The Cubes of Eden (also known as Cubes) are items created by the First Civilization. The Cubes was made by the Isu members with the purpose to defeat the human rebels with plagues and canons (using the Cubes as batteries).

Constructed by Hephaestus and his apprentice, Consus, the Cubes had been ordered by the Capitoline Triad. The humans had began to rebel against their creators, and the Triad wanted it to stay like it had been for ages. After calculating a bit more, they gave the order to create a weapon equally to today's WMDs. The Cube was to have the power to make an epidemic that was to affect the men and women not protected by Eden. The disease was to have the these symptoms: the appearance of buboes in the groin, the neck and armpits, which oozed pus and bled when opened. This was to be followed by acute fever and vomiting of blood. Most victims died two to seven days after initial infection.  

Isu Cannons

Isu Cannons

But the Triade also wanted the Cubes to create blasts on thousands and thousands of degrees. By using these Cubes, Consus was to create cannons that was to fire the blasts from the Cubes – although, only four was created. A certain group of human hybrids was trained by Durga, and was to control the cannons. Durga led many attacks with these weapons, and the result was mass destruction. After the blast had hit a spot, it would create a radioactive place like the Chernobyl disaster. Loki, a member of the First Civilization, had got the news of the results, and then chose to steal the Cubes and its plans. By doing this, the Isu lost their powerful weapon – and Loki was expelled. Because of the complex creating of the Cubes, Hephaestus and Consus, gave up on creating new ones without drawings.  

In the early Middle Ages, the founder of the Danish Templar Rite, Ingólfr Boktark, sent Theobald Pinesvik to Finland to carry out a transaction. Instead, he found a Cube of Eden. Theobald brought it back to the headquarters in Copenhagen. For the following years, the men and women of the new Rite would try to find out what this device was.  

At some point before the Black Death, the Danish Rite got news of destruction of a Cube. This lead to the plague that would kill millions of men, women and children. During the Black Death, the Danish Rite's Grand Master, Oluf Bjerg, was taken – just as many of the Master Templars and their allies. But before Oluf died, he pointed out his daughter, Katrina, to be the new leader of the Danish Temlplar Rite. Katarina took the role seriously, and promised to make her father proud of her. She and her brother, Sivert, would be the new masters in the Rite. When the Black Death seemed to leave Scandinavia in late 1350, Katarina used the Cube of Eden to make it flare up again. It was a risk, but Katarina had discovered – after her father's death – that the Cube had the power to protect a given number of people. The only thing that was needed, was that someone had to giver their hand to the Cube – just the hand. The Cube would then infect this hand with particles from the Isu Era. One had to drink a bit of the blood from the hand to prevent being touched by the plague. The First Civilization had created this because they knew the humans would never do it unless they were desperate.  

The Cubes that still exists, have been locked away – or not yet discovered. Abstergo means the Cubes are too dangerous to be used today. But if a nuclear war breaks out, Abstergo will not hesitate to create cannons able to handle the Cubes' power.  

Known wielders of Cubes Edit

These are the known First Civilization and/or human wielders of Cubes.

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