Cypriote Dens

A tower in the Cypriote Dens

The Cypriote Dens is a collective term used for five slums in Paphos on the island of Cyprus. The dens were established by the Greek Templar Felix Andreas. In 1734, they were overtaken by the Greek Assassin Nikoleta Megalos however and turned into Assassin Dens, serving as hideouts for the Assassin Order.

After the fall of Stavros in 1734, the Greek Assassins Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna established an Assassin guild in the city of Kyrenia. Soon afterwards, Nikoleta Megalos were sent to kill Despina Andreas. Learning about the Templars' connections in Paphos however, Nikoleta firstly had to bring down each of the men and women Felix Andreas had hired to supervise the slums. Upon her arrival, she collected information about the dens and wrote down information about them all.

Dens Edit

Neophytos Den Edit

About the Neophytos Den, Nikoleta Megalos wrote following:


Berker nin Utku, The Conqueror

"The Neophytos Den is a slum where the poorest of the poor live. The overseer here is a Turk named Berker nin Utku, who goes under the cryptonym The Conqueror. It was once a place where the governor would arrange balls, but now it has become a slum riddled with crime – who fight for a place off the street. On behalf of Felix Andreas, he exploit the poor souls living here: those who once lived in luxury now has to give their values to Berker. He stores them in his tower, well guarded.

One of the men living in this slum, Orhan Dzez, seems to be a well-trained longshoreman. He is capable of wielding an axe – which is good in battle. After saving him from a group of bandits hired by The Conqueror, he offered to assist me in bringing him down. Orhan tells the best way to kill The Conqueror, is to act like a guerrilla-trooper: come with a fatal lunge before returning to the shadows."

After bringing down Berker nin Utku, Nikoleta decided to take Orhan as a novice and make him an Assassin. He became the leader of the Neophytos Den, turning it under the Assassins' control.

Ioannidis Den Edit

About the Ioannidis Den, Nikoleta Megalos wrote following:


Yanni Kokinos, The Wrestler

"The Ioannidis Den is a borough of Paphos where a man under the name Yanni Kokinos strike fear in the people's hearts. This slum suffers under The Wrestler's power, of which have been made an example of when he battled a blacksmith on the open streets – it was not much to bury afterwards. All the working guilds, from the bakers to the blacksmiths, have been threatened by The Wrestler at least once. The prize of buying and selling all goes through him: he operates from the tower, whereas the victims' bones are working as an eternal reminder of whom are in power.

A local 'hero' are to be made an example of in short time. The Wrestler has decided to make a show of it: everyone has to attend, or else he will ransack their homes. The one who are going to be executed, is an Israelite named Rabi. After what have been told me, Rabi is an old rival of The Wrestler. I've met him once before in advance, and at that point he told me how to kill The Wrestler alone: turning the crowd against him, or slice his throat. (But he advised me not to meet him alone at all)"

After bringing down Yanni Kokinos, Nikoleta decided to take Rabi as a novice and make him an Assassin. He became the leader of the Ioannidis Den, turning it under the Assassins' control. He also rose through the ranks fast, and became Nikoleta's second-in-command.

Vissarion Den Edit

About the Vissarion Den, Nikoleta Megalos wrote following:


Thalia Floros, The Megaera

"The den of Vissarion is a borough that seems to be filled with non-greeks – Romani people and jews mainly. The woman who oversees these people, are wanted by the authorities for her crimes against the minorities of Paphos – for good reason. Thalia Floros, who operates under the cryptonym The Megaera, prance through the streets of Vissarion as the Queen of Sheba. Letting outlanders enter the city, they all seek to Vissarion, whereas they will be taken care of by The Megaera. She uses stalkers to track down outlanders who don't pay their debts to her for living at the Vissarion Den.

One of the Romani, Manuela Ionescu, have offered to help me, in exchange for being trained in my style of fighting. I helped her mother getting back a chest of values that The Megaera's troops had confiscated. After I had done so, The Megaera had met up herself with a group of Cypriotes and Greeks who wanted to get rid of the Romani. I defended Manuela's family and tribe, forcing The Megaera to flee. In order to bring down The Megaera for good, we will have to distract her at some way – something Manuela will serve to do."

After bringing down Thalia Floros, Nikoleta decided to take Manuela as a novice and make her an Assassin. She became the leader of the Vissarion Den, turning it under the Assassins' control.

Agapios Den Edit

About the Agapios Den, Nikoleta Megalos wrote following:


Imram Naveed, The Redeemer

"Rising from the shadows of his Libyan village, Imram Naveed has entered the Agapios Den using the nickname The Redeemer. The people of Agapios are deeply religious – in their own way, of course. Agapios adjoin to the dens Ioanndis and Vissarion, which results in a multi-cultural society. The Redeemer Naveed use a high amount of opium, either he is of rich societies – or he has ties to the Paphos smugglers. The drugs he use, are being used in his private cult. The ones who oppose him, end up at the morgue – using three of his most closes cultists to do the job.

One of the cultists that have managed to escape however, is a man named Badem Sabah – not without being scarred however. He managed to escape with a necklace that revealed his allegiance: the Templar Order. All of The Redeemer's cultists are following him out of fear, or enjoyment of the opium. Either way, an innocent target of the Order, deserves to be rescued. When his death approaches, I will give him a dose of opium that is a bit too much."

After bringing down Imram Naveed, Nikoleta decided to take Badem as a novice and make him an Assassin. He became the leader of the Agapios Den, turning it under the Assassins' control.

Michelakakis Den Edit

About the Michelakakis Den, Nikoleta Megalos wrote following:


Iakovos Spiros, The Occulist

"Crowning at the top of Michelakakis Den, sits the Greek occulist Iakovos Spiros. After being recruited into the Templar fold by Felix' henchman, Iakovos soon became the second-in-command of the man. Because of his noble status, he was placed in the den of Michelakakis, whereas he operates from the tower, defended by a handful of well-skilled guards – the rest patrols in the den itself. All the Pieces of Eden that are being found by the Templars of Paphos, are being sent to The Occulist.

As for the citizens of the Michelakakis Den, The Occulist use a band of bandits and well-trained mercenaries to make sure the poor are staying loyal to the Templar banner. A woman living in these slums however, Özgür Burakgazi, are working against The Occulist because of his ill ways to lead the people. According to her, The Occulist wields a shining orb that is making all the nobles and poor living in the den bow to him."

After bringing down Iakvos Spiros, Nikoleta decided to take Özgür as a novice and make her an Assassin. She became the leader of the Michelakakis Den, turning it under the Assassins' control.

Legacy Edit

After bringing down all of the Templars, the Assassins gained control of the Cypriote Dens. Nikoleta Megalos moved on to kill Felix Andreas. With the help of her acolytes during the liberating of Paphos, Nikoleta infiltrated the base of operations of Felix and killed him.

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