"I have been a Templar for many years now, and the times never seem to change. Killing Assassins, spreading unwanted chaos and searching for the Pieces of Eden used to be my job, but I have changed. I know the Father of Understanding better than anyone else, for he will guide me to a better world. I am the true harbinger of a peaceful world..."

(Dominic reflecting on his Templar life)

Dominic Thatch (2001- ) is a descendant of Edward Thatch (Blackbeard) and Grand Master of the British Templar Order. As a modern-day Templar, he works alongside Abstergo Entertainment and has been able to rebuild the company after The Lone Wolf Society destroyed it. He strives to escape his Assassin heritage and become a harbinger of a world of peace.


“Someday, I’m going to be like Ed Thatch! I’ll rule the seven seas and be a king among pirates! You’ll see!”

(Dominic as a young child)

Born to a wealthy mother and father in London, Dominic Thatch was raised in a large house with a good education. Dominic was obsessed with Pirates ever since his father told him that Edward Thatch, the infamous Blackbeard, was his ancestor. Growing up, Dominic dreamed of sailing like his ancestor and becoming a real pirate, despite the fact that modern-day pirates were actually terrorists.

In his teen years, Dominic met new people at the London High School he was educated in, who were involved with the Templar Order. Dominic became more and more fascinated by the group; wishing to become one himself. However, Dominic was heartbroken when he discovered that, not only his parents used to be Assassins, but Ed Thatch had met and fought alongside Edward Kenway; a legendary Assassin. Dominic began to make plans to get his parents to rejoin the Templar Order; desperate to escape his Assassin heritage.

At the age of 16, Dominic’s parents were tragically killed in an explosion. The police report stated that someone had filled their house with gas and ignited it, killing them both. Dominic was utterly miserable, but was soon enraged when his friends informed him that his parents had already been part of the Templar Order and were killed by Assassins. Dominic demanded to meet their Grand Master so he could join the Templar Order. It was at this point, that a new war broke out between the Assassins and Templar.


“I will change this world for the better, not matter the cost. I will spread our influence far and wide. I will kill every single Assassin who dares to try and stop me. I will do what our predecessors could not. The Father of Understanding will return…”

(Dominic claiming his allegiance to the Templar Order)

Dominic was introduced to the Grand Masters of the various Templar Orders. After being inducted into the Order, Dominic was informed that Britain had no official Templar Order and was in desperate need of one. Dominic offered his help, but was surprised when he was immediately made Grand Master of the British Order. However, the other Grand Masters were uncertain of Dominic’s allegiance; being related to a man who helped an Assassin. But they were soon proved wrong when Dominic immediately set up his HQ in Manchester in an Abstergo Industries building and began working.

Dominic mainly worked on spreading the Templar Influence across England, and occasionally doing field work. It wasn’t long before the Assassins discovered his presence in England and immediately began to attack him. Dominic proved to be very skilled in combat; killing an entire group of Assassins with nothing but a Kitchen Knife. Impressed with his skills, The Templar Master, Harriet Blake, gifted him with a long sword which was kept in a sheathe which was disguised as a Cane. Dominic and Harriet instantly became good friends and began working together on many Templar Projects.

Eventually, Dominic was assigned with the task of finding a Piece of Eden known as the Rifle of Eden. However, the London Riots had suddenly sprung up, making the mission much harder for him. Luckily, Dominic was able to escape the riots and find the legendary weapon. Upon returning to the HQ, Dominic was informed that the riots had been encouraged by Assassins. Dominic reacted horribly to this and tried to take the weapon for himself to kill the Assassins, but Harriet calmed him down. The Rifle of Eden was kept in a safe and Dominic was once again rewarded for his effort with two daggers which he kept on the sides of his boots via straps.


"Is this really what's right? Trying to control the world? Are we really in any position to consider ourselves Masters?"

(Dominic Questioning the Templar Beliefs)

As time went on, Dominic began to feel detached from his Templar Allies. The principles that he followed began to seem flawed and the oaths he had swore upon had begun to feel like a mistake. He still continued his work as a Grand Master and did so with pride, but the constant feeling of regret and uncertainty of his beliefs was beginning to put pressure upon him. However, in 2012, Dominic received a message from Abstergo Industries giving him the message that Desmond Miles, the son of William Miles and an Assassin, had escaped from their Warehouse.

Dominic immediately traveled to America where he met Vidic Warren; a fellow Grand Master. To Dominic's relief, Vidic explained that Lucy Stillman, a Templar Spy, had tricked Desmond into believing she was an ally and she had "escaped" with him. However, Dominic then began to question the Templar Order to Vidic, much to his shock. Vidic attempted in vain to get Dominic to understand that the Templar Order was perfect and there was no issue, but he was still having doubts.

Upon arrival back at England, Dominic received another weapon as a gift from Harriet, who had recently become his lover. Dominic conversed with her about his issues with the Templar Order, which Harriet listened to with great interest. Afterwards, she told him that perhaps he was right and maybe there should have been a change. Unexpectedly, Dominic proposed to her which she accepted with pure joy and the two were engaged and due to be married in 2012.


"Dominic, you will meet him soon enough... The Father of Understanding... Will meet you..."

(Minerva's message to Dominic.)

Before the day of his wedding, Dominic went out to celebrate with his friends. After passing out from the intoxication of alcohol, he then experienced a dream which would change his life forever. He was trapped in a black void, watching the Templar Cross spin round for what felt like an eternity. However, as the dream ended, a light burst from behind the symbol, and a voice told him that he would meet The Father of Understanding.

Upon awakening from the dream, Dominic seemed to have completely forgotten about it and immediately made his way to the local church. He and Harriet were made Man and Wife and spent their Honeymoon in Paris. All throughout the holiday, Dominic's thoughts were about the mysterious message in his dream. However, Dominic would find out about this person soon enough when he next slept.

In his second dream, Dominic was unexpectedly greeted by Minerva; a spirit of the First Civilization. She explained to him that Vidic was causing a huge amount of destruction and he would need to be stopped. She had left that opportunity in Desmond's position, but she wanted him to make his allies change. Dominic agreed and after awakening, Dominic was able to convince Harriet to leave the Desmond Hunt and focus on other projects. However, it wouldn't just be Harriet who would be convinced...


"It's perfect! I think I shall name her... The Queen Anne's Revenge II..."

(Dominic naming his ship)

At the age of 30, Dominic was gifted with a large ship as a birthday present. Dominic named the ship The Queen Anne's Revenge II, as a tribute to Blackbeard's old ship. Dominic, keeping his promise to Minerva, traveled with Harriet across the seas, visiting different countries and meeting other Templar Orders. Dominic was able to make an alliance with the French Grand Master, Louis Garneau, and convince him and his group to join him. This alliance would also cause another war between Assassins and Templar; in the form of his teenage son, Olivier Garneau.

As Dominic sailed across the world, Harriet revealed that she was pregnant with his child. Overjoyed, Dominic began spending most of his time with her, leaving Louis in charge of operations. Meanwhile, Dominic and Louis were discussing Olivier's place in the Templar Order. Dominic suggested that he joined Abstergo Entertainment, which Olivier took great interest in. Louis accepted, and Dominic set a course for America. Making Olivier join the company would be a big mistake for the Templar Order.


"How was I to know that she would be killed!? It's not my fault! You have to trust me! I am a Templar, just like you! My daughter will be a Templar! My entire family shall be loyal to the Templar Order! Trust me!"

(Dominic arguing with Vidic

After the birth of Dominic's daughter, Elizabeth Thatch, Dominic received a message from Vidic Warren, telling him to visit him at Abstergo Industries. Upon arrival, he was bombarded with angry stares and grumbles from everyone he walked past. Dominic then made his way to Vidic's office, where he hoped to have a private meeting with him. Sitting down, Vidic first congratulated Dominic on becoming a Father. This was the only compliment he would receive.

Vidic was furious with Dominic, angry at him for apparently leaving the Templar Order and breaking all of their tenets. Dominic tried to explain that he had made allies with other Templar groups, but Vidic refused to listen. He explained that Lucy Stillman had been killed by Desmond and he believed that if Dominic had stayed in England, he could have stopped it. Enraged, Dominic wished death upon Vidic and left the building.

Upon exiting the building, Dominic spotted Desmond walking towards the building. He approached him and told him to kill Vidic, no matter the cost. Desmond, unaware of who Dominic was, assumed he was an ally and entered the building. Dominic returned to the Hospital that Harriet and Elizabeth were in and explained what had happened. Harriet was shocked to learn that Vidic had blamed Dominic for Lucy's death and began to question the Templar Order once again. Eventually, they decided to leave in two weeks and sail for Finland. This would prove to be a good decision as they would soon meet Otso Berg; the soon-to-be Agent of the Operations Division of the Templar Order.


"You truly know my ideals Dominic. You have known me better than anyone else. You are a true Templar. You are my successor. Go forth and bring peace to the land..."

(The Father of Understanding talking to Dominic)

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