Danish Templar Army
Danish Templar Army
Organizational information

Unknown Grand Master

Leader's title

Knight Commander


Copenhagen, Denmark


Nordic countries


Christianity (formerly)

Various (modern day)

Historical information
Date formed

Unknown, c. 1270

Additional information
Notable members

The Danish Templar Army (often referred to as The Army) is an organization controlled by the Danish Knight Commander – and the Dane-Norwegian Templar Council.

History Edit

It is unknown when the The Army was established, but that it only happened sometime before the reign of Oluf Bjerg and his family. The Grand Master that established them does not appear in the Templar records either. The only thing that is recorded is that when he were laying on his deathbed, he pointed out Oluf Bjerg as the new Grand Master – and he chose the new commander: his son Sivert.

Throughout the ages, the Danish Templar Army have served as the Templars' personal army. They have carried out battles, served as guards on heavily controlled Templar-bases, replaced Denmark's soldiers with themselves (in order to expand Templar influence), and so on.

Today, the Danish Templar Army have been heavily reduced. They operates as a task force, ordered to carry out more or less suicide missions for the Council. The Knight Commander to this day is a woman named Bodil Laurinzen, and she have given herself the task – and also brought on her by the Council – to locate a Ring of Eden. By examine it's origin, the Danish branch of Abstergo Industries can crate shields for The Army – and Denmark's – soldiers or other military transport.

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