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"We are united as one."
―A Member saying the motto
Cult Of The Awakened
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All Over Japan

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The Cult Of The Awakened was a cult formed by former assassin Nitemare, completely losing faith in the Japanese Brotherhood after being tricked into killing his own kin.


The Bushido[]

The Bushido are Samurai who served in the Eastern Army at Sekigahara.

They are lead by Yoshiaki Mogami.

The Exiles[]

The Exiles are former retainers who were exiled after The Kyushu Campaign.

They are lead by Hidehisa Sengoku.

The Zealots[]

The Zealots are religious followers whose goal is to spread their great leader's promise all over the world.

They are lead by Ukon Takayama.

The Warmongers[]

The Warmongers are Generals who have come from all over Asia throughout the world.

They are lead by Matabei Goto.

The Young Bloods[]

The Young Bloods are new recruits who have recently begun serving the Toyotomi.

They are lead by Shigenari Kimura.

The Ronin[]

The Ronin are masterless samurai who joined Hideyori Toyotomi at Osaka Castle for their final stand.

They are lead by Yukimura Sanada.

The Clansmen[]

The Clansmen are Toyotomi loyalists who do espionage and recruit new members for their lord.

They are initially lead by Harunaga Ono, but after his death, is lead by Hideyori himself.