"Mon cherie, you can achieve everything if you try."

- Claudette to her daughter Zelda Pelletier.

Claudette Pelletier nee de Saint-Moreau, born Indumuhk, (1736-unknown) was an Assassin during the French and Indian War but retired prior the American Revolution. The daughter of a Frenchnoble man and a Kanien'kehá:ka woman, Claudette married a fellow Assassin named Caleb Pelletier and went on to have four children; Zelda, Vivienne, Camille and Louie, who died in infancy.

About ClaudetteEdit

Born in 1736, Indumuhk was the child of Andre de Saint-Moreau and Abha. Raised in the village of Kanatahséton, Indumuhk stayed in the village until she was six when after her mother died under mysterious circumstances, her father came and collected her and took her to live on his plantation in Louisiana. She was showered with attention and love by her father, much to Gerald's, her half-brother, jealously. Rechristened Claudette, she grew up to intelligent young woman who oozed sophiscation and elegance, becoming popular in the social scene of New Orleans .

Her father encouraged her to think for herself and debate on topics such as slavery and the treatment of different ethicities. This was a lesson Claudette would teach her own children. Unbeknownst to her, Claudette's father was a member of the Assassin Order and was traning her to become his protege along with his son Gerald. However Gerald did not agree with his father's aims and joined the Templars and moving back to his native France. It was only when she was fifteen did Andre reveal her Assassin lineage and luckily for him she embraced it, becoming adpat in poisons.

In 1754 aged eighteen, Claudette met and fell in love with a French-Canadian fur trapper named Caleb Pelletier, four years her senior. Caleb was also an Assassin, wanting revenge against the Templars for the murder of his family in 1750. Their happiness was cut short when Claudette's father was murdered by a sect of Templars. Claudette seething, desired revenge.

The pair travelled around the country and killed any Templars they'd come across. On their travels they encountered Claudette's childhood friend Kaniehtí:io who was in the company of a man named Haytham Kenway. Knowing Kenway to be a Templar, Caleb was hostile and aggressive towards the man to the point he nearly killed him but managed to be swayed by Claudette. Leaving the pair on their quest against Edward Braddock, Caleb and Claudette continued their purge of Templars until 1756 when they decided to stop and settle down.

Marrying just prior the Seven Years War, the pair settled down in a small community near Claudette's native home. After a few months of marriage, Claudette discovered she was with child. Nine months later she gave birth to a son, named Louis-Andre Pelletier. Sadly, the baby died a few months after he was born and it sent Claudette into a deep depression. Circumstances didn't help her morale either; Caleb had been ordered by the Creed to assist the Britsh against the French, something Claudette felt strongly about since her French father was a strong patriot.

It was only in 1759 that Claudette felt happiness again, giving birth to a daughter named Zelda. After the war ended, she and Caleb went on to have two more daughters, Vivenne in 1764 and Camille in 1767.

They raised their daughters in the ways of the Assassin but gave them a choice to continue training past their twelve birthday, only Zelda decided to continue training.


"She is beautiful; inside and out."

- Caleb about Claudette.

Claudette was sweet and uncomplicated wand was blessed with a generosity of spirit and good nature. Extremely maternal. she treated everyone as if they were her own child. However in the name of protecting her family she could be ruthless, poisoning a a group of Redcoats who came to her home for food. Well-mannered and polite.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Claudette oozed beauty and elegance; statuesque and captivating with raven coloured hair and dark, soulful brown eyes.

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