not killing Sylvia went wrong.

In fact in 1767, the Brotherhood had had a severe blow because of Sylvia who had killed an important member of the Order. Ordered Claude Dimanche that he had to kill at all costs Sylvia, and he did not care if he had had a relationship with her, Sylvia had to be removed ABSOLUTELY. Claude found Sylvia in Saba Island. It was a place much frequented by pirates and jailbirds and would not be hard to find Sylvia. Claude came to Saba Island in April 1767 and walked the streets of the Citadel. Claude Enquire asked for Sylvia Flood. She had come to town recently from a trip along with his business partner and was on a ship called the La Grande Gazelle. Claude went to the port and saw La Grande Gazelle. Here was his target, Claude extended his hidden blades and sank in the throats of the two guards. Claude went up on the deck of the ship where Sylvia was discussing business with his partner. Claude took his gun and shot him in the chest of Sylvia partner. The man fell to the ground dead and Sylvia still amazed took his sword from its sheath. Claude shot on the leg of Sylvia. She gave in and knelt. Claude extended his hidden knives and inflicted in the chest of Sylvia.

  • Sylvia: Too bad not having fought for the right part together
  • Claude: Sylvia how sorry I am. I only wanted a little 'for us. My love.
  • Sylvia: I forgive you. Farewell Claude, I love you.

Sylvia kissing Claude and after dead. Claude closed his eyes to his lost love and went.

Death Edit


Eric Rackham

Claude continued his work as a captain for the Assassin Brotherhood. In March 1770 he received a letter from one of his contacts, Carlos Blanc in informing him that their contact in Saint Pierre harmlessness city governor, Philippe François de Bullion had been killed and the city came under the control of the Templars. Claude suspicious activities by the Templars and decided to investigate the matter.

In May 1770, he was informed by Condor Apito a Templar ship that would have passed through the Bay of Cumberland. On board was a Templar Admiral. He might have some information interesting. Claude made his way to the Bay of Cumberland, where he had a confrontation with the Templar ship but eventually boarded. Claude mercilessly killed 10 members of the Templar ship and then went down into the hold where he was the office of the Templar Admiral. Claude came to the office where he found the admiral and a guard.

The guard drew his sword and lunged Claude while the Admiral took aim on Claude. Claude grabbed the guard and used as a human shield, he fired the admiral at his own companion. Claude threw the corpse, extended its blade concealed and sank in Admiral stomach. He fell to the ground. "Because the Templars killed François so suddenly?" asked Claude. "(Laughter) The Grand Master wants to do a purge," the admiral said, and died. Claude returned to the Assassin hideout shocked by the news. Claude in June 1770 he went to New Orleans to recruit slaves to train them as assassins, Claude saw the street Master Templar Shay Cormac along with another templar named Eric Rackham.

Hearing their discussion were going for the Chevalier's lair. Chevalier rides on the roofs and soon reached his lair. He put all the assassins on alert for the attack. When the two came the Templars went against the assassins. Eric killed three assassins with his sword and saw Chevalier escape door. Shay shouted to follow Eric and Eric have no guilt ran after Chevalier. Eric followed her chevalier to the beach we lost sight of his goal. Chevalier came out of nowhere and rushed Eric punches until he dropped to the ground. Eric walked Chevalier with raised sword in hand, Eric thinking quickly took the gun and shot against Chevalier. Chevalier injured shoulder screamed in pain and Eric got up quickly with the sword. Eric stabbed Chevalier in the chest and after a few moments Chevalier succumbed to injuries and died.

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