Claudette Droit

Claudette Droit

Claudette Droit, marchioness de Saint-Cyr (1712 – 1781) was a French noblewoman and Assassin. She was the wife of Pierre Droit, marquis de Saint-Cyr – making her the marchioness – and the mother of Didier, Dorothée and Dapoix Droit. After the death of her husband, she found herself a lover, which she then got two children with – twins.

Little is known of Claudette's past. The only records there is on her, comes from the Assassins'. It states that bother her parents were Assassins, but that is all. She was initiated by the age of 19 At some point she was married to the future marquis de Saint-Cyr. Because of this, she could aid the Brotherhood on financial ways.

With her father-in-law's death in 1740, Pierre took the role of the new marquis. In 1743, he was contacted by someone who he found strange – their intentions seemed strange: peace through control. He told this to Claudette, who then traveled to Paris to warn Victor de Riqueti. Short time after, Pierre disappear from the history. He first reappear back at the estate in 1747 when he write in his diaries about his newborn son: Didier. This is undoubtedly his time when he and his wife carries out some actions for the Brotherhood, because he often refer to his 'brothers', but he has no other family than sisters.

At the outbreak of the Seven Years' War, Pierre was – as many other nobles – called into the army to serve as officers. Serving the army for six years, Pierre died due to an infected wound. Following this tragedy, Claudette knew from when she saw the corpse that a Templar was behind the murder. After she had tracked down and killed the man, she was expelled due to have selected targets without the permission of the Council.

After being expelled, Claudette let her life go to raising her children to be honorably noblemen. With the death of her husband, however, two of them disappeared – leaving her youngest child to be the next marquis of Saint-Cyr. He was not old enough, however, so Claudette ruled until he became of age. When this happened, he had already found a woman he would share his life with: Anne-Louise Grecon. This made Claudette the Dowager Marchioness.

Now living as a Dowager Marchioness, Claudette moved to Le Havre for an unknown reason. She found herself a lover later however, Olivier.

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