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October 7, 2011[]

9:34 P.M.[]

The rainy city of Seattle appeared very gloomy at The night. The rain poured hard on the sidewalk. A lone car was driving on an empty street to an unknown destination. Inside, the driver wore a black leather jacket over a black hoody, black jeans and had a Desert Eagle .50 Action Express strapped to his chest. He seemed very impatient with the rain slowing down his speed. A nearby phone ringed and the driver answered the phone. "Who is this?" the driver asked. "Your mom, who the fuck do you think this is?" the voice called sarcastically. "Look J, I don't have time for your jokes so please just brief me on the mission already." the driver said. "Alright fun killer whatever you say. You are to find and eliminate a high value individual who is kidnapping children and, what speculation says, using them as slaves and all that crazy shit. The HVI is denying everything and that's where you come in at." said J. "Now for this mission you are being given an alias and under don't reveal your real name. Personally I don't like the alias but whatever. You're being called 'Vince Sanders' and you are a business man." "You know a friend of mine is named Vince right?" Vince Sanders said. "Yeah yeah I know. I will contact you again once you're done. Ya got that?" J said. "Okay. Now please hang up. I'm in no mode to fuck around." Vince said coldly. "Woah what? Fuck around? You're gay and you want me? Oh god!" J said then shortly busted into laughter. "J no one thinks you're funny and is this was written out somewhere and some one read this they would agree with what I just said." Vince said. "Dude will you get over that already?" J said. Vince hung up and turned off his phone.

9:42 P.M.[]

More coming soon!