"If we cannot decide for ourselves how our lives shall be, what is the meaning of the Revolution?"
―Claude upon meeting the Étienne-siblings, November 1789
Claude René
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October 1762
Bordeaux, Kingdom of France


December 1795

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Vincent Cassel

Claude René was a French swindler, pawnbroker and former sword-tutor, and retired member of the French Army. He was the later crippled brother of Suzanne René, an ally of the Brotherhood – and the lover of an Assassin.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born and raised in the city of Bordeaux, Claude was the second son of Monsieur and Madame René, and the younger brother of Jeannot René, and the older of and Suzanne.

Claude and his brother were both taught in the ways of trading and fighting by their father, while Suzanne was raised to become a housewife and a seamstress by their mother. Both of the brothers decided to enter the French Army later in their life, both returning and settling down after ten years of service.

Claude felt pity on his sister, Suzanne, however. When he saw her glancing at his weapons when he was training in the backyard, he tried to train her as he was taught in the army and by their father. 

Establish a new life Edit

Refusing to marry men of wealth during her late teens, Suzanne was soon put away. Both of her parents felt Suzanne was a disappointment, but Claude did not allowed them to just let her go. So, both Suzanne and her brother left Bordeaux and for Paris. In the city, Claude served as the tutor for noble boys, and his sister got work as a seamstress for a baroness-widow.

One day, Suzanne was contacted by the Parisian regiment. Claude had been wounded in a duel with a soldier. He had survived however, but could only operate from a wheelchair. Wanting both of them to still live in Paris, Suzanne continued working as a seamstress, and overtook her brother's job as a fighting-tutor. Claude had set some money away during their time in Paris, and at some point – with the money both of the siblings earned – Claude bought an establishment to work as a pawnbroker. By night, he used some of the money on card games – swindling himself more coin, which he shared with his sister.

At some point, Suzanne made the acquaintance of a man named Brasseur. He introduced her for his work as an Assassin – offering her a position in their ranks, but she refused, both of the siblings would like to aid them however.

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  1. Claude is the French masculine and feminine form of the Roman family name Claudius, meaning "lame, crippled".
  2. René is the French form of the late Latin name Renatus, meaning "born again".
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