Diego Augia

Diego Augia

Diego Augia (1486-1567) is a Portuguese Assassin living in Lisbon. Trained in the ways of the assassins since 10, tradegy struck when his family were killed by Templars. Diego then discovered a massive Templar plot led by Portugal's king, Manuel I. Diego then liberated the city from Manuel, and assassinated several influential explorers and the king himself.



"The guards turn vermelho (red), my friends turn azul (blue), and regular people turn branco (white). Why is this, preceptor (mentor)? - Diego first mentioning his Eagle Vision to the Mentor.

Diego was born to Assassin parents, who moved to Lisbon in order to strengthen their presence, along with their mentor, Sandro Frabbro. At the age of ten, Diego started his training with Sandro, and learned how to climb, free-run, and fight. When he was eleven, he started using Eagle Vision. By the age of 15, Diego had nearly mastered these skills. Because of Rodrigo Borgia's death, some of the Templars began to shift their focus of controlled the entire Iberian Peninsula. Assassin and Templar activities increased in Lisbon.

Augia ExecutionEdit

In 1504, Diego's parents were arrested by Juan Fernandaz, the leader of the Lisbon guards, accusing them of helping the rebelling Jews. Diego managed to evade his captors and arrived in the central plaza where his parents were to be hung. Diego was too late. Both his parents were killed, and he was attacked by the guards. He was no match for them without weapons, but Sandro came to his rescue and they escaped. The two escaped to Diego's house, and Diego began to pack his things. Sandro then gave Diego his father's hidden blade and dagger, telling him to use it. Diego and Sandro fought their way out of the house.

Diego's first kill was a guard. The guard swung his sword at Diego, but he is sidestepped it and stabbed the guard in the neck with the hidden blade. As the guard slowly fell to the ground, Diego looked in horror at what he had just done. "Snap out of it!" Sandro yelled, and Diego barely dodged another attack. The two then used a lift to get the rooftops, and outran the guards. As they reached the last rooftop, they performed a Leap of Faith into the Tagus River, and soon swam to the other section of the city.

They swan to the other side, and got back on dry land. After sneaking by several guards they arrived at the Pousada Água Azul (Blue Water Inn) and were met by Antonio. Sandro revealed that this is the only remaning hideout for assassins in Lisbon following the appointed of Fernandaz, who is a Templar. Diego then passes out.

Taking RevengeEdit

The next morning, Sandro challenged Diego to sneak to the blackshop to buy himself some armor. Diego easily blended with the crowd and bought himself leather greaves and vambraces. While walking home, he overheard a conversation between two men in an alley. "The book keeper from Espanha (Spain) is in Lisboa (Lisbon) today," said one of the them. "I know, friend. He is here to record the death of those ugly Augia's. Porcos (pigs). At the sound of this, Diego walked up and punched the man in the face. As the other man brought up a knife, Diego kicked him in the stomach, then punched him in the back of the neck. As the two man lay unconscious, Diego noticed a cross on one man's coat. Realizing they were Templars, Diego looked over their bodies carefully. He found a note detaling the time between a meeting between the book keeper and Templar agents. Diego put the note in his pocket, and walked toward the under construction Jeronimos Monastery.

"May the Father of Understanding guide us," the book keeper and two other Templar agents greeted each other with. Diego over heard this and hid behind some bushes. Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo was the book keeper, and it was his day to die. As the men talked, Diego walked slowly toward them. At the last second he plunged his hidden blade into the book keeper's back. Time seemed to slow as Montalvo fell to the ground.

Montalvo: So, this is how it ends.

Diego: You deserve to die! The Templars murdered my family!

Montalvo: And does this...does this make you feel better? Montalvo then passes away.

Diego got up, now shaken. His shock was gone when a mace crashed into his stomach. Diego crashed a few feet away. As the Templars got closer, Diego threw sand in their eyes. While they were distracted, he killed the first Templar with his short sword. As the other Templar swung his mace, Diego ducked under and stabbed the sword into his ribs. The Templar fell dead. Diego limped toward the book keeper and pulled a journal from his pocket. He then limped home, leaving the three bodies behind.

Life in ItalyEdit

After returning home to the Blue Water Inn, Diego and Sandro looked over the book, and it detailed several Templars plots to take all of Italy. Realizing the Italian assassins were in trouble, the two assassins traveled to Italy by boat, and arrive in July of 1504. There, they are greeted by Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci. While traveling through Florence, Niccolo tells them that the Italian Templars had regrouped and now controlled the city-state of Pisa. The two were working on a plan to reroute the Arno River to end the supply of water to Pisa. Sandro and Diego travelled to the Arno River to oversee construction.

The Arno River PlotEdit

However, once there, they were attacked by several Templar knights. Diego, who had bought a regular sword, easily dispatched them. Suspicious, Diego followed the project foreman, Colombino and discovered he was meeting with other Templar agents. Diego jumped out from some bushes and stabbed Colombino in the back of the neck. The two fell to the ground.

Diego: What the Templars planning?

Colombino: Because I am close to death, I might as well tell you. We planned to sabotage your project so Pisa would conquer Firenze and all of Italia. And so we could find Khan uninterrupted.

Diego: Khan? Whose Khan? Colombino passes away.

Diego got up and dodged a Templar sword. He then deflected a mace and thrusted his sword through the man's stomach. He then swung around and killed the other Templar with a blow to the neck. 20 more guards came over, so Diego booked it out of there. He climbed to the top of hill and performed a Leap of Faith into the Arno, and swam away. He arrived at the other bank, out of sight from the Templars.

Diego ran to tell Sandro of the news, but was too late: the river had broken through the walls surrounding it and began flooding. During the chaos, nearly 200 Pisans came charging toward the two assassins. Sandro rallied the soldiers and a battle was fought. Diego pulverised the Pisans, and soon spotted the commander. He chased after him, and cornered him on a bridge over the raging Arno.

The commander swung first; Diego deflected it and attempted to slash in the thigh, but the Pisan dodged it. Another attack by Diego was blocked and he was kicked in the stomach. The Pisan then attempted a fatal stab but Diego rolled out of the way and stabbed his opponent in the legs. As the Pisan hollowed in pain, Diego thursted his sword through his stomach, killing him.

Commander: Death in battle. What a glorious way to die.

Diego: What are the Templars planning?

Commander: My orders come from the Duke of Ferrara, no one else.

Diego: But Pisa is on its own.

Commander: So it seems... The commander passes away.

A large wave smashed into the bridge, and Diego barely managed to hold on. One of side of the bridge snapped, sending Diego's side crashing into a bank. Diego climbed out, and made it to the top before the entire bridge snapped and fell. Diego walked away as the commanders floated down the river.

Diego returned to Florence with Sandro, and told him about "Khan" and the involvement of the Duke of Ferrara. Sandro told him to take a trip to Ferrara to see what is going on there.


In Ferrara, the city was cultural center of Italy, and was ruled by the powerful Duke Ercole I d'Este. Diego began investigating by talking with the city's local Assassin leader, Giovanni Russo. Russo said he was investigating the Duke when several recruits were taken captive and held at the city's prison. Diego travelled there at night and infiltrated the prison. He found an Assassin's cell and asked him the situation. The recruit, Mario Ricci, said that a recruit was executed each day, and he was the last one. As they escaped, Diego spotted another prisoner: Alfonso I d'Este. Alfonso told them that Ercole wanted his brother Ferrante to come to power, so he threw Alfonso in jail. Diego freed Alfonso and the three escaped from the prison.

The next morning, Ercole was taking a stroll through town with 5 other guards. Diego and Mario walked over and pulled out their hidden blades, killing two of the guards. As the other three swung, the two assassins dodged and deflected, eventually killing them. As they turned toward Ercole, a gunshot was fired, and Mario fell. Ercole then began running, calling for his guards. Diego followed, outrunning guards who were chasing him. Ercole then began to knock over crates and stands, but the assassin dodged them and continued on. Ercole found himself cornered along the banks of the Po di Volano. He attempted to reload his gun, but Diego leaped toward him and brought the hidden blade into the Duke's chest.

Ercole: What do want Assassin?

Diego: What is Khan?

Ercole squirmed and then swung at Diego's head, allowing him to escape. Ercole then got his gone and aimed. A gunshot rang out, and Diego looked up to see the Duke grabbing at his neck. Ercole fell over, revealing Alfonso behind him, holding a rifle. "La regola è finita, padre. (Your rule is over, father.)" Alfonso told his dad. Diego looked at the Duke one more time and asked about Khan. "La vita eterna (Eternal life)," was Ercole's last words. Diego then asked where Mario was, and Ercole said that he brought him to a doctor before chasing Ercole. The two friends walked back toward the town center.

The Ferrara ConspiracyEdit

A funeral was held for the Ercole, and Alfonso was crowned Duke of Ferrara. Ferrante and his half-brother Giulio d'Este plotted to assassinate Alfonso and take the throne for themselves. Alfonso was suspicious of this and sent Diego to spy on them. Diego infiltrated the University of Ferrara during the night and looked down on a meeting between Ferrante, Giulio, and two other men who identified themselves as Heinrich Kramer and Georg Fugger. Ferrante asked Heinrich about how the search for the artifact was going, and Heinrich replied he already had teams searching across Bohemia. Ferrante then said he planned to murder Alfonso and his older brother Ippolito the next morning. Diego attempted to return home, but was spotted by a guard armed with arquebus who shot him. Diego fell and was knocked out.

Diego woke next morning in the care of the Alfonso's doctor. The doctor said that Alfonso and Ippolito had left for the market. Diego then quickly left to save the Duke. He arrived at the marketplace and spotted several rifleman on the rooftops aiming for Alfonso. Diego quickly killed them all, before seeing Ferrante walk toward Alfonso with a knife. Diego jumped off the rooftop and landed on Alfonso, knocking him over.

Ferrante: Get out of here, asssassino! Ferrara is mine.

Diego: Not anymore!

Alfonso: Diego, stop! I will deal with him.

Diego: Where is Giulio!

Ferrante: He is at the the Cathedral.

Alfonso told Diego that the Captain of Ferrara's army was there and Giulio must be trying to kill him. Diego raced there across the rooftops, dodging the enemy arquebusers along the way. He arrived at the cathedral, and saw Giulio with the Captain near the bell. Diego climbed to the top of the tower, and saw Giulio kill his target. Giulio then saw Diego and attempted to flee. He charged after Guilio, and managed to tackle him, and the two flew through the doors and into the street. Diego then smashed Guilio's head into the ground, knocking him unconscious. Diego carried Guilio to the marketplace and through him next to Ferrante.

Diego told him the Captain was dead, and he suggested Mario become the next captain. Alfonso agreed. Diego then looked over the two conspirator's bodies, and found Ferrante's journal. He took it along with several letters belonging to Giulio. Diego then said goodbye to the Duke and left Ferrara.

Central EuropeEdit

Diego then returned to Florence and told Sandro about the Ferrara Conspiracy and how Heinrich and Georg had escaped to Central Europe. Sandro told him Heinrich was lasted spotted near Prague and was protected by guards. Diego travelled there, arriving there in a couple of weeks.


Diego began investigating Heinrich, and beat up a herald. The herald told him that Heinrich was an inquisitor who worked for the church. Diego travelled to a courtyard next to a church and overheard that a prisoner named Johann Georg Faust was going to be executed for being a sorcerer. Diego quickly travelled to Faust's prison and broke him out and rescued him from several guards. Faust thanked him by giving him several lethal bombs to use in his missions. Faust also said that he overheard that Kramer was going for a walk in the church's gardens. Diego thanked him and left.

The next morning, Diego hid himself amongst some scholars and snuck into the church courtyard. He spotted Heinrich and slowly walked over to him, and at last second stabbed him in the chest with his hidden blade.

Diego: Your days are over, Templar.

Heinrich: Not yet, attentäter (asssassin)!

Heinrich threw Diego off and called for his guards and then fled. Diego dodged the guards attacks and ran after him across Prague. Heinrich escaped inside a tower and locked the door. He then climbed out onto a balcony, armed with a rifle. "Any last words, attentäter?" he called down. Diego then threw a bomb onto the balcony and it exploded. Heinrich screamed as the balcony crumbled and fell. He tumbled down until crashing threw a roof. "Descanse em paz (Rest in peace)," Diego said. He then caught a paper caught in a wind. It told of a meeting between Heinrich and Georg Fugger in Augsburg. Diego quickly left the city, but not before a young woman named Karolin Reuchlin had seen him.

The German MerchantEdit

Diego arrived on the outskirts of Augsburg and climbed a tree to get a better view. He looked down to see several shipments of wine come into the city. He free ran across the tree tops and made into the city. He noticed some guards walking with large bags, so he followed them. Diego saw them conversing with a doctor who gave the guards a large amount of medicine. Once they left, Diego jumped to the ground and followed the doctor to an alley. There, he interrogated the doctor and asked him what the medicine was for. He said that Fugger had ordered a large amount of medicine and the guards were going to carry it to him. Diego then ran away through a courtyard, where he heard two men talking. He sat down on a bench and overheard them say Fugger was holding a large party and all the citizens were invited.

Diego snuck into the party and looked for Georg and found him on a balcony. Trumpets then blasted and Georg began a speech. He declared, "There will be many sacrifices for the new world order, and I'm afraid some of them will be now." People looked confused until they began to choke on the wine, which Diego realized was poison. Georg then ordered his soldiers to kill the surviving citizens. Chaos followed while Diego climbed upward onto a walkway. He killed two archers and ran toward Georg. Georg spotted him, and told his guards to kill him, but is was too late. The hidden blade plunged into Georg's neck.

Georg: I said there will be many sacrifices. It appears I am one of them.

Diego: What are the Templars planning? Why all the plots?

Georg: The Templars want to create a new world order, where everybody is equal and safe. Controlled. To control people, what do you need? Power.

Diego: And is the person or object named Khan part of this?

Georg: Khan is an anagram for a powerful artifact, my boy. And is a part of this. To get power. Georg passes away.

Diego looked up to see a guard swing at him with an axe. Diego deflected it with his hidden blade and started to run across the walkways. As he ran, he threw a bomb behind him. It detonated, and the entire walkway began to crumble. Diego jumped out a window and landed into a pond while the walkways toppled over. Diego then made his way to the horse stables, and began a journey back to Prague.


Diego arrived back in Prague and went to Johann Faust's house. There, he gave him a letter carried by Georg Fugger and asked him to decode it. Johann said it is written in ancient Hebrew language that he was unable to translate, but a friend of his named Karolin Reuchlin could figure it out. The two travelled to Karolin's house in the other part of Prague. Karolin recognized Diego as the one who blew up the tower. Diego then handed her the letter, which she translated as, "The artefact is close by. We have begun mining in the Harz and we expect to get it soon." Karolin then asked what the artefact was, and Diego realized Khan is an anagram for the Ankh, and ancient artifact with the power to bring the dead back to life.

Diego asked Karolin if any miners were leaving the city. Karolin said that a group of carriages were going to leave in ten minutes. Diego started to leave, but Johann pulled him back. Johann said he had talked to Leonardi da Vinci and that he gave him the blueprints for the hidden gun. Johann then gives the one he made to Diego, and told him to use it well. Diego then left for the gates.

The Capture of the AnkhEdit

Diego arrived at the gates to see three guards guarding the carriages. Diego walked toward the guards, and one of them ran foward to stop him. Diego stabbed him in the chest with his hidden blade. The two guards ran over, and Diego deflected a sword with his hidden blade and punched him in the face. The other guard swung with his sword, and Diego disarmed him and stabbed him in the gut. Diego spun and slashed the final's guard neck. A Brute then came over with a spear. He attempted to lunge at Diego, but he sidestepped it and stuck his sword into the Brute's stomach armor. As he struggled to pull the sword out, Diego shot him with his hidden gun.

He then saw the carriages leaving, and the guards were lowering the gate. Diego slid under the gate and leaped onto the last carriage. He jumped to the top of the carriage in front. Dodging arrows and pickaxes, Diego made his way to the carriage in front. He threw three of Johann's bombs into the carriage and jumped off. The carriage exploded in an orange inferno, also destroying the carriage behind it. The carriages behind them collided, and the whole convoy stopped. As a couple of guards came to inspect the wreckage, Diego made his way to a standing carriage and hid under it. The convoy started moving again, and Diego grabbed hold of the carriage. He was on his way to the Upper Harz.

The Quarry Edit

"Such beauty, such craftmanship. Only a god could have made something a wonderful as this." - Diego

The carriages arrived at the quarry, and Diego discovered that the ankh had already been found and was being loaded on to a cart on the northern side of the quarry. He then stealthily made his way around the quarry,a avoiding patrols and stationed guards. Diego eavesdropped on a conversation between Templar leader Lukas Meyer and another guard about the arrival of several explosives onboard a carriage at the southern gate. After listening, Diego headed toward the carriage and waited until a large group of workers arrived. Diego then shot his hidden gun and the explosion shook the quarry. While the guards were distracted, Diego made his way to the northern side.

A group of guards came to stop him, but Diego's skills prevailed and each guard went down, one by one. At last the ankh was near. Diego unwrapped a cloth and saw the ankh. He made sure it was real, and then went to drive the carriage. A crossbow bolt then slammed into his pauldron. Diego spun around and saw Lukas charging at him with a sword. Diego pulled out his own sword and deflected it, and the two began to fight. Lukas's sword had longer reach, so Diego switched to his hidden blade. After deflecting a strike, Diego moved in a viciously punched Lukas in the nose. Lukas fell, knocked out cold. More guards ran over, so Diego put the Ankh in his bag and escaped on horseback.

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