David MacCallum-Kenway
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4 October 1730
Scotland, Inverness

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David MacCallum-Kenway Edit

Daibhidh MacCallum-Kenway was born to Ealasaid MacCallum and David Kenway. He was brought up to speak Scottish Gaelic as his main language he spoke a little bit of English but not much. That all changed in the year 1740 when he was evicted from his home in the town of Nairn. Barely 10 years old his mother Ealasaid, was killed for resisting eviction and encouraging the Jacobite rebellion. David was forced to learn English in its entirity but was enstilled to enact revenge on the British crown. Four years later he went to Inverness capital of the Highlands and the nearest city to Nairn and became a petty thief and campaigner against the redcoats. Word of the 14 year old spread through the highlands and was contacted directly by the Jacobite commander who was an assassin, impressed with the boys skill and talent of free running, climbing and fighting the man asked David if he wanted to be something more than a petty thief and fight the British, which he agreed almost without hesitation. The two traveled to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh to the main headquarters of the Assassin's in Scotland.


David Wielded two hidden blades, dual swords, a skean dubh (Dagger) , a flintlock pistol and a stag antler

Family Edit

David was the son of Edward Kenway, he was concieved when Edward was having an affair with Ealasaid MacCallum in London in early 1730 it was short however Edward had his wife Tessa Stephenson-Oakley and his five year-old son Haytham to attend to, Ealasaid felt betrayed making an utter dislike to the rest of Britain or Breatainn mhor as the Gaels called it, she was a strong supporter of the Jacobite rebellion which made her a priority to die during the clearances. In laterlife he had a son called Seathainn MacChaluim Kenway (Sean MacCallum-Kenway) who was trained to be an Assassin and emigrated to the Americas in the tter 18th century where he met and had a brotherly bond with his cousin Ratonhnhake:ton

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