Constance: "What on earth are you doing?"
Guardsman: "I … I … I was just gonna – "
Constance: "You were just gonna put that crate with silver-cutlery back. Of course, I can let you go with it, if you want me to remove your ear, your tongue and your flesh. "
—Constance threatening a guardsman short time before her voyage,
18th November 1790
Constance Dufour
Constance see trouble from her
apartment close the Arsenal
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Bordeaux, Kingdom of France


20 November 1790
Arsenal, Paris, Kingdom of France

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Templars (1787–death)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Amber Goldfarb

Constance Dufour was a French Templar operating in Paris during the French Revolution. She was an agent of Master Templar Bourienne, thus a member of his group of mercenaries.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Constance was born and raised in the city of Bordeaux by her father and Templar-mother. Constance's parents was both merchants, making Constance interested in trading and numbers. She had inherited her mother's intellect, and would – by orders from her father – be learned by the best teachers in southwestern France. This made Constance quite smart and cunning, which made it difficult for her father to select her a spouse when she became of age. Constance did not want to bind herself to a man who would chain her to a house, living as the mother of the spouse's children. At the age of 21, Constance left her family for Paris.

Loan-sharking Edit

In the capital of France, Constance made her luck in the district of Le Marias. She had been given money by her mother – provided by the Order – to establish a loan-sharking business, and murdered any who failed to pay her debts – or doubted in a woman. By doing this, Constance became wanted by the government. So, the governor of Paris sent a promising politician to her establishment to arrest her. He was given a handful of soldiers, but he refused to use them. Instead, he took a carriage to his home, fetched his private group of soldiers and brought them to her establishment. He stationed them around the building while he entered her establishment with a golden dagger to put in. It was no one else in the shop, and Constance was all alone – so the man began to talk about the Templar Order. Constance felt confused for a moment, and the politician said he understood – it was a fact, however, that Constance's mother was a Templar, and Constance was more than ready to join the Order. Constance asked what she could get out of it. The man answered that he would buy her a house in Troyes, and would give her a large amount of money. She accepted his offer, and became a member of the Templar Order – however as a weak enforcer. Constance saw more of it as a way to obtain fringe benefits.

French Revolution Edit

Serving her Templars loyal however, Constance spent her time to carry out transactions for her boss: Master Templar Bourienne, the politician. In 1788, she married a member of the National Guard, and in this way: controlling the Arsenal. Here, the Swiss guard held storehouses that were used for the Army. After her husband's death in hunt for Old Guard Templars, Constance inherited his appartement at the Île de la Cité. However, as a Swiss-guard-widow, Constance claimed to be compensated with an appartement closer the Arsenal – so it was carried out, with the help of Bourienne. Meanwhile, she transformed the appartement into a bed-and-breakfast – manipulating a war-widow to carry out the work, but let the money line Constance's pockets.

The Simons Edit

Older Olivier

Olivier Simon

In September 1790, Constance had received order from Boruienne to meet him and some Luxembourg fighters near the northern gates. She came, and followed a carriage with three merchants a bit before she saw the fighters approaching – with Bourienne a bit away. Instead, two male Templars lead the attack. Constance decided to join – she guessed this was her task anyway – and fought off two women of the merchants. After doing so, she found the carriage of Bourienne and followed him to the women's estate. They agreed on that she would find Charles Benedetto from the LF and tell him that she would provide him with weapons from the Arsenal in order to attack the estate. Furthermore, Bourienne told, the Templar Jacques Croix would most likely meet her continuous the next month, giving information about transactions to be carried out in a merchant's name: Olivier Simon. Constance guessed the man that had been kidnapped was the merchant, and Bourienne confirmed it.

16th November, Jacques Croix learned of Charles Benedetto's death. He knew the Assassins would come for him and Olivier, so on orders by Bourienen and Constance, Jacques sent Olivier to the Arsenal. Constance greeted the old merchant, stating that he would be given 'a time of his life while he was alive'. Olivier understood it was ironic, and Constance saw it. "Okay, you'll be treated like the fool you are to support the Assassins." She brought him to a sewer. She said that he would find nothing but rats, stinking water, and bars. He would have no chance for escape, because soldiers would guard the opening to the sewer. When Olivier refused to enter, Constance stated with a pistol to his head: "I can blow out your brain right now, and your allies will forget you – and your daughters will need to find a new father." Olivier entered the sewers.

Death Edit

AC4 Templar Key

20th November, Constance read in the Journal de Paris that the Blacksmith of Le Marais had been killed the day before. Constance knew that she had to leave the same day. Most of the voyage were complete, so she told the soldiers that she would leave the same evening. The whole day, soldiers made themselves ready for her voyage. By the evening, Constance burnt letters from the Order – deleting her from their records. She wanted to begin anew. The key she had been given the day before, could be sold on the black market – so she put it in her pocket. Constance was accompanied by two soldiers on her way out. She walked over to the sewer and told the soldiers to fetch Olivier Simon – and this was carried out. Constance was then accompanied by more guards, walking down to the boats that waited for her. Olivier Simon followed. At the bay, Constance gave orders to load the boats and get them out on the river.

Suddenly. Smoke. Screams. Shots. Chaos. Constance found a boat and let it out on the river. She began to row. However, she had not come far before she saw the Assassins – one in white robes, the other old and brown-dressed – jumping out in the river, followed by one woman who were not dressed as the Assassins. Constance knew that she could not escape in the rowboat, but fighting them here would be futile. So, Constance jumped out in the river, swimming to the riverbank. Constance was lucky. She had ended up at one of the Extremists' docks. She was known to them, and asked what was wrong. Constance pointed to the river, screaming: "Assassins!" Constance pulled out her pistol, but realized it would be useless after being in the water, so she pulled out her sword.

The extremists took out their weapons and began to fight the Assassins. The Assassin dressed in white was quickly surrounded by two of the extremists, but fought violently back. The old man had to fight an extremist elite – a thin, quick-moving soldier. However, the woman quickly disarmed the extremist defender, grabbing his spear. She impaled him with it before moving to Constance. Constance believed the extremists would deal with the Assassins – and chose to stay, but now she regretted. Constance lifted her sword to defend herself. The spear was parried. Constance swung her sword to her enemy, but she parried the hit – she then kicked Constance in the lower leg. Constance fell to the ground. The woman was to impale Constance, but the latter rolled away – getting back on her feet. Constance then screamed before charging to the woman. The latter turned around before throwing the spear into Constance's side. The attacker then takes out the spear but quickly move up to Constance and put it over her throat – and with a quick movement, the attacker breaks Constance's neck.

The attacker loots Constance's corpse, finding the key in her pocket. She hands it over to the Assassin in white robes. The extremists were dead, obviously.

Trivia Edit

  1. Constance is the medieval form of Constantia, meaning "constant, steadfast".
  2. Dufour is the occupational name for a baker, from French four "oven".
  3. Because Constance decided to cut all ties to the Order when she was leaving Paris, she can be counted as a turncoat.
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