"We may be pirates, but we are not animals; we do not kill prisoners. [...] Join us if you're willing, disperse quickly if you're not."
―Daniella Santino[src]
Daniella Santino
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Biographical information

11 September 1702
Havana, Cuba

Political information

Rebels (? - 1722)
Assassins (1722 - ?)

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Appears in

Silent Night

Daniella Santino (1702 - unknown), also known as Dani, was a Spanish-Cuban rebel-turned-pirate, and a member of the Assassin Order. The mother of Anthony and Aurora, wife of James Denton, a descendant of Emilio Venier; through this line, she was also an ancestor of Aaron Bryant.

In the year 1722, she became a pirate after the bar she was working in was bombed by collaborators of British Navy captain Richard Burke and began a relationship with former Templar Jason Denton.


Early lifeEdit

"My life wasn't as calm and cozy as yours; my father worked himself to death trying to support a family he knew he couldn't afford. Mother just collapsed one day... and I don't know where my older brothers are."
―Daniella, discussing her past with James Denton[src]

Born into a poor family with three older brothers and two younger siblings, Daniella Santino lived in a squalid hovel in one of Havana's many seedy neighborhoods throughout her childhood. By her thirteenth birthday her father passed away while he was at working in a bar one night, he was later found in the gutter outside of their home and not able to afford a funeral, Daniella's mother decided it be best if they just left him for the government to deal with. Not long after, her mother died from a grief-induced heart-attack, forcing young Daniella to care for her six-year-old siblings, as her older brothers had departed from Cuba.


In 1716, Daniella managed to aquire a job working at Madame Ariesa's brothel doing chores around the large quarters, such as laundry, cooking and cleaning, and in turn she and her siblings were given a place to stay and food.

She worked for the Madame for the next two years before she was asked to deliver a package to an acquaintance without looking in the package. On her way back, Ariesa claimed to have people following her and that it was a test to see if she could be trusted, she then extended an invitation to see if she wanted to join the rebels, an offer she didn't hesitate to accept, being tired of the abusive government.


Personality and characteristicsEdit

Generally Daniella was passive-assertive and sweet Cuban woman, growing up in lower-class neighborhood. She would be friendly with people until they started to annoy her or make a move on her in the case of men. As she grew older and more attractive she learned to defend herself and young siblings.

She was soft-spoken until pushed and had very few policy views but when she joined the rebels in Havana she said she only to get protection for her family and so she vandalize government property.

She also had a talent for singing and for playing violin and a lute, she would often play for the crew of the Lady Jay.

Romantic lifeEdit

Over the course of her life, Daniella had dated few men and had fallen head over heels in love with them only to have her heart broken numerous times over. These heartbreaks caused her to become cold and distant when approached by men. Eventually one man managed to break through her cold exterior, month after month of prodding and romantic gestures since her escape from Havana with James Denton she surrendered and shared a romance with the pirate one night and began a permanent relationship of sorts. Years later the relationship bore twin children Anthony and Aurora.


  • Daniella is the French female variant of the male name Daniel, meaning "God is my judge" in the Hebrew language.
  • Santino is a variant of Santos (Spanish), and the meaning of Santino is "the saints". But despite the meanings of both names Daniella shows no interest in organized religion.
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