This character is based on Lewdnar's protagonist from The Hunt. 
"I'm not grieving anymore. It clouds your judgement. All I want is revenge for my parents. It's only fair."
―Diana wanting to take revenge
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c. 450 BCE
Thasos, Hephaistos Islands

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Champion's Gymnasium

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The Hunt

Diana was a Thasanian archer and aspiring Olympic champion. At some point during her life, she became a part of the Champion's Gymnasium and the favorite of the Gymnasium's instructor, Menon.

Around the time of the Peloponnesian War, Diana encountered and befriended the Spartan misthios and proto-Assassin Kassandra.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born and raised on the island of Thasos, Diana became a huntress and archer unlike any other Thasanian. This later gave her the opportunity to be a part of, and the only known woman, at the Champion's Gymnasium. She captured the eye of several men, both friendly and unfriendly, namely Atreus and Chiron.

Peloponnesian War Edit

Into the Woods Edit

Ending at the top in her class of archers, aspiring to be an Olympic champion, Diana one day wanted to show her parents what she was capable of on a hunt. They were ambushed by a group of rogue Athenians, and were forced to watch her parents' own execution.

Orphaned and out for revenge, Diana sought out the men who killed her parents – pushing away her grandmother.

The Spartan misthios Edit

Around this time, Diana's grandmother put out a contract for any mercenary to contact her. The Spartan misthios Kassandra was around on Thasos, and managed to find Diana by the docks on the southwest side of Thasos. Eliminating a group of Athenians being linked to her parents' death, Diana sent Kassandra back to her grandmother to reassure her she was doing well. Her grandmother knew Diana could handle herself, but wanted Kassandra to let Diana understand she was walking down a dark path.

Meeting Kassandra not long after, the misthios and archer took on a group of rogue Athenians that harassed workers on the local vineyard. Learning that the Athenians brought the resources to a warehouse in Thasos City, Diana tasked Kassandra with asking the Thasanian general, Chiron, about the soldiers while she did some research on the warehouse. As Chiron denies and refuse to belive the accusations meant for his army, he dismisses Kassandra and Diana.

Storming the warehouse, Diana and Kassandra learned of a man named Eros who operated from the tax office, and the men at the warehouse reported to. Going to the gymnasium, Atreus asked Kassandra to talk with Orion from the archer class, who could add that Eros was one of the men responsible for the demise of Diana's parents. When Diana asked Kassandra how Orion knew about it, she tells the truth: he saw the men go after her and her parents, but was too much of a coward to do something about it. Angry at first, Kassandra told her to calm down – as many people were not as fearless as herself. Unable to forgive him, but still determined to find her parents' killers, Diana went to the tax office with Kassandra.

Killing Eros and a group of rogue Athenians, Diana found a letter on him signed with a strange nickname. She recognized it fast however: the local general Chiron. As to play with the archer and misthios, he left a note that would bring him down if he signed it with his name – but a mere nickname was not enough. In a public confrontation, it would be Diana's word against his. Kassandra told they should split up: meeting back at her base in the outskirts of Thasos City. Diana would return to her place, hoping Kassandra would end the life of the general.

Closure Edit

When Kassandra arrived, Diana was first scared for the news she would hear. When she revealed that Chiron was still breathing, Diana was devastated. Kassandra explained Chiron was among members of the gymnasium, and kill him in a public place like that would not only bring down the wrath of Thasos City, but destroy Diana's career too. Unable to process it all, Kassandra suggested for them to go to the beach just north of Thasos City. Diana obliged.

Reaching the beach, Diana and Kassandra talked everything out. Being so close to reaching her goal, Diana started feel an ickiness within her. She had felt anger and hatred for a long time, but began feeling hollow. She also began regretting the way she handled her quest of avenging her parents, confessing her journey had led to other Thasanians being scared for leaving their house, turning the city unstable. Kassandra argued it was too late now and things would turn out fine in the end. Diana hoped the misthios was right, and ended the conversation there. It was time to avenge her parents: she needed closure.

Riding to the Koinyra Fortress, the archer and mercenary infiltrated the Fort head on – challenging the whole fort, Chiron and his guards. With her bow, she killed Chiron herself – the arrow penetrating his armor. Giving an end to his life, she reassured him no one would remember him. Chiron laughed it off, explaining he didn't need to be remembered by the world, only his son; and he would be remembered by Atreus, as a loving father who was slain by the secret love of his life. Being handed the spear of Leonidas by Kassandra, Diana sliced Chiron's throat. She threw his sword away, making him unable to defend himself in Hades. She also didn't offer him any drachma for the ferryman, only stealing a note from his corpse.

Chiron: Diana, you have grown so much since the last time I saw you.

Diana: Shut it, Chiron. You aren’t allowed speaking to me after what you’ve done to me.

Chiron: Ah, so vile: just like your mater. I was there, you know. That night; when her head fell from the shoulders – the light draining from her eyes … Now, however, we will be reunited, and the gods will give their approval at last.

Diana: Don’t you dare speak of my mother. She helped everyone in Thasos City, and you killed her! You were friends; I saw you as family.

Chiron: Oh, but your mater and I were so much more, Diana. Alas, she didn’t want my hand in holy matrimony. Hadn’t it been for your grandmother’s wishes, your parents never would’ve even met – and I would seize your mater. I tried to win her back, but she felt “complete” with that blacksmith you called father.

Diana: My pater was the one who turned me into the woman I am today. He introduced me to archery, and got me into the gymnasium.

Chiron: Only because I wanted you to. You think Menon would’ve taken you in without my authorization? He would’ve been killed for even considering it. Your parents’ happiness and approval of you is due to my hard work.

Diana: But why go through all of this just to kill them?

Chiron: You are so naïve, Diana. I wanted you at the gymnasium to inspire my bastard of a son to become a better archer. His love for you inspires him, trying to make you notice him. I didn’t take into consideration you would do so well, however. Your instructor had grown quite fond of you, and killing you would just make him suspicious. So I made you leave the gymnasium of your own will – by killing your parents.

Diana: You are a sick bastard, Chiron. You have manipulated me and my family my whole life. You’ve used me to make Atreus – your own son – better at archery, by exploiting his feelings for me. Feelings I don’t even return … You are nothing but a hollow and foul man. And you will have a punishment worthy of it.

*stab* *Chiron dies*

Diana: You will never be with my mother again, your soul will suffer in deepest pits of Tartarus.

Memory Corridor - Chiron

Memory Corridor - Chiron

Leaving the Fort, reading the note, Diana read that Chiron had ordered the attack on her parents for Diana to go on a murder spree, ruining her reputation and career at the gymnasium. Doing so would make his son the best archer there, as he was just bested by Diana. He believed his son's love for Diana was blinding him and interfering with his future as an Olympic archer. Only wanting the best for her friend, Diana told Kassandra to not share this information with anyone. Promising Diana not to do so, Kassandra called for Phobos. The pair then rode back to the beach.

Later life Edit

Little is known about Diana's later life, but upon returning to the beach, Diana and Kassandra shared an intimate moment. Discussing what waited for her now, Diana wanted everything to settle down in the city before she returned to the gymnasium. Later she maybe would go the Olympic games and honor her family doing such. Kassandra asked if that was what she really wanted, and Diana revealed she toyed with the idea of becoming a pirate – of the good kind, that is – but she would likely go to the Olympics anyhow at some point. And by that time, Kassandra had to promise she would be there. Kassandra agreed, and the two parted ways.

Relationships Edit

Atreus - a good friend of Diana. Whilst she see their relationship as simply platonic, being oblivious for his feelings for her, Atreus is hopelessly in love with her. When asked by Kassandra if he is a friend of hers, he laughs and say that they are "just friends" – implying he tell anyone who asks that they are together. Being a friend of Diana however, he is very helpful and points out a man that is worthy of checking on: Orion. He belive it couldn't be him who is the mastermind of Diana's orphaning, but it was best being on the safe side.

Chiron - having a troublesome relationship with Chiron, she finds it a bit annoying that the Athenian army of Thasos doesn't care to investigate the rouge soldiers roaming around. As her mother also gave a nickname to Chiron, it is possible that she had a deeper connection with him through his son. With the years however, Chiron viewed Diana as a threat to his son's progress at the gymnasium and wanted her removed – but without his son knowing, as that may want to leave the gymnasium.

Diana's grandmother - being either the maternal or paternal grandmother of Diana, she likely was left with the guardianship after her son or daughter's demise in the woods. She wasn't scared for her being hurt, but she was afraid that her grandchild may do some actions she would regret later. After Kassandra reassured the grandmother that Diana would be fine, she does not appear or is mentioned again.

Menon - Diana's archery instructor at the Champion's Gymnasium. Being a Spartan refugee, due to him not being able to kill a human, he found comfort in helping other people to achieve their goals. He seems found of Diana, and is helpful with the investigation on who could be the murderer of Diana's parents – promising to look around at the gymnasium. He points out Atreus for Kassandra, and reassure her that he could not be a rival, as he is Diana's very good friend.

Trivia Edit

  1. Diana's name is a possible reference to the Roman goddess of hunt.
  2. She shares character model with Zoisme.
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