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Choctaw, Colonial America

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Assassin's Creed: Source

Coahoma (1748 - unknown) was a warrior and a member of the Choctaw tribe. She protected her village with fierce defended her village from outsiders and slavers.

Coahoma was the wife of the Master Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale and the mother of Assassin Osyka as well as an ancestor of the Modern day Assassin Horatio Pierce.

In 1768, the slaver Paul Birch stole a Source of Eden from the Choctaw village, she was assigned by her village's chieftain to find and retrieve the Source of Eden. During her hunt for her village's artifact she met the Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale, the two fell in love and had a son, Osyka, in the year 1770. Coahoma and Kenneth were wed in 1771 until the latter's death in 1791.

Coahoma's life after 1791 is unknown. It is believed she survived long enough to meet her grandchildren though.

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