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"The Assassins are working for peace. The Templars only seek control, so we take this opportunity from them. They are going to enslave the citizens of Caribbean if they get the chance. It is therefore our responsibility to guard this Piece of Eden."
―Condor to a group of Assassin-apprentices
Condor Apito
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May 1776 (aged 40)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Condor Apito, son of the great Assassin Opía Apito, Condor served as an Assassin that obeyed the Templar-turncoat lady Concord. As a lieutenant, Condor was the overseer of the islands in the Caribbean sea when the Assassins regained power in 1773 – after they lost them in 1770. But they lost them again to the Templars' influence in 1776 when he was killed by Callum Kerr.


Early life[]

Born as the son of Opía Apito and a male Taíno, Condor was taught in the ways of the Assassins. He had a sister, Yasmin, and they both trained on their Assassin-skills together. Their mother, Opía, had been given the task to guard the different islands – except Cuba, New Providence, Jamaica – throughout the Caribbean, and protect them from the Templars' clutches.

Condor and Yasmin had a distant relationship to their father: he was always following the principles of the Creed, learning the Guardians of the Observatory in the ways of how the Assassins acted in different situations. Growing to be a 21-year-old man, Condor accompanied his sister to a trip to Tulum in 1757. In Tulum the siblings was brought in forn of the Assassin Mentor: Claude Dimanche. Claude told them to take place at the place in front of the old Mayan temples. He told the siblings that Opía was too old to fight for the Assassin Order. So, in order to test their skills and loyalty, the siblings was tasked to find a list of Templars and their puppets or allies:

  • Francis White, an old priest and a Templar puppet.
  • Tracey Bandoleer, an Assassin-turncoat – now a Templar ally and informant
  • Sergeant Stewart Oxide, a high-ranked Templar of the Colonial Rite
  • Helen Soctt-Astire, a Master Templar of the Colonial Rite, answering to Haytham Kenway himself.

Yasmin Apito

Mentor Dimanche handed the list over to the siblings, and they told that they were going to execute the Mentor's wishes right away. Before leaving however, Yasmin asked Dimanche where they could locate the Templars. The Mentor told the siblings that Francis was to be located wilds, try turning Natives to the Christianity – if they did not followed, he would kill them. He was guarded by sergeant Stewart Oxide and his regiment. Condor and his sister were sent to Albany, a city controlled by the Templars. There they would be greeted by the bureau-leader in the whole River Valley: Piloqutinnguaq Shikoba.

Induction to the Order[]

Albany Headquarters[]

The Guardians

Arriving in the city of Albany, Condor and Yasmin was met by a woman dressed in black and green robes. She was dressed with a hood and presented herself as Viviane Vault, and was a follower of Piloqutinnguaq Shikoba. Vault lead them through the streets of the city. The gang of the Assassins, The Guardians, patrolled Albany, giving information about the whereabouts to Templars that tried to gain foothold in the city. The Assassins belonged to a headquarters south in the city. Approaching the gang's leader, Piloqutinnguaq, Vault told the siblings that they had to respect the ways the Colonial Brotherhood acted; Condor and Yasmin agreed – everything seemed normal in Albany. Vault opened the door, where Piloqutinnguaq stood with a woman in brown and orange dress. They stood over a map of New York City, and was glad to see Vault – but surprised to see the siblings. Piloqutinnguaq and the woman agreed that they should talk later. Piloqutinnguaq greeted the Apito-siblings, and told them to call him Pilot. He lead them to the table, and turned the top around. Under it, a map showed the River Valley. He had marked that Francis and Oxide was operating close to a Native settling. They had newly arrived there, and would act slowly and hard at the Natives to make them turn to the Christianity. The siblings were sent to a forest named Orenda.

Francis White[]

Francis White, The Exorcist

Arriving in the forest of Orenda, the Apito-siblings quickly found themselves wandering towards the village. They stayed to the roads until they saw smoke: now they climbed to the trees and jumping from bough to bough. Coming over a village, the siblings soon saw men dressed in black or red clothing, but the redcoats amounted the majority of the soldiers. The black-dressed were Templars, the red-dressed were the Templars' mercenaries. A church had began to be built, so the Templars had began their work. Here, the black-dressed Templars argued with some Natives.

The siblings separated from each other, taking down the snipers one by one. "I will beat you this time, brother." The siblings had always spent their time by executing competitions against the other. Condor sneaked up and killed not less than five snipers. When the area was clean of snipers, he dropped down and killed a mercenary that harassed a Native woman. The woman thanked him, and Condor told her to take her family and neighbors into the house: he would deal with the soldiers. Taking a chance, Condor crossed some ground, hiding in some bushes. He regretted it, because at the same time, some soldiers walked quickly towards him, covered by an agile mercenary to watch over the soldiers – in case they were killed. Condor felt his heart beat. When the soldiers approached the bushes, Condor took his smoke bombs. Either way, the mercenary would alert the other Templars, mercenaries and soldiers. There was only one thing to do: fight off the men. "At least I will get more kills than Yasmin." The soldiers was just by him. "What the –" Yasmin jumped from a ledge. She stabbed both of the soldiers. The mercenary fled. Yasmin threw the Rope dart on him, pulling the mercenary back. The mercenary fell, screaming. Yasmin ran up to him, extended her hidden blade, giving the deathblow. Yasmin rose from the corpse of the mercenary, turning to Condor. "I killed four snipers, and these three: seven totally."

Taking out the rest of the Templars up to the church, the siblings slowly moved towards their goal. In front of the church, the Templars that argued with the Natives were still not done. Condor and Yasmin went from bush to bush until they were behind the church. Taking out a brute silently, Condor and his sister climbed the walls. Looking through the window, the Assassins could see Francis White talking to Stewart Oxide. The latter had just left when the Assassins destroyed the window. Stewart would not escape yet, they thought. Condor and Yasmin landed in front of the priest. Francis turned around. The priest grabbed around his cane. The siblings ejected their hidden blades.

Stewart Oxide[]

Piloqutinnguaq "Pilot" Shikoba[]

Caribbean Purge[]




The Apito-family



Victims of Condor and Yasmin Apito.