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The Dah is a weapon used by most Inwa Brotherhood Assassins and can be used both singal and dual.


Dha vary considerably according to locality but they share a few features that define them apart from other weapons and tools of use.But most have a round cross-section grip, a long, gently curving blade (sometimes upward, other times downward in the direction of use) with a single edge, and no guard.There are a large number of possible shapes for the tip, with up swept, down swept, squared-off and spear-like varieties. The blades are often inscribed, which can range from a simple maker's mark to quite intricate designs that may also feature inlays.


  • Nghat kyee taung dha: A single edge sword with a sharp point
  • Dha-hmyaung: A dagger
  • Dha-shay: A long curved sword
  • Dha-lwe: A long sword worn over the shoulder in a scabbard
  • Dha-ma: A machete
  • Dha-mauk: A paring or utility knife