Delaware Dinsmore
D Dinsmore
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December 1735


April 1776 (aged 40)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

"Mom, I will make you proud – I know you have been into some shit, but I will make you proud. I will not disappoint you. I will take back Havana, and I will make you have peace again."
―Delaware promising her dead mother to take down the Templars in Havana, 1772
Delaware Dinsmore was one of four lieutenants in Caribbean that obeyed the Templar-turncoat lady Concord. Delaware was the daughter of Rhona Dinsmore and an unnamed merchant, and the Assassin-overseer of Havana. Rhona felt ashamed because she had sat her own lusts instead for the Creed. Because of this, Delaware always had a need to make her mother proud in every way.

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With the takedown of the Assassins' puppets and allies in 1770, Delaware was soon a target of lady Concord. From the beginning of 1771 to August 1772, Delaware was harassing Concord and her Templar-associates. Even if Delaware had managed to take down the Templars in Havana, she would never had manage to take down the governor – the Templars' puppet.
Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs

When Delaware was attacked at the bureau by Concord and one of her associates (the other had been killed some time earlier), she wounded the Templar-Assassin in her shoulder before using a smoke bomb to disappear. The soldiers that had accompanied Concord and her Templar, could not concentrate and did therefore not see the Assassin that ran to the city wall, and crawling over it. Watching over the city that fell to the Templar-hands, she decided to take up the fight later.

Joining forces with cuban Taínos, Delaware led an attack at Havana in 1772, when Concord had left the city. Although Concord was out of the picture, a Templar named Isabelle Vázquez was now overseeing the capital of Havana, along with the governor. Delaware and the Taínos managed to take down the soldiers at the governor's estate, killing the Templar Isabelle. With her death Delaware and her allies reestablished themselves in Havana, and started to locate men and women that could be great defenders of The Creed, and so on the new bureau in Havana: a tavern.

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Lady Concord

Lady Concord as she arrives in Havana

When Lady Concord returned to Havana, Delaware was sure that Concord was still a Templar – making ready the Taínos. As The Watchman docked in Havana, and Concord and Carlos Vázquez made their way to a carriage that was supposed to take them to the governor's mansion, they were attacked. Delaware and her fellow-Assassins attacked with deadly outcomes, making the Spansih people flee from the harbor. Carlos drew his sword, ready to protect himself; so did Concord. Four Assassins made their way to the two Templars – this was observed of Delaware from a rooftop. In the smoke from some bombs, Delaware did not see what was happening. But a fleeing Concord was able to see. Delaware followed Concord from the rooftops, making her pistols and hidden blades ready. In an alley, the Templar seemed to wait for something. Delaware made sure her shadow was not visible, ready to deliver the deathblow on Concord. She jumped, aiming for Concord's neck. The lady dodged, making the Assassin miss.

The former Templar convinced the Assassin that she was only wishing well for the Assassins. Delaware did not believed her, thinking Concord was trying to let Delaware lower her weapons. She was trying to fight Concord, but she was trained in the Assassins' way of attack, and decided to use her hidden blade and pressing it against the throat of the Assassin. Concord used her right arm to keep down the blade-hand for Delaware. Concord's left arm was used to pointing her hidden blade at Delaware. Concord told that she had left the Order, after some discoveries in the library of Great Inagua. She would leave Havana in control of the Assassins, if Delaware swore allegiance to her and her new Brotherhood. Delaware accepted.

Albeit Concord left with Templars – for killing them or turning them to the Assassins – Carlos Vázquez still wanted to take down Delaware: since she had token the capital from the Templars, but mostly for the reason that she had killed his sister: Isabelle. In February 1775, Carlos was killed by Concord – which making Delaware possible to control Havana completely. Later, Delaware traveled to Great Inagua to swear her allegiance to Concord, so did the rest of the Caribbean sea.

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Callum Kerr 2

Callum Kerr, The Founder

In April 1776, Delaware was at the bureau and was running around the yard. At some point, however, she saw a man in brown and green clothes attack his men at the entrance. Delaware recognized it was Callum Kerr. Callum Kerr was a Scottish-Templar who had been trained in the styles of the Assassins by Assassin-turncoat Shay Cormac. Callum had already removed some Assassins for the Caribbean Templars. Delaware wanted to kill him to avenge her fallen brothers and sisters. Delaware took her two pistols and pointed it at Callum ready to fire. Callum grabbed a man working for Delaware, and the shot went through the man's skull. Callum eliminated other of Delaware's men and then engage a fight with her. Delaware had her sword as Callum sword and dirk. They clashed their weapons for a while as neither had the contrast on the other. Callum led his dirk to the leg of Delaware, Delaware parried and then extend his hidden blade to parry a sword aimed at his chest. Callum pushed Delaware back and then stabbed her in the side. Delaware – despite the injury – performed a lunge at Callum's chest. Callum took off but the sword hit him in the left arm, causing him to lose the dirk. Delaware swung the sword but Callum parried the mid-air and then fired her. Delaware had a gunshot wound as Callum stabbed her in the chest with the hidden blade. While Callum rested on the ground, Delaware died.

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