" It has been a long journey... After years fighting against the corrupted Reich and Stalin's desire of power , Europe and the rest of the World can now stay in peace. We are fucking bastards Richard!

- Dmitri sending a letter do the American Assassin Richard

Dmitri Pavlov
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Dmitri Pavlov was an Russian Assassin during the events of World War II and the Cold War. He is famous in the Order because He was the one who killed the Templar puppets: Franklin Delano Roosevelt , Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

During the year of 1940 , He came into contact with a Piece of Eden called Ankh and an Stave of Eden.He also made contact with Neptune , a member of the First Civilization.



. Early LifeEdit

" Dmitri , my son , It's time to you call yourself an Assassin. You have succeed in your training and now you can take this robes... Please remember that: Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

- Vladmir Pavlov talking to Dmitri

Dmitri Pavlov was born in 1917 , son of the Russian Vladmir Pavlov and the Italian Maria Campagne. Dmitri proved to be an high-skilled free-runner since he was a child and in 1936 , he was turned into a Assassin by his father.

In 1939 , as a part of a mission, Dmitri intercepted a German messanger that tried to delivery a message to the Templar Contact in the city of Saint Petersburg. The Assassin was successfully in retrieve the Letter of the German Messanger...

After delivering the message to the Mentor of the Russian Brotherhood , Dmitri gathered information about a small Templar facility in Siberia. After some days , the Assassin easily infiltrated the facility. After killing the guards one by one sthealthly , He was able to listen to Two Templars planing to make an in invasion in Poland and to start a New World War to consolidate the Templar plan.

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Characteristics, Personality , EquipmentEdit

" Hitler, you have killed everything that I ever loved. Now, let me show a Terror Greater than Hell..."

- Dmitri Pavlov to Hitler

Dmitri had Black Hair and Blue Eyes. He was very calm and pacient , but he could be lethal when enraged. After withness his father death by the hands of Hitler , He started to be a vengeful person , showing no mercy towards no one.

He had a great justice sense , the sense that led him to change the War and save the entire World from the Templar Control.

The russian always liked to use his Dual Hidden Blade and the Tomahawk owned by the assassin Connor Kenway , given from his father as his Intiation Gift.

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