Clayton Ford, (b. 1962-1994) an Assassin from the age of 17, was born, raised and lived in Washington for most of his life, undertaking high-risk missions and attempting daring rescues for the creed.


Ford had blue shimmering eyes said to reflect his bright persona perceived by the many he encountered in the order over the years. His hair was a dark brown colour, and faded into a deep black by the late 80s.

A tall man, Clayton was well above 6"2 and rather sketchy in his choice of clothes. He had an assassin insignia tattooed onto his right forearm along with the names of his three children etched all over his body.

Early Life and FamilyEdit

His background is almost as vague as his charismatic persona. He was born in Washington DC to middle class parentage, with only one younger sister, Sasha, of whom he was fiercely protective.

Educated at a comprehensive school in the suburbs at the heart of the capital, Ford pursued a career as an economist after leaving mainstream education but found no success in his field of choice.

Susan FordEdit

His mother, Susan was a radio broadcaster active on many stations between 1974-1979 and later did some work in theatre, as a writer for a production company that made plays regarding issues like rape and sexual exploitation.

Robert FordEdit

Clayton's father was Robert Ford, who worked for an established Wall Street firm as a stockbroker prior to his sons birth, before relocating to DC with his pregnant wife to be an accountant for a well-known bank, handling the finances of wealthy senators.

Sasha FordEdit

Sasha Lancaster (nee Ford) was a model from the young age of fourteen when she appeared in commercials for teens' clothing brands, later finding employment under several agencies who offered large payouts for her appearances in advertisements and on billboards.

Sasha married reputed lawyer, Mitchell Lancaster, with whom she had four children to. Her relationship with her brother was positive, until he left to embark upon many missions for the assassin order.


Struggling to find any employment as an economist in a tough economy, Ford gave up on his search for a job when he was left cryptic notes that promised 'a plentiful supply of income'. Said notes and letters never revealed a scribe, but directed the teenager toward an old tunnel that led to a network of other tunnels deep beneath the city.

Initially ignoring the letters and dismissing them as false hope, Clayton succumbed to his own curiosity in October 1979, when he was led astray of his Brightwood home by visions of enormous mountains of gold at the end of the path.

Once he had reached the tunnel that the notes had told him to go to, he waited until a mysterious figure greeted him, allowing him inside the tunnel. Clad in cloaks and capes, the figure revealed himself as Jordan Carlisle, the Mentor of the underground secret society known as the Assassins, an organisation who fought the Templars, another factions countering their ideals.

Hesitant at first, Ford eventually came round to their way of thinking, and although he had perceived their mystique bizarre before, studying them intensely led him to understand why such caution was needed within a group like the assassins. He spent over seven months learning assassin history, meanwhile he worked as a bartender in a dingy sports bar to pay rent to his unsuspecting parents who knew nothing of his new associates.

Templar CommandersEdit

With his newfound vocation secured, Ford set to making waves in the order. Acquainting himself with the history of the known Templars dotted around Washington DC, he pinpointed certain influential high-ranking members of the order known as commanders.

Ivan BorgetzEdit

Using maps and other such tools, Clayton marked out Templar hotspots and acted upon the information he took from senior members of the brotherhood. Starting from the bottom of his list, he heard of an Abstergo executive named Ivan Borgetz, a man responsible for doubling the funds of the Templars using his own wealth.

On 15th July 1980, literally only weeks after completing his training program as an assassin, he set out from Washington to follow Borgetz down to Colorado, where he intended on spending his summer, plotting a new scheme with his Templar allies. Travelling by train, Ford was fourteen miles behind his target when Ivan Borgetz reached his destination.

Three days after arriving in his large estate, Borgetz was killed by Clayton who used a Hidden Blade to despatch his target. Once he had rid the Colorado town in which Brogetz was staying of Templars, Ford claimed the estate as his own, using it as a base of operations when away from DC.

Karl MaussenEdit

A retired engineer, Maussen was an Austrian countryman of the late Ivan Borgetz. He had a lot of business interests in Abstergo industries, particularly the Entertainment subsidiary of Abstergo, and apparently had a vision for the future development of technologies that he would never see, thanks to Clayton Ford's persistence in his quest to kill all Templar commanders in America.

Maussen was resting in hospital when Ford struck, shooting him four times in the chest with a revolver, covering the private ward in blood and alerting the entire hospital staff to the murder. Clayton had only a couple of minutes to exit the hospital unseen by the doctors and nurses tending to their Templar patient.

Julius KepplerEdit

An American national and close friend of Maussen, Keppler attended Karl's funeral with five other commanders and Maussen's family. It was at a crematorium in Manhattan where Keppler, along with five other Templars, gathered to mourn the passing of Karl Maussen.

While Clayton prepared to take out his next target, Julius Keppler comforted the bereaved family, and promised that he would 'always be there for them'. His oath, of course, did not stick as he was stabbed to death shortly after the cremation of Karl Maussen.

Commander of CaliforniaEdit

By 1981, Ford had been catapulted across the nation to the West Coast, where he planned on murdering the commander of California, Jason McLean, who was situated in Santa Barbara at the time of his assassination by Clayton Ford.

The sole leader in charge of affairs in California was one single commander, who Ford set out to kill him on 3rd February 1981. McLean was consulting with his Abstergo security unit on how to prevent the further assassinations of their organisation when Ford arrived in Santa Barbara, armed to the teeth with all the necessary gear to assassinate him.

By the end of the week, Ford had put his plan into action: to kill him and destroy his secret station located underground his home. As the Templar Commander slept, Clayton slipped into the house from the backdoor. He woke his enemy shortly before shooting him through the head.

He then proceeded to find the basement, where there was a door leading to the laboratory McLean had built up over his twenty years as a Templar. In there were several barrels of flammable chemicals, only a few doors down from where the Abstergo guards rested. Ford ignited the barrels and hurried back up to the house and left through the front door, using a crowbar to force it open.

Barely escaping the heavy explosion of the entire three-storey building, Clayton was severely wounded by the rubble that scattered across the whole street and had to have half a plank of wood removed from his knee by surgeons paid for by the brotherhood.

Commander of New YorkEdit

As he recovered from his injuries, Ford made a return to work, this time being deployed to the other side of the country, to New York City, where he spent November and December working out a sensible route into the lair of Leroy Randall, the man pulling the strings in New York.

Leroy's compulsive gambling brought Clayton to a casino in inner-city NYC, where he got to know the staff and spent the best part of the month of November monitoring Randall's habit. Eventually, Ford paid to have a game of poker with Leroy rigged in the assassin's favour.

Frustrated with his defeat, Leroy left the casino drunk and ironically drove his new Ford Escort car to his death in a crash, thus he had still been killed by Ford. Happy with the deaths of the two commanders on both sides of the American coast, Ford returned to Washington, but moved to Seattle, where he met his true love and worst enemy...

Relationship with Myra BeaumontEdit

In 1982, whilst on a hunt for the missing assassin, Geoff Birnam, he was fired at by red-headed Abstergo code breaker and later Templar knight, Myra Beaumont. Beaumont hightailed it back to her safe house, Clayton Ford giving chase in his own vehicle.

The safe house was empty and Ford engaged the woman in a conversation, asking whether her motives for working with the Templars were ulterior. Myra introduced herself before admitting she admired the principles of her order, but had always been curious about the assassins.

Ford let her live and left the house after spending an hour in her company. They then regularly met for the next year, gradually becoming lovers and involved in a murky, complicated relationship that their respective factions would not have approved of.

In secret, they were each trying to turn the other to their own ideals. But Myra never fit the brotherhoods' criteria and Clayton would never meet the high expectations of the Templar order, leading to an impasse in their partnership. Ford used his relationship with her to his advantage, gaining access to the Abstergo files database. But in turn, Beaumont manipulated him into giving her the key to the assassin archives.

Aged twenty-one, Ford fathered his first child to Myra, Kyle Beaumont, born in June 1984. During his first few years of life, Kyle resided with his father who changed his name to Ford. With the child now living in Seattle with his dad, the order inevitably found out about Clayton's relationship with Myra, and sanctioned him heavily for it.


As penance for fraternising with a Templar, Ford was ordered to spend five months away from the order, and, it was in this time that he cut off his relationship with Myra. His sister, Sasha came to Seattle to look after her nephew while Ford attempted to convince Myra to give up on Abstergo.

Sasha, who had managed to secure a modelling contract with an agency in Seattle lived in her brother's apartment with him and his son for the following year while Clayton stayed out of Myra Beaumont's destructive way.

Growing bored of having nothing to do, it was in October of 1984 that he decided to take up a cocaine addiction, something his sister battled with him on, but did not argue too much for fear of being evicted from the apartment. As her contract with her agency ended, Sasha left the apartment to live with her future husband, Mitchell Lancaster in 1985.

Ford got rid of his addiction through cold turkey, and the help of his sister. His parents, who had been informed of his habit from Sasha, refused to see him until he was clean. Without the need for rehab, Clayton returned to his duties as an assassin in March of 1985.

Rescue of Denzel SpilbyEdit

Throughout much of 1985, talented assassin apprentice, Denzel Spilby was being held captive in an artificial prison by Templars who threatened to kill him if they were not given an Apple of Eden by the end of the year. Clayton, now a recovered drug addict, was charged with bringing him home safely.

Ford, under pressure like no other, almost turned to his addiction again, but fought the urge to snort cocaine to get him through. He booked a flight to Bolivia, where he sought council with the South American mentor, Pedro Del Aguirrez, one of the only men throughout the Americas in possession of an Apple of Eden.

Reluctantly, Aguirrez granted him the apple, on the condition it must be returned immediately after Spilby was rescued. Ford then agreed to have the apple delivered to the Bolivian assassin branch once they had reacquired it from the Templars.

Ford made it back to Seattle where he was welcomed by his mentor, Carlisle. Clayton sent a letter to the Templars holding Spilby in Miami, to release him otherwise they may never get their hands on the apple. They replied with an address in Florida where they would exchange the apple for Spilby.

Denzel was then flown out of the state via aeroplane as the assassins gave the Apple to Templar henchman, Harry Jameson. Jameson, who is said to have ogled the Apple before accepting it, was later killed en route to his superiors in an assassin ambush who tailed them up the Mississippi River by boat. The apple was unused by Templar hands and back in the arms of Bolivian assassins before the week was up.

Sasha's KidnappingEdit

In mid April of 1986, Ford's sister, who had since became a happily married woman planning her future with her husband, took on a four-month deal with a small time magazine company, and completed a number of rather sordid photo shoots for them before her suspicions arose.

Soon into her time with the publishing company, she began to ask questions about the depraved acts they wanted her to commit. Unnerved with what she saw, Sasha contacted her brother, who went back to DC straightaway to defend her.

Upon some investigation, it became clear that, in an act of disturbing vengeance for Jameson's death, the Templars, using Abstergo, had launched a graphic magazine in which they wanted Sasha to pose in horrific positions. After this discovery, Sasha was filmed and photographed being abused and ultimately raped.

An enraged Clayton nearly destroyed their studio, wrecking their equipment and ruining the green screens used as backgrounds for the vile imagery. Hours after setting the building ablaze, he received a phone call threatening to cut his sisters throat if he didn't turn himself in.

He travelled to a dilapidated hotel, where he killed his way to a bedroom, in which he found his unconscious sister shackled to the radiator, with the heat turned right up. Her face was partially burned but the scars healed within a matter of months, the torture she sustained not damaging her prospects as a model.

The Ford siblings then drove back to Sasha's apartment where she was cared for by her husband who took six months out from his professional career to nurse his wife back to health, erasing all doubts of his nobility in Clayton's mind. But with both of them out of work for almost a year, this meant they had to find a new source of income.

Although initially hesitant, the couple accepted an offer from Clayton to fund their lives for as long as they were unable to earn their own money.

Myra's ReturnEdit

As summer of that year set in, Claytons' estranged partner came back to Seattle to wreak more havoc upon his life. First implicating him in the murder of his friend and assassin companion, Kevin Redmoor, she proceeded to drag him back into a world of misery until only her consolation could comfort him.

After a string of bad luck, Ford began drinking and, restarted his passion for drugs, this time experimenting with heroin. In the early hours of the morning on 12th August 1986, Myra showed up on Clayton's doorstep. Alone and drug-addled, Ford let her in, and they conceived their first daughter, Colette (b. 1987).

Myra stayed with Clayton throughout her pregnancy, but decided to abandon her quest of ruining Ford's life when she started to redevelop feelings for him and subsequently left Colette with Clayton once again, to run off and continue her work as a Templar knight. Clayton discovered Beaumont's departure from a hastily written note left on their bed next to the baby's crib in the Seattle apartment.

Now with two children to care for, Clayton decided to slow down his career in the brotherhood, and spent more time searching for Myra, who he had genuinely come to love over their ten months in each other's company.

Master AssassinEdit

Ford was made a master assassin in 1988, aged 26, following his execution of the Russian Grand-Master, Vasili Tuyelacrik in Moscow. The ceremony took place on 22nd May and was attended by close friends within the brotherhood.

Upon his initiation as a master, he stepped down from violent roles in the conflicts the assassins had become embroiled in and assumed a more relaxed, safe position as a trainer for young assassins.

His professional career as an assassin had lasted just under ten years and as he neared closer to his thirtieth birthday, he wanted to spend more time with his young children, in addition to continuing his search for his long lost lover, Myra Beaumont.

Undercover as a TemplarEdit

Circa 1988, in order to make some real progress in his quest for Myra, he pieced together numerous disguises and identities to gain some leverage in the Templar order, to find Myra. His breakthrough came in June of that year, when he took on the part of Lyle Jessop, a nerdy IT technician with hopes and dreams of becoming an Abstergo engineer.

Ford, under the alias of Jessop, was directed to a hotel in Indianapolis where Beaumont was staying. Under the pretence of overseeing the deliverance of some cutting-edge hardware, Ford spent most of the day hid away in the hotel, waiting for the night to come until he slipped into Myra's room.

There, he revealed himself as Clayton Ford, and convinced her to leave the Templars for a life with him. Reluctant at first, she agreed to his plan and they both travelled back to Seattle, where Ford and Beaumont began a difficult relationship, eventually marrying in secret though.

Assassin MentorEdit

In 1989, shortly before Christmas, Jordan Carlisle, the enduring mentor of the assassins, was killed by Templar sleeper agents who had been planning the murder for some twelve years. In a document penned just a year prior to his death, Carlisle made clear his wish for Ford to lead the assassins in the event and aftermath of his death.

Thus, Clayton took on the most senior post of mentor, responsible for honing the skills of each and every young recruit who came to the order looking for guidance. But under pressure from his pregnant wife, could not take on the stress of the position, and organised a long stay in Colorado.

The Long VacationEdit

Getting away from the pressures that came with being the mentor of the assassins, Clayton, alongside his six-year old son, four-year old daughter, wife and unborn child went to his rural retreat in Colorado that he took from Ivan Borgetz ten years earlier, where he recuperated from the stress of the brotherhood.

It was here in his Colorado estate that his third and final could, Brooklyn Violet Ford was born in February 1991. The Ford family spent well over two years in Colorado, on a long vacation, during which time they contemplated separation, and with the birth of Brooklyn, Myra's recurring phobia of motherhood harped back and she attempted to run off once more.

Clayton, who confronted her about her plans to rejoin the Templars, persuaded her to leave Colorado with the children and take them to a safe place away from the troubles of the Assassins and Templars. Myra left Colorado with the three children in tow, Ford remaining behind to spend some time alone on his large estate.

Rest With FamilyEdit

He left Colorado some months before his thirtieth birthday in 1992, to celebrate the milestone with his parents, whom he had not had regular contact with in over four years. Susan and Robert Ford, mother and father to the accomplished mentor, were pleased to see their son had settled down in what they thought was a peaceful position as an economist, the profession he used as his cover since he was twenty-three.

Ford reconnected with his sister, Sasha, her two young children, Daniel and Sara and her spouse, Mitchell. Sasha, who had since took on a permanent job with an agency and still managed to maintain a successful career late into her twenties, even after two children.

Gradual Retirement From The BrotherhoodEdit

As progressed through the year of '92, Clayton, who decided he truly did not want to keep up with the profession of constant death and murder, made the move to withdraw from his high-ranking position in the order, deciding his successor would be Martin Fletcher, a man respected by his Assassin peers and friends throughout the order.

Last Contact With Children and MyraEdit

While he sank deeper and further into depression in 1993, Clayton visited Myra in Ohio, where she was living in a rundown environment being hunted by the Assassins after she made the cold decision to reunite with the Templars, who had also virtually abandoned her.

He said his final goodbyes to nine-year old Kyle, a child who had seen much of his parent's complex lives unravel in front of him. He also bid farewell to his daughters, six-year old Colette and three-year old Brooklyn, who was too young to comprehend her father's sad outburst of emotion.

Ford and Myra eventually settled on a marital agreement to legally end their marriage and a divorce was filed on 4th November 1993. They were officially divorced as of March 1994.

Relapse, Overdose and DeathEdit

He inevitably spiralled back into his deathly, dirty habit of drug addiction and substance abuse, harder and faster than ever before. Using familiar narcotics such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana and adding them to new drugs like acid and meth new to the black market, Clayton invited many of the washed up hippies of nineties Seattle to join him as he lived out his final days.

1994, unlike any other year in his life, was undoubtedly his most profitable as he started selling his own weed to high-end customers of Seattle's seedy areas and Ford made so much money from his newfound trade that he actually managed to buy a new face for his drug den and completely renovated his apartment, but of course the renovation was utterly undone within two months.

Clayton was also responsible for marketing some of the most addictive drugs of the early nineties that remained popular around the East Seattle region for about fourteen years after Ford's death until the late 2000's. Ford imported drugs similar to magic mushrooms, LSD and angel dust, selling them to regular customers for high prices.

However, on the evening of 9th December, 1994, when Ford did not show up to a scheduled drug deal taking place across the other side of the city, his clients began to get suspicious, and made enquiries with Ford's neighbours, whom he had also gotten into the drugs business.

On examining Ford's $250,000 apartment that had more or less no security due to Clayton wanting to keep his door open constantly so buyers and sellers respectively did not feel intimidated, his neighbour, Dean Leighton discovered his dead body. An ambulance arrived thirty minutes later and an inquest ruled his cause of death was a drug overdose of a fatal concoction of drugs such as Diacetylmorphine, Carfentanil, methamphetamine, opium, codeine and cannabis.


Only a handful of his assassin friends he made over the course of his twelve-year period as a member of the brotherhood actually attended his funeral, Myra Beaumont ensured she made an appearance and introduced herself and her children to Clayton's family, who, except for Sasha, were shocked to hear the truth about him.

Kyle, AssassinEdit

His eldest child and only son, Kyle continued his father's work as an assassin and became mentor himself, achieving a large degree of fame and renown within the order worldwide. As a result of his assassin path, he was disowned by his mother and sister, Colette. Kyle died peacefully at home surrounded by his own children.

Colette and the TemplarsEdit

Following in her bitter mothers' footsteps, Colette became a Templar, and quarrelled intensely with her brother during their domestic time together, each of them vying for their younger sisters approval, Brooklyn, both of them trying to convince her to pick a side in the war.

Colette made it to the position of Templar knight before quitting an old and angry woman with one child to a charismatic but arrogant Abstergo security guard who seduced her with his charm when she was just twenty-two.

Brooklyn's NeutralityEdit

Brooklyn, who could barely remember her fathers face by the time she came of age, was not fazed by the Assassin vs. Templar feud, and was often the subject of much attention, with her sister and brother each trying to convince Brooklyn to choose between one another.

Feeling manipulated, alienated and like she was only a pawn in their game of deadly chess, Brooklyn ran away from her mother's home in Indianapolis at the age of sixteen. Struggling to survive in America, she made contact with her aunt, someone whose long-lasting career in the modelling industry was something she was inspired by.

Brooklyn became good friends with Sasha until the latters' death in 2028. Brooklyn had twin girls in 2016, to her long term partner, Andy Benson. She died of natural causes circa 2084, leaving her money and possessions to be shared out between her two daughters.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Ford, who left school a level-headed young man, underwent many changes to his personality through the years. Battling with his addiction to cocaine and other substances through the eighties, he was nevertheless a warm person and a loving father to his three young children.

But by the early 1990s, he had become a shell of his former, vibrant self, possibly because of the emotional torture he suffered courtesy of Myra Beaumont, or the guilt of killing so many people all in the name of a peaceful future he could not see. Whatever the reason, Ford's spirits had undoubtedly dropped to an all time low in 1994, when he overdosed on multiple drugs.

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