Clay Miles is the son of William Miles and his wife, and the younger brother of Desmond Miles. When he was born, he was put up to adoption by his parents as they did not want another child. But however when Desmond ran away from "The Farm", they tracked Clay down and not only accepted him into their family, but also accepted him into the brotherhood and made him an Assassin. He helped the brotherhood in many tasks that required an assassin who was not registered i.e. linked to them. He also possessed Eagle Vision.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Clay was born in 1990. As soon as his parents received the news that there is an another child yet to come, they prepared to make plans to put him up for adoption. After William had learned that Desmond was being used for the Animus project, he talked with his wife and also said 'Better one descendant than two'.

By the time Clay was five, he had been adopted by an Abstergo employee's family, although they were unaware of his rich genetic heritage. He was taught very little about using guns and was taught little of martial arts, but still was an able fighter.

Life On The Streets Edit

In 1995, when he was only 5 years old, even though they asked him not to, he got involved in a fight with some local boys and sent them all to the hospital. This did not stop as he even slapped his adopted father after an argument. Thus, he was thrown out of the house. He learned valuable skills from the streets that would later help him as an Assassin.

Induction Into The Brotherhood Edit

Clay was found on the streets by his father, William Miles, in 2008. He was inducted into the Brotherhood in 2009 in a top-secret ceremony. As he had no ties with the Assassins, he was assigned with tasks that for a known member of the Brotherhood were very difficult.

Death Edit

Clay committed suicide after he learned that his brother had died trying to save the world and that worse still, Abstergo were still utilizing his DNA and nobody, including him, could do anything about it. He then realized that the Assassins were fighting a never-ending war, which would never end but even if it would, Abstergo would win.

Ancestry Edit

Clay had a rich, varied history. He was a descendant of many great Assassins like Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad through his maternal line and Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Ratonhnhaké:ton and his father, the notable Templar, Haytham Kenway through his paternal line. He shared the same ancestors as Desmond Miles.

Personality And Characteristics Edit

Since he spent a large amount of his childhood on the streets, Clay was able to judge people quite easily and was instantly suspicious of people who he weren't familiar with or those he disliked. He also provided a different, more street like perspective on people and plans. Also he was very adaptive; was able to improvise in almost any situation. He also had picked up some fighting skills from his time on the streets. He also had a good reputation on the streets because of his tactical thinking and improvising and his 'sixth sense which could tell a man's intentions' i.e. Eagle Vision. He used humor and sarcasm to an extent which would make people angry. Although he didn't show it, he cared for his family a lot and was devastated after the death of Desmond, a brother who he met only once and that too in childhood.

Trivia Edit

Clay was named by William before being put up for adoption. The reason William cared deeply about Clay Kaczmarekor 'Subject 16' maybe because his name reminded him of his own son-Clay Miles.

In order to show his support to Desmond's mission, he often wore the same hoodie as Desmond, although few people understood the meaning of this. It might have been to show to himself that he supported his brother.

Clay wrote a letter and kept it inside his 'supporting hoodie'. It stated that Clay was sorry that he never got to meet Desmond or most of his family. He was also sorry about the fact that he had given up hope and urged other assassins to fight till their last breath. Lastly, it also stated that Clay forgave his parents for abandoning him, a subject he could never come to terms with nor could write or talk about it before the time of his death.

After his death, Abstergo also started selling Assassin hoodies', which were in fact the same hoodies Desmond and Clay wore.

Clay wearing his 'supporting hoodie'
Clay's suit that was preserved after he died. It is kept in a secret room along with which was a kept a letter written by him.


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