"I can't simply sit around while these Templars do as they as please while others like me are trying to make a living in this country." from Daisuke Hajima when talking to an Assassin


25 year old Daisuke Hajima starts out as a regular guy who is forced to go from town to town to make a living as a farmer in the fields due to bad luck. Unfortunately, every town or city he goes to was either under very poor economic state or was ransacked by the current ruling Templar royal guard in order to rule with an iron fist which caused Daisuke and most of the country suffer. One night, Daisuke has sinken to his lowest low and decides to go to the local bar and drink a lot of alcohol to make himself feel better. As he was leaving the bar, he bumped into a hooded man whom Daisuke thought was looking for a fight and decided to attack him out of nowhere (remember Daisuke was drinking so he could be drunk). Daisuke took out his farming tool and dealed out very rapid movement that even the hooded man had a hard time keeping up with him. Suddenly another hooded man appeared to try to intervene, but Daisuke fell backwards to the ground flat on his back. The first hooded man walked over to see if Daisuke was okay, then suddenly Daisuke woke up, grabbing both of the man's wrists and did a headbutt that hurted them both. The second hooded man walked over to Daisuke and told him that he was impressed by how fast and how cunning he was and asked Daisuke for the reasons for attacking his apprentice, so Daisuke answered his question (as shown at the top of the page). The second hooded man explained to Daisuke that they are a part of the Assassins group and offered him a chance to join them and Daisuke accepted.

Assassin Training

Daisuke Hajima finally begins his Assassin training under the guidance of the Assassin who presented him the offer, Hikaru Kichiro. Daisuke has learned how to freerun, proper weapon training, information gathering and disguises. His usual loadout from all the time of his entire career as an Assassin would include a hidden blade, 10 throwing knives, a bow with arrows and a kusarigama (which is basically the Japanese weapon sickle with a ball and chain) which he is the only one of the Japanese Assassin Order that uses that particular weapon. With all the time Daisuke spent in his training, he has become a very reliable sniper/scout (mainly explains why he has a bow because crossbows weren't in Japan around that time) by relaying important important information between other Assassin Dens and assassinating a few Templar captains. The highest rank that Daisuke has ever reached was Mercenary.

A Traitor in our midst

Upon returning from a information gathering mission, Daisuke was encountered by his mentor Hikaru who wanted to speak to him about a certain disturbance. Hikaru tells him that someone is killing certain allies of the Assassins and trying to disrupt communications between certain Assassin Dens as if someone knows how to do it effectively. Daisuke decides to turn in his mission and help Hikaru stop this mysterious assailant. The pair begin their search by going to other Assassins within the area, asking them who were the victims and where they are killed. Next, they try to go these certain locations by freerunning on the rooftops to see how much accessibility are these areas and what are the most efficient approaches. Finally, they investigated the bodies of the victims to see how they were killed. Hikaru explained to Daisuke that he has somewhat suspect that it could be a former Assassin who has turned to the Templars who was responsible for these murders and miscommunications, namely Kohaku Tatsuo. Daisuke suggests that they should try to ambush him in the middle of the night at an ally's location and Hikaru agrees to it. The plan was that Hikaru is on lookout from the rooftops while Daisuke is on the ground partoling the area and at the moment Kohaku is spotted by either of them they would gang up on him and kill him. Daisuke suddenly spots a cloaked man who was kicking down the door of the target's residence and Daisuke chases after him thinking that he was Kohaku. Unfortunately, the cloaked man turned out to be an aggressive tax collector but Daisuke didn't kill him. Hikaru jumped down from his position to see what was going on then Daisuke explained that he mistaken an innocent for Kohaku so that nothing happened. Right before Hikaru went back to his position, he sees a man that he recognizes and runs away from him, Hikaru tells Daisuke that the running man is their target. Daisuke chased him on foot while Hikaru followed them by rooftop. By the time that this chase has reached the other side of town, the running man decides to stop in his tracks to throw down a smoke pellet and hide in the nearby crowd to cover his escape. Hikaru lost sight of the man but Daisuke keeps going hoping to catch up with him in the crowd. After pushing and shoving a lot of the citizens, Daisuke sees from a distance the running man walking into an alleyway and gives chase.

Death of Daisuke Hajima

At the very moment that Daisuke sets a foot in the alleyway, a loud sound occurs. Daisuke looks down and sees blood spending all over his crest and he was filled with confusion as of how did he got wounded. The man was using a hidden gun (which is used by the Assassins along with the hidden blade) with an expression of disappoint on his face. Daisuke fell on the ground due to loss of blood and couldn't get up. Hikaru saw what happened realizing that he was too late to save Daisuke from harm and try to make things right by trying to get the jump on the assailant. The armed man just casually stepped backward just to dodge Hikaru's assassination attempt. "You taking kids as apprentices now? You really have become soft haven't you Hikaru? And here I thought you were going to take things seriously." said the man. "And you still need to learn how to hide in the shadows better Kohaku." Hikaru replied back. "That's twice now I've killed someone that you've try to protect. That's your problem right there, having to rely on others." Kohaku taunts as he walks away. Daisuke looks up and tries to reach for his throwing knives but lacked the strength to do so. Hikaru hurries to Daisuke's side to try to help him, "No need for that, I was too hasty and rush in head first. It's my punishment to bear, not yours." Daisuke insisted. "Rest in peace dear apprentice, I shall avenge you." Hikaru says as Daisuke slowly fades away.


Daisuke Hajima is more of a kind of person that tries to outsmart people using his words and cunning and tries to lighten up the mood of certain situations but occasionally rudely questions his mentor's orders on his scouting missions

from 1245-1271

Time period: Feudal Japan

Affilations: Japanese Assassins

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